How to make cream cream 20

Whipped cream – how much magic in this phrase. In spite of the fact that nowadays you won’t surprise anyone with whipped cream, whether it is on a cake or served in a cream bowl with fruit. I think you will agree that this is the favorite dessert of many and few people will refuse it. Therefore, each housewife is simply obliged to be able to properly whip the cream at home.

What cream to buy for whipping

Cream are different. The first and most important point, which is worth paying attention to is fat. Here, without question, if you want to make a lush whipping cream, their fat content should be at least 30% fat (in the store, as a rule, they sell cream for whipping 33% – this is an ideal option). Fatter can be, but with fat below say 20 percent, and even 10 percent should not be taken. Cream with a fat content of 20% and 10% can be whipped in principle, but for this you have to add stabilizers: gelatin, protein or thickener (you can buy it in grocery departments of supermarkets or specialized stores). In the end, you’ll get some kind of creamy cream that is far from the desired result, which you may not like.

But if you have a real homemade cream. It is better to dilute them with cold water or milk (for 250-300 ml of fat product you need 100-120 ml of liquid).

But the fat content is not always worth paying attention. The fact is that cream is also divided into animal cream and vegetable cream. Cream of animal origin is those that are made from natural milk: they can be bought both from grandmothers in the wound and in the store. But the cream of vegetable origin made from palm oil, they additionally add chemical additives (thickeners and stabilizers). On their packaging place detailed instructions for their preparation. They are whipped without problems. And by the way in the vegetable cream, the percentage of fat does not play any role. Therefore, they are perfect for those who watch their figure and prefer low-calorie desserts.

Those who are interested in vegetable cream, I advise you to watch a video about how they are doing in industrial production (from 7:44) from the wonderful program "Galileo".

Preparatory moments

  • Before beating, it is necessary to cool in the refrigerator, both the cream and the whisk with the capacity in which you will mix the cream (1 hour will be enough). Moreover, in order to speed up the process, the whisk and container can be put into the freezer (then 15 minutes is enough for cooling). But in any case, do not put the cream in the freezer, after thawing, they will no longer beat up into a lush foam, but simply stratify. Therefore, cool the cream only in refrigerators;
  • Before you pour the cream into the bowl for beating, do not forget to shake them thoroughly. So the fat collected from above will mix up to a uniform state with lump. Accordingly, your cream will eventually be homogeneous;
  • It is better to use a narrow container with high edges. If there is none, a wide one will do, but it will need to be kept under an inclination (the whisk should sink into the cream as much as possible).

How to make cream cream 20

What and how to sweeten

In addition to the cream you need sugar. Sugar absorbs some of the liquid and turns into a viscous syrup. Due to this, the walls of the air bubbles of the foam become elastic and durable particles of milk fat settle on them, it stiffens and gives the foam the desired volume. At the same time, not only powdered sugar or sugar will cope with this task.

  • Of course, to sweeten the cream is better to use powdered sugar. And literally sift it through a sieve into already thickened cream;
  • But if you decide to use regular sugar, add it at the very beginning. So the grains of sugar will have time to dissolve. And in the finished cream sugar will not crunch on the teeth;
  • Professionals do not recommend using coconut sugar and date sugar because the pieces of coconut and date do not dissolve – the cream will be heterogeneous;
  • Honey is also great for sweetening cream. That’s just it will need to add long before beating. Therefore, calculate the time in advance. Honey is added to warm cream (room temperature), stirred and then sent to the fridge. Then chilled cream is whipped, as usual;
  • On the contrary, maple syrup is added to already thick cream using a silicone spatula (1-2 tablespoons will be more than enough).

How to make whipped cream at home

  • Do not use a blender – it is not an assistant in this matter;
  • But the mixer will do. Only it is better to start with a mixer, and finish by whipping with a hand whisk – so as not to miss the moment of readiness of the whipped cream;
  • Do not try to whip a large amount of cream at a time. Optimal for whipping use 200-300 milliliters. If you need more cream, it is better to divide the cream into 2 or 3 sets;
  • At the very beginning, turn on the mixer at the minimum speed, in the process of whipping, increase the speed (up to the average speed);
  • In the end, you can not sharply turn off the mixer. Act as you did at the beginning – gradually reduce speed;
  • How to understand that the cream is ready? The first thing that catches the eye is the cessation of circulation. Plus they will become thick (will hold the shape). Remember that it is better to turn off the mixer a little earlier and, if necessary, finish them with a hand whisk. On average, cream with fat content of 33% takes 4-6 minutes, and at 38% it takes 1-2 minutes;
  • If you see that your cream is on the verge of turning into butter (but not yet exfoliated), add some liquid cream and gently perebite them (by hand with a whisk).

If you still overdo it with beating, and the guests are already on the threshold and there is no time to run to the store – do not worry! Fresh butter can also make a good cream. Send it for 20-30 seconds in the microwave (slightly dims), whisk at a slow speed with the addition of gelatin or thickener. Get a delicious butter cream.

And now the good news is for those who do not have a mixer or a whisk. You can put powdered sugar and cream (in this case, necessarily with a fat content of at least 30%) in a simple plastic container. Cover and just shake well. Believe me, the result will exceed all your expectations! By the way, a great idea for a picnic (very convenient – surprise your loved ones).

How to make cream thicker

So, if you have read the above information, in principle, you can safely go to the kitchen. However, it happens so that you do everything right, and the cream is not whipped in any way. Or there is no way to get the cream of the desired fat. This is where supplements in the form of lemon juice, protein, gelatin or a special thickener come to the rescue. We must give them their due – with the right treatment, the result is good.

Lemon juice

If your cream is not whipped, lemon juice can really save the situation. And it can help, even if you have a cream of lower fat. The main thing to act carefully. First, keep the proportions: for 200-250 ml of cream you will need one quarter of a lemon. Secondly, lemon juice can not be poured in advance. It should be added to a slightly whipped cream a little bit, in the process of whipping.

How to make cream cream 20

Gelatin is added at the rate of 1/4 tbsp. tablespoons of gelatin for 1 cup of cream. True gelatin requires preliminary preparation. Before use, it must be filled with water (the proportions look at the particular package) and let it swell. Then heat on the stove, but do not bring to a boil. Strain and allow to cool slightly. Then slowly pour in slightly whipped cream, without turning off the mixer.

In addition, gelatin can be dissolved in the cream itself. A third part of the total amount of cream pour gelatin. For example, for 3 glasses of cream, take 1 teaspoon of gelatin. In this case, 2 glasses will be whipped, and in the third pour the gelatin. We wait until the gelatin swells (1-2 hours), then heat it in a water bath (without boiling). Let cool again. Next, cream with dissolved gelatin is introduced in the process of beating the pending 2 cups. Of course, a lot of cream at a time is better not to whisk it just for clarity – I hope we understand the idea.

Experiment with the proportions yourself. Keep in mind that the lower the fat content of the cream, the more gelatin you will need.

Protein must be carefully separated from the yolk, cool. Then you can whip the protein and cream separately, then gently combine them. And you can lightly whip cream, add liquid protein and continue beating.

More often in not fat cream add both protein and gelatin.

Cream thickener

Let out it in paper bags on 8 gr. The structure includes modified starch and powdered sugar. The manufacturer claims that one sachet is enough for whipping 200-250 ml of cream with fat content from 20 to 30%. However, if you decide to whip cream, 20 percent will need to add a little more thickener. In addition, consider the fact that the cream will not thicken immediately. Beat them and let stand for a couple of minutes.

This thickener has one minus: it will give the cream an “artificial” taste – like on store cakes. Although someone just like it.

Some advise at home to replace the thickener for cream 1

Cream with whipped cream

What could be more delicious than whipped cream? – Flavored cream! It is worth adding at the very end of beating this or that flavor and you get a luxurious cream. The most affordable is vanilla and lemon zest, besides you can add some liqueur Beilis, Kahlua, Amaretto and

You can look at the video for a visual recipe for turning ordinary cream into luxurious creams.

Condensed milk can also be added to whipped cream. But if you whip the cream with condensed milk you get a great mousse. Serve this dessert can be with fruit, nuts and chocolate.

Here is our article and came to an end. Hope we helped you. Culinary wins you!

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