How to make makeup at home

Beautiful makeup transforms the face. The correct make-up will help hide all flaws, emphasize the shape of the eyes, make them visually larger. Professional makeup, of course, looks perfect, but if you can not entrust your face specialist, you can master the evening and day makeup for beginners and make it yourself at home.

How to make makeup at home

Make a beautiful makeup you will help step by step instructions and photos.

If you want to do professional makeup correctly, you need to know what mistakes you shouldn’t make.

Makeup bugs

  1. The tonal tool, applied too tight, makes the image heavier. If you need to mask the problem areas, it is best to do it dotted, using a pigment of the appropriate color.
  2. Incorrect color of the foundation creates the effect of "mask". If it is not easy for you to choose a shade, buy 2 colors and mix them.
  3. Applying a tonal framework to dehydrated flaky skin focuses on problem areas. Apply means in the form of scrub and peeling, and only then proceed to make-up.
  4. Bronzer instead of blush. Such a product of decorative cosmetics like bronzer is designed to darken certain areas on the face, but certainly not to impart a blush.
  5. Irregular eyebrow shape. If your eyebrows are not well groomed, even professional makeup will not save you.
  6. Thick layer of mascara. If you apply too much mascara on the eyelashes, lumps may appear on them, and they themselves will stick together and it will look unattractive. False eyelashes would be appropriate if your evening makeup.
  7. Too pale lipstick. To highlight the eyes, it is not at all necessary to apply a foundation on the lips. Ideal neutral option – lipstick pale pink shade.
  8. An unstained black line around the eyes visually reduces them. If you paint the eyelash growth line with a black pencil, use a shading brush.
  9. Bust with powder. Do not try to disguise all the existing flaws on the face with a heavy powder application. It is designed to fix the makeup, so it needs quite a bit.
  10. The wrong color of the shadows will make your eyes tear-stained and tired. Choose neutral tones that are suitable for any eye color.
  11. Dark lip contour. The pencil should be darker than your lips no more than 1 tone.

Mastering the technique of applying makeup at home is easy. The main thing is to follow the instructions. Consider how to prepare the skin for applying cosmetics and make-up step by step.

Before you start applying decorative cosmetics, you should clean and refresh your face. For these purposes, you can fit the special tools in the form of gels, foams, mousses and tonics. These actions will help eliminate excess fat and clean the pores.


After toning, moisturize the face with a cream. Choose it, focusing on your skin type. It is desirable that the tool includes sunscreens. The task of the cream is to moisturize the skin, protect it from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and prevent the tonal bases from clogging up the pores.

Basic toning

Correction of skin defects before applying the base will help to make a beautiful even complexion. Masking flaws need to be phased.

  1. Before you put on the skin tonal tool, you need to mask the flaws in the form of pimples and redness. The proofreader does an excellent job with this task.
  2. The next step is to cover the tone. To distribute the base evenly, apply it with a sponge soaked in water.
  3. Apply foundation cream from the center of the face to its contours and from top to bottom, as shown in the photo:

Applying blush

Make-up that you do at home by yourself means proper lighting. Blush should look natural, so they should be applied evenly along the same line.

How to make makeup at home

Properly decorated eyebrows make the face tidy. You can give them the desired form at home. You should not make them too thin, as eyebrows are not trend today. For eyebrow makeup, you can use two shades of a pencil. Light stain the brow at the ends, and dark the rest of the hairs. Excellent replacement pencil – brown shade.

How to paint your eyes in stages at home:

  1. Initially make an eye contour. For daytime make-up suitable eyeliner. Draw a line from the inner corner of the eye to the outside and blend with a brush. If you want to make an evening makeup, use the eyeliner. It is not easy to paint her eyes if there are no skills, but you can practice doing beautiful arrows at home.
  2. Before applying the shadows use a base for eyelids. The basic color of the shadows, of a lighter shade, should lie on the eyelid from the inside corner. With a dark shade, paint the eyelid to the outer corner. Be sure to blend the boundaries of colors. It is easy to paint the eyelids at home correctly; you just need to prepare the brushes, the shadows and the base and follow the instructions. Regular workouts will help you master professional eye makeup.
  3. For a daytime make-up of eyes, a dim color scheme is appropriate. Evening beautiful eye makeup allows you to experiment with a palette of shades, even if you do it at home.

Eye makeup options are shown in the photo:

Ink application

Classic mascara colors are black or dark brown. Evening make-up allows you to use mascara in bright colors. Do not apply mascara with a thick layer, just a couple of times to walk on them with a brush. If you will do an evening make-up, do not forget that the mascara with the effect of false eyelashes is suitable for this purpose.

Variants of applying lipstick photo:

Learning how to properly paint lips at home is not a difficult task. To lipstick lasted on them, as long as possible, cover them with a thin layer of powder.

Give the contour will help a special pencil in the tone of lipstick, as in the photo above. Make your lips more voluminous with the help of gloss. You can put it on top of lipstick.

To master the make-up technique is easy. A step-by-step photo guide for beginners will help you make a perfect and beautiful make-up, whether it’s evening or daytime.

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