How to cover up the bruises under the eyes foundation

The problem of bruising and swelling under the eyes becomes especially urgent after a violation of the day regimen (prolonged lack of sleep, lack of adequate night sleep), alcohol consumption, as well as during the period of cold and beriberi.

Sometimes it happens that there is no time to eliminate the causes that led to the appearance of blue spots, and you need to somehow disguise these defects on the face in order to look well-groomed.

In such cases, you can resort to using decorative cosmetics, namely foundation, designed to even out skin color. On how to cover up the bruises under the eyes with foundation, we will tell further.

How to cover up the bruises under the eyes foundation

How to choose the right foundation

Many girls believe that in order for the foundation to fit, you only need to choose the right shade that fully matches the skin color. In part, this is true, but when choosing a cream you should also pay attention to its texture and density.

These parameters need to be taken into account, since our skin has a different structure, moisture, and all have varying degrees of problems (someone has a permanent rash on his cheeks and chin, and someone once a month may have a single pimple, which the next day will disappear without a trace).

It should also be borne in mind that when you select cosmetics for masking bruises, its tone should be different from the basic tone of the face. This is due to the fact that in order for the tone of your shade to completely cover the blue, it must be applied in a very thick layer.

And it will not look natural on the skin. Therefore, you should choose a cream with a yellowish or orangish shade, as the warm pigment neutralizes the blue tint of the skin, even when applying a thin layer.

The texture of the cream should not emphasize peeling, bumps and skin defects. It is best to make the foundation light, but if you have severe acne, you cannot do without a cream with a dense structure.

It is preferable to contact a consultant at a cosmetics store, who will help you correctly determine the skin color type. If you still want to purchase a tinting agent yourself, then you need to apply a small amount of it on the skin of your wrist and shade it.

This will help not only to guess the desired shade, but also to check whether there is sensitivity to this cosmetics. In case of an allergic reaction, rashes, peeling, swelling and in some cases severe itching of the skin appear at the site of application. If you are allergic to a cosmetic, you should immediately remove it from the skin and rinse it thoroughly with clean, running water.

How to cover the bruises under the eyes

In order to achieve the best masking effect and at the same time look natural, natural and fresh, when applying foundation you should follow certain rules.

Below is the algorithm, following which it will turn out to achieve a good result even independently at home.

Step-by-step instruction

Step-by-step instructions for masking the blue under the eyes with a foundation:

  1. The first thing to do is choose the necessary cosmetic items. Since you need a cream with a warm (yellow or orange) pigment to mask a bruise, you need to purchase it.
  2. Then be sure to clean the skin from the remnants of the previous makeup and other impurities. It is best to use the foam and tonics, which will get rid of excess sebum. During the wash, perform a light massage of the face, which will improve the natural skin color and remove excess fluid that gives puffiness.
  3. After that, proceed to the immediate preparation of the person to apply corrective cream. To do this, use a special foundation for make-up, and in case of their absence, apply a moisturizing light cream on the skin. This stage will help remove the peeling and provide a more even imposition of a tonal framework.
  4. Then take an ordinary foundation and apply it on the whole face, leaving the area around the eyes free (at this stage you do not need to carefully shade the cream). After this corrective agent with a warm pigment, begin to apply under the eyes so that the agent is distributed in the form of a triangle with the base at the lower eyelid and the top directed downwards. This technique will help make a smooth transition from the basic skin tone, and this is how the face will look most natural (try to avoid the “mask” effect).
  5. Now the main task is the careful shading of deposited funds. To do this, you can use fingertips, special brushes, beauty blenders and sponges. It all depends on preferences, visage skills and, of course, on the availability of the necessary tools.
  6. The final step is to apply a make-up fixer (most often made in the form of sprays) or powder. Powder should not be applied too copiously, as this will give the skin a dry and dehydrated look. In the area near the eyes of the powder should be a minimum amount, as it will emphasize all the fine wrinkles and folds, which are many at any age.

Mistakes to avoid

Errors that should be avoided when applying cosmetics to eliminate bruises:

  • Most often, this mistake is made due to lack of time and is that girls miss the preparatory stage (namely, the process of cleansing the skin and applying the base). This can completely spoil the image, as the corrective agent will lie unevenly on the dirty skin. Peeling will be emphasized. And, as a result, there is a high probability not to improve, but significantly worsen its appearance. Also remember that health of the skin also depends on proper preparation for makeup.
  • In pursuit of the complete disguise of bruises, girls often make the coating too dense, which gives the face an unnatural look. Remember that makeup should decorate, and not spoil the beauty.
  • Often when applying the foundation forget about the upper eyelid and nose. These areas are also subject to the appearance of blue, so you need to deal with them.

The best tonal resources suitable for this purpose

Each girl has their own preferences when choosing cosmetics, as we are all individual. However, there are such cosmetics, which are unanimously recognized by girls as one of the best:

  1. Christian Dior Diorskin Forever is a luxury tool. It has the lightest weightless structure, good resistance, and also protects from ultraviolet rays. The cost is above three thousand rubles.
  2. Max Factor Color Adapt is a medium-priced foundation. Many note its unique property to adapt to the skin color. Means provides an equal covering and gives feeling of ease after its drawing. The price is about seven hundred rubles.
  3. Loreal Perfect Fusion will help make the skin more healthy and give it a special freshness. This foundation well overlaps bruises, but does not give the feeling of heaviness due to its light texture. Such a remedy will cost five hundred or six hundred rubles.

How to cover up the bruises under the eyes foundation

How to choose a suitable tool

The tonal means described above are indeed recognized as the best, but all the same it is always necessary to approach the selection of cosmetics individually. So, how to choose the right tool for each person individually:

  • In order to understand which color is right for you, apply a small amount of the product on your skin and look at it in different light. You can not rely on the color depicted on the package, as there is a high probability that the product will differ from the image.
  • The texture of the cream must be selected based on what your skin is. Owners of dry skin and frequent peeling need to choose a tool that additionally provides moisturizing. And girls with oily skin should prefer products with a light texture and matting effect.
  • You also need to pay attention to whether the cream is protected from ultraviolet rays. This is especially important for owners of pale skin, prone to sunburn.

What else can mask bruises under the eyes

Nowadays, cosmetics manufacturers are widely introducing many new products that can easily replace or supplement the foundation. Next we look at the most popular corrective means and methods of their use.

How to use concealer for masking bruises

Concealer is a cosmetic product that is not fully applied to the entire face, but is used locally in places where there are skin defects (acne, age spots, bruises).

To correct bags under the eyes, you need to take concealer, which has a tone several times lighter than your skin. After preparation of the skin, the product is applied to the lower eyelid, and then bleached down.

Ultimately, concealer should lie on the skin in the form of an inverted triangle (this will make a smooth transition). After that, you can apply a spot correction tool on small pimples and specks. The rest of the skin of the face is applied foundation.

How to apply a corrector

Disguise bruises under the eyes with the help of the corrector will be quite problematic, since this tool is designed to combat smaller defects (pimples, specks).

This is due to the fact that the corrector has a denser texture and better covers obvious problems. If you still want to apply the corrector under the eyes, you need to very carefully shade it to compensate for the density of its application.

How to use powder to mask bruises under the eyes

One powder will not be able to hide bruises well under the eyes, so it is best to use it as an aid in the last stage of makeup (for fixing cosmetics and matting).

Use the powder on the skin around the eyes should be carefully, because with an excess of it will roll in wrinkles and folds, give the person an age.

Can the highlighter help to even out skin color

Highlighter is a tool that must be used very carefully, as if it is over-applied to the face, it will create the effect of oily skin.

This cosmetic should be applied only in strictly defined places (on the convex parts of the face to give them additional volume). Masking bruises using a highlighter will not work, but if used properly, it will make the skin shine from the inside.

How to hide a bruise under the eye from a blow (fingal)

The appearance of a bruise under the eye due to a stroke is not a very pleasant situation, which, of course, I do not want to share with everyone around me. Therefore, in this case, you need to try to do everything possible to hide the traces of injury.

This will be a difficult task, since traumatic subcutaneous hemorrhages look much brighter and more noticeable than just bruises from lack of sleep.

For these purposes, the above algorithm for applying foundation will work. For the best effect, it is recommended to use an additional concealer. Corrective means to mask the bruise choose a more dense texture, which will better align the skin tone.

Before applying makeup to the injured part, it is recommended to apply a cold for a few minutes in order to slightly remove the swelling of the tissues.

What ways can bruise mask a man

To hide a bruise, men are recommended to use the same cosmetics as women.

However, do not forget that men have more porous skin, so they should pay special attention to feathering the foundation or concealer so that it is not visible that something has been applied to the skin of the face.

Secrets of professional makeup artists

  1. Many professional masters of visage advise before applying the product, which will mask the bruises, lubricate the skin in the eye area with a special moisturizer for the skin around the eyes with a light structure. This will allow other cosmetics to lie more gently and evenly, which will give more natural makeup. This advice is suitable for all those who fear that after covering up bruises, the face will look hard and inorganic.
  2. Some makeup artists advise to mix corrective cosmetics with the same moisturizer. After you have thoroughly mixed both products to a uniform structure, they will be easier to apply and give the makeup a more natural look. It is advisable to choose a cream specially designed for application to the eyelid area (since the skin here is particularly thin and delicate, requires special care). If there is no such cream, then you need to take a light cream with a watery structure (daytime types are most suitable).
  3. Another secret that will not allow anyone to even suspect that you tried to hide the bags under the eyes is that the same means should be applied to the upper eyelid as to the area under the eye. If this is not done, then the skin color will be significantly different and will not give the face a natural look.
  4. Most professionals are inclined to believe that to apply any corrective means, you need to use special tools (brushes of the right shape and size, sponges, beauty blenders) that will evenly distribute the cream over the skin and fill all the furrows and microscopic wrinkles with the tool. When smearing the foundation with the fingers of this effect is difficult to achieve, and sometimes impossible at all.

What you need to do to eliminate the cause of the problem, and not just disguise it

For the treatment of bruises under the eyes, there are many special cosmetic and therapeutic agents (such cosmetics are best bought at the pharmacy). At home with bags under the eyes cold packs with green tea, cucumber or grated potatoes can help.

To prevent the appearance of bruises under the eyes, first of all, it is necessary to adjust sleep patterns (night sleep should be at least eight hours a day). Also avoid stress and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

See the video tutorial on how to disguise dark circles and bruises under the eyes:

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