Kendall Jenner without makeup

Representatives of the famous Kardashian-Jenner family have repeatedly been reproached for using retouching. That Kim Kardashian excessively reduce the waist, then Kylie Jenner retouches the chest. Kendall Jenner is not far behind. The girl is considered one of the highest paid supermodels. It would seem that her body and face should be perfect. But reality and Instagram are very different. On the Web, you can easily find a photo of Kendall Jenner without makeup, which demonstrate the far from ideal appearance of a celebrity.

Problem skin

Kendall suffers from skin rashes. Problems began in adolescence. The skin of the girl was covered with a rash.

This brought a lot of mental suffering. Kendall admitted that she was even embarrassed to look at people during a conversation. She thought everyone was looking at her acne.

Adolescence passed, but the problem remained. On the Internet you can find photos of Kendall Jenner without makeup. It is seen that the model still suffers from acne. She tries to cover acne with her hand and wears sunglasses.

Career threatened

Many Web users are perplexed due to the fact that the most successful model has such a problem skin. Say, Kendall Jenner in the photo without makeup and photoshop does not look like a celebrity, but as the most ordinary girl. Which is also not caring for your skin properly.

If Kenny were really a normal girl, there would be no problems. But it is considered the most successful model of our time. Therefore, users are wondering whether this should be a supermodel.

But Kendall ignores the attacks of the haters. The girl decided to take a bold step. She came to the red path of the Golden Globe with nude makeup, which did not hide the rash on the skin. Part of the fans was horrified by the appearance of the beauty. But there were those who supported Kendall.

Secrets of care

Commenting on Kendall Jenner’s photo without make-up, users are wondering why, with all her material possibilities, she does not cure acne. In one interview, the model admitted that she uses the advice of her older sisters:

Kendall Jenner without makeup

  • Do not touch your face with your hands;
  • stop squeezing acne;
  • wash thoroughly;
  • apply the cream to the skin around the eyes.

Kendall Jenner without makeup

The girl said that with teenage complexes over. Sister Kim Kardashian is no longer ashamed of her appearance. She gained self-confidence and openly talks about her problem.

According to Kendall, rashes occur due to irregular work schedules, diets and stress. At one time, she resorted to laser therapy. With this procedure, the model got rid of scars, blackheads and wrinkles.

Can a supermodel look like that?

Looking at Kendall Jenner without makeup and photoshop, you can not say that this person is associated with the modeling business. Still, we are accustomed to, that all supermodels have well-groomed skin without a single pimple.

Spiteful critics assert that Kenny does not deserve the right to be a model. Say, celebrity status helped her earn recognition in the modeling business and enter into multimillion-dollar contracts with famous brands.

There is some truth in these words. Kendall took a little time to gain supermodel status. She only participates in the shows she likes. Some models are outraged by this celebrity attitude to work. According to them, Kendall does not know that real modeling is hard work, and I don’t want a game of want.

Yes, and Kendall professionalism raises many questions. She doesn’t have much experience, but she is paid more than professional and experienced models.

But the supermodel itself, it seems, does not react to the attacks of the haters. She participates in shows, advertising campaigns and is not going to stop. The girl overcame the complexes and is not ashamed to appear in public without makeup. Kendall Jenner argues that you may have flaws in appearance. The main thing is how you treat them.

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