How to use the base under makeup

How to apply foundation under makeup

The foundation for tonal resources will help to cope with visible defects of the skin. To use the base or base (sometimes it is called the primer from the English primer – primer) under the foundation is not necessary, but its presence in the cosmetic bag is very desirable. Especially, if your usual make-up does not bring the expected effect: it is impossible to achieve perfect skin color, tonal cream flows or rolls up on scaly areas, etc. This is where the foundation for tonal cream comes to your aid.

If you choose it correctly and know exactly how to apply the base under make-up, you can give your skin a perfect look, like girls models who look at you from the pages of glamorous magazines. Moreover, it is guaranteed for a long time, since one of the advantages of this tool is making the makeup lasting.

What are the base for makeup?

The bases under the makeup align the texture of the skin, making the foundation is applied easier and more evenly. Also, using basic tools of a certain type, one can give lifeless and dull skin freshness and youth, correct color blemishes: blue under the eyes, redness, etc.

How to use the base under makeup

We decided to try? Very correct decision. Just before you go to the cosmetic shop for this magic tool, you need to understand what type or even types you need, and find out all the subtleties of their application.

Transparent bases

If your complexion is flawless and the problem is only in the fragility of the makeup and its uneven application, you need to use transparent bases. They are universal and matting.

Universal base suitable for dry and normal skin type. It smoothes, moisturizes, smoothes flaking. Put it under the foundation or mixed with it.

Matting base is ideal for skin prone to shine. It performs the following functions: smoothes, eliminates greasiness, makes skin velvety. It is applied under the foundation, mixed with it, if necessary (if there is an oily sheen) is used on top of the makeup.

Color Correction Base

Pigmentation problems will help solve color correction bases. Tonal cream does not always cope with this task completely, it can mask the color flaws, but the shade does not always work out perfect.

With local pigmentation, you will need both a transparent and color-correcting base. By applying a transparent base, you will prepare the skin for makeup, and color correct the problem areas.

Consider which subspecies color-correcting primer to choose, depending on the color of the defective area:

How to use the base under makeup

  • green base # 8212; neutralizes various kinds of redness, hides spider veins;
  • purple # 8212; used to neutralize yellow color;
  • pink # 8212; need women who have gray or olive complexion;
  • peach – gives the skin a bluish color a warm beige tint, masks the bruises under the eyes;
  • white – used to lighten the skin on one tone, as well as to simulate the face, if you need to brighten any area.

Important! If the pigmentation is local, then the color-correcting base should be applied strictly along the contour of the pigment area. Natural solid color, it will give the same shade, which is itself – green, purple, etc.

Apply color-correcting basic means better under the makeup, but it is allowed and mixing, and self-use. An exception is the white base when it is used for modeling, in which case it is recommended to be applied on the tonal tool.

Color-correcting bases, as well as transparent, are universal and matting. You need to consider this when choosing.

Reflective and pearl bases

Reflecting and pearlescent bases are not independent types, but varieties of transparent and color-correcting bases, that is, both transparent and color-correcting bases can be with a reflecting and (or) mother-of-pearl effect. Reflective particles give a dull, lifeless skin a well-groomed bright look, freshness, healthy glow, and mother of pearl # 8212; glossy shine. Perhaps you have a question: “Why then do we need basic tools that do not contain such additives, because reflective and mother-of-pearl bases perform the same functions, plus they still have a lot of advantages?”

There are small nuances:

  • if you have a beautiful healthy complexion, then applying a reflective base will be bruised the skin will look unnatural;
  • reflective and pearl bases quite visually increase the volume. A useful property for a flat face, but if it is already fleshy, then applying this type of base will only aggravate the situation;
  • Primers with reflective and pearlescent effect are not recommended for oily skin types.

It is better to apply reflective and pearlescent bases only on those places that need to be highlighted. Especially it concerns primers with nacre. They are recommended to be used only for the final stroke # 8212; on the whiskey, on the protruding parts of the cheekbones, to give the makeup glamor. If you apply the pearl reflective base on the whole face, it will look like a neon advertising sign. Moreover, not everyone likes the pearly shine, and it is not always appropriate.

A little trick to applying makeup foundation

So that the base does not make up the makeup, it does not create the effect of “plaster” (in the responses there are a lot of complaints about this lack of basic tools) you can use a little trick: before applying, rub the foundation on the fingers, and let it slightly tantalize, thin, then pat it (do not rub it! ) movements beat it into the skin. Now that you already know how to use a make-up base, you’ll look so charming.

Video review of makeup basics

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How to choose a foundation for makeup?

Usually, before applying makeup, women cleanse their skin of sebum, then moisturize their skin with their favorite cream. But few people know what a proper makeup base is. This miracle remedy has long been on the shelves of cosmetic stores, but our beauties often ignore this product. And in vain! Professional cosmetologists and makeup artists have long argued that the applied makeup base will allow you to mask and hide various skin defects – scars, age spots, pimples, and even swelling around the eyes. She not only keeps cosmetics in their places throughout the day, but also serves as a barrier between skin and makeup.

What makes makeup base:

evens out facial tone

evens out skin texture

hides skin defects

prolongs the durability of cosmetics

How to choose the basis for makeup?

Not only the degree of naturalness of your makeup, but also the stability of the applied cosmetics will depend on the choice of the base. When choosing a base, it is necessary to pay attention to the conformity of the product to your skin type and complexion, as well as the foundation should fit well on the skin.

The makeup base texture

For dry skin, makeup artists recommend choosing creamy products. The cream will nourish and moisturize the skin, in addition, it will protect it from the harmful effects of cosmetics.

For oily skin it is better to choose bases with a matting effect, avoiding oil bases.

For normal or combination skin, liquid-textured bases, gels and mousses are suitable. They are absolutely not felt on the skin and are well suited for daily use.

Foundation color

In order to choose the ideal makeup base, it is worth trying a few basics of different shades. Do not be afraid to use the probes in cosmetic stores, they are there for this and exhibited.

Corrective foundations have these colors:

1) The white base is a universal remedy that eliminates all minor imperfections of the skin and evens out its color. Some basics of white color are composed of reflective particles, they give the skin a glowing effect. Such a base is ideal for powder with a loose texture.

2) The pink base is a lightening product that allows you to light up the face, to give it a healthy color. If you want to achieve the effect of porcelain leather – this foundation will be the perfect choice.

3) Green base – a product that conceals skin redness. It is perfect if you have pimples, vascular mesh, frost allergies, or just a pink skin tone.

4) Peach base – refreshing agent, similar in effect to the pink base, but it is suitable for girls with dark-skinned or olive skin. It does not lighten the face, but gives it a smooth, natural color.

5) The yellow base is an ideal way to hide patches of grayish or bluish skin.

6) Purple base – this makeup base removes the yellowness of the skin, giving the face a more healthy look.

7) The neutral beige base is a base for make-up, which evens out the complexion well and does not require the application of foundation or powder.

8) Reflecting base – a tool that makes the skin glow with the help of small reflective particles contained in it.

9) Transparent base – a product that is well suited for adjusting the texture of the face, hiding wide pores. On gel bases of this color the tonal tool fits perfectly.

Eye makeup base

Foundation under the shade or eye makeup absorb sebum, preventing the shadows from rolling down or spreading. It not only prolongs the life of makeup, but also makes the color of the shadows much brighter and richer. Now there are bases under the shadows of different colors: white, beige, brown, with reflective particles. Some cosmetics manufacturers offer a palette of eye makeup basics from all colors of the rainbow.

How to apply foundation for makeup

Apply base under makeup in two ways:

mixing it with foundation in equal parts;

applying the foundation immediately after the day cream in front of the foundation.

In the first version, a more natural make-up will be obtained, while minor skin defects will be hidden. In the second case, you need to properly apply the base under the makeup so that it lasts a long time and looks perfect. First of all, clean the face, then apply the cream, let it soak slightly, and then blot with a tissue. A thin layer of cream will help the makeup base last longer. Then proceed with the application of the substrate, first a thin layer, adding funds where necessary. If you have wrinkles, then blot them with a napkin after applying the base, otherwise it will only emphasize your age. Now go to the application of foundation and other cosmetics.

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What are makeup bases, how to use them and how to choose them?

Daily makeup has long been a necessity. Women gladly try on different images. The basics of make-up are known to everyone, all the stages of make-up and care are regularly performed: cleansing, toning, moisturizing day cream, foundation, powder and so on. But there is a remedy that not everyone knows about. This makeup base. Why is it needed, how to use it, when to apply, what to expect? Let’s figure it out.

Task facility

  • smooth out all the irregularities of the skin;
  • align its surface to the ideal state;
  • disguise imperfections;
  • create a steady make-up that can last on the face until the evening.

The perfect makeup base does all these tasks with glitter. Just as the artist puts a primer on the canvas to create the perfect surface for the future masterpiece, experienced makeup artists create a solid ideal base on the face, on which the makeup lies magically and lasts all day.

Today, any self-respecting cosmetics company produces such products, therefore the products are available for home use. Pimples, scars, peeling, redness, excessive pigmentation, porous, oily skin – the base, or makeup base can cope with any problem.

Product types

  • pigmented tonal;
  • colorless silicone;
  • matting powder.

With a tonal basis, everything is clear. You need to choose a tool for the type and color of their skin. Light fluids are good for young normal skin, gel fluids for oily and porous. Dense or liquid creamy products can be used by women in age. Another gradation of different forms of tonal products depends on the season: in summer, light consistencies are needed, in winter, denser and more fat.

Silicone makeup base has no color and smell. Her task is to make the face perfectly smooth, to remove all irregularities, peeling. On such a base will fall perfectly and the foundation, and pigmented powder. The product will not work for girls with oily skin: their face will shine even more, the make-up can “float”. But the rest of the ladies can safely count on a long wearing make-up, silicone-based bases are durable and are worn all day.

The leveling base for make-up is a creamy powder that can be used in a duet with a liquid shade. The product can be applied under the eyes, using instead of the corrector. An absorbent substance, which is a component of the product, permanently mats the face, absorbing fat, and is worn almost all day.

How to use

How to apply foundation for makeup? There are two options for its use. The first option is the simplest: after moisturizing the face with a day cream, apply the product onto the skin, spread it well, wait until it is absorbed, then apply the foundation.

The second way is different: mix the base with the foundation and apply on the skin. This option is good because it is difficult to get a mask effect with it, but you can hide imperfections with success and quite easily. Mixing allows you to avoid such a frequent make-up defect, as a sharp color border between the face and neck. To make the application in this way correct, you need to know some secrets:

Before you apply the foundation, you need to get wet with the excess day cream, even if it seems that it is completely absorbed;

It is necessary to put base very sparingly, carefully distributing means on skin. It is easier to apply two or three layers in small portions than smearing a large amount of base on the face, and then try to get rid of the unnatural mask.

The transition between the border of hair growth and the neck is carefully shaded.

There are several ways to work with the first and second options: fingers, sponge, beauty blender, brush or mix technique. The main thing is to completely spread the base across the face.

Primer improver

Another name for the base or makeup base is primer. This is the same basis for make-up. What is primer for? The task of the product is to visually align the skin, make it flawless, prepare for applying the foundation, make the makeup firm.

Smooth, smooth, as if the skin is primed in an invisible way – this is what effect the primer gives. This is a unique tool with which any skin looks perfect, any young lady seems to be a star, over whom a whole staff of stylists has worked.

Primer will not give the skin fat any chance to spoil the makeup. This is a real beauty secret, which created the effect of a bomb when it appeared on the cosmetic market. The product should be in every woman’s cosmetic bag. Even if you do not want to put it under the daily makeup, it is necessary to save for special occasions. The primer allows you to completely forget about wrinkles, open pores, pimples, scaly cheeks, gray complexion.

Primer can be not only colorless, but matting or color. In the latter case, it should absolutely repeat the shade of the skin. There is a green remedy that is used to “hide” the red.

To put a primer base on the face, a small amount of the product must be applied on the back of the hand, then spread with a quick, gentle movement over the skin of the face with a wet sponge. You need to move from the lower eyelids and center of the face to its periphery.

At the problem site, you can dot the second layer of primer. Additional attention can be paid to the T-zone, wrinkles around the eyes.

After the primer "sat" on the skin, you need to apply a tonal tool and powder the face. If the skin does not require color correction, the primer can simply be powdered.

Some day cream due to the content of silicones can be used as a base for makeup.

If you are in a hurry, then you can apply primer only on problem areas, and then powder pigmented or colorless powder.

How to use the base under makeup

Pigmented decorative means more evenly fall on the primer, and their color is more saturated. The make-up base is a wonderful secret for any woman. Ignore this tool is not worth it.

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