How to make nude makeup

Nude makeup is a special kind of makeup when you get the impression that there is absolutely no makeup on your face, but this impression is deceptive. Nude, or, as it is also called, "naked", make-up is performed in a gentle pastel scale, emphasizing perfect skin and freshness of the face. In this makeup no bright colors, contrasting combinations and well-defined lines – everything in it should be natural and natural and emphasize the natural beauty of the woman.

How to make makeup in the style of "nude" at home with step by step photos

Despite the absolute naturalness of the “nude” makeup, It consists of several stages and includes:

  • applying foundation for makeup;
  • eyebrow makeup;
  • eye makeup;
  • lip makeup;
  • applying light blush when necessary to correct the shape of the face.

How to make nude makeup

one. On completely clean moisturized skin it is necessary to apply a foundation for makeup and, if necessary, use concealer to mask dark circles under the eyes or obvious skin defects. This can be done in two ways:

  • apply with fingertips, slightly “hammering” into the skin, in the direction of massage lines;
  • if the base is liquid, then it is better to use a makeup sponge and makeup brushes.

How to make nude makeup

2. To make eyebrows look very natural, use shades of soft brown shades, and shape using a special brush. Eyebrow line should be beautiful, but without clear boundaries.

3. For nude eye makeup perfect light brown soft pencil and two or three beige shades of shadows. You only need to slightly mark the contour of the eyes and make a beautiful matte tint of the eyelids, as shown in the photo.

four. Lips in nude make-up are almost invisible. Here the emphasis is on freshness, moisture and naturalness. Matte shades of beige and cream lipsticks, as well as transparent lip gloss without nacre, will ideally go.

5. Easy gentle blush will help make the face more expressive and slightly correct the shape of the face, if necessary. Choose delicate pink, beige, peach shades and apply them with a special wide brush, well shading.

Ideas nude makeup with photos

Nude makeup by hair color

  • Makeup "nude" for blondes. In this make-up used golden brown matte shadows, voluminous mascara of dark brown color and a delicate pink shade of lipstick. A light peach blush gave the face freshness and visually corrected the square face.
  • Makeup "nude" for brunettes. In this make-up, the emphasis is on eyebrows and lips, and the eyes are highlighted only with black mascara, which is applied to the cilia of the top row. Pay attention to the haze and shade of lipstick, which is applied without using a pencil, but it also emphasizes the beautiful line of the lips.
  • Makeup "nude" for blonde. In this “nude” make-up, the emphasis is on the eyes with the help of a black contour in the corners of the eyes, and the eyebrows are completely devoid of cosmetics. The natural beige shade of the shadows almost blends with the skin, and black volumetric mascara gives depth to the look. Look at how pink lipstick is applied, she only slightly touched her lips, indicating only color, but not shape.
  • Makeup "nude" for brown-haired women. In this make-up used a warm shade of brown matte shadows for emphasis on the lower eyelid and in the corners of the eyes. Velvety look gives black mascara for the volume of eyelashes, which is applied to the cilia of the upper and lower rows. Lipstick cold cream color only enhances the richness and brightness of the eyes. Blush in this makeup will be inappropriate, but you need to even out the skin tone.
  • Makeup "nude" for red. Copper-haired beauty should focus on the lips, choosing muted shades of matte lipstick in tone, as in the photo. You can make your eyes expressive with the help of shades of terracotta tint, very delicately applied to the outer corners of the eyes. To give a face texture, you can use bright terracotta blush.

Nude eye color makeup

  • Nude makeup for blue eyes. A perfect skin tone, a cool shade of pink lipstick and transparent gray shadows will make your makeup very tender and accentuate the piercing blue of the eyes. The eyelashes of the model are not very brightly painted, to preserve the effect of naturalness.
  • Nude makeup for gray eyes. In this make-up special attention is paid to the skin of the face. The ideal tonal coating completely hides all the flaws of the skin, making it velvety. Eyebrows are highlighted in brown shades, and only black mascara is applied to the eyes. Thanks to the cool shade of pink lipstick, gray eyes, even with a minimum of makeup, will look impressive.
  • Nude makeup for gray-blue eyes. See how expressive are the gray-blue eyes with beige shadows and black bulk mascara, which is more densely applied to the cilia of the upper eyelid.
  • Nude makeup for green eyes. In this makeup, mother-of-pearl white shadows were applied to the inner corners of the eyes, which give the green eyes shine and shimmer, and the lips are covered with translucent pink lipstick.
  • Nude makeup for brown eyes. Brown eyes are expressive and without additional makeup, so in this case, the models made the perfect skin tone, painted eyelashes and put on the lips a transparent shine with a pink tinge.

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