How to choose makeup brushes

Of course, you can make a decent makeup with your fingers, but, you see, there is something fascinating in applying powder with a beautiful brush. And, if you are ready to replenish your beautician with beauty tools, rather read tips on choosing brushes!

How to choose makeup brushes

High-quality makeup brushes – your ticket to the country of ideal images and successful experiments. Make-up with them, if not cool, takes less time, and at the same time it looks neater and more effective. When buying, however, a lot of questions appear: what brushes to choose, how many they need for everyday makeup and how to wash them correctly. Read the answers to these questions below, and if it is important for you to learn how to clean the beauty blender, look at this article.

Pile makeup brushes: mount and materials

If we talk about the types of fastening pile, you can select clipped and composing brush. The mode of production of sheared ones is clear from the name: a bunch of villi is attached to the base and trimmed exactly. These brushes are cheaper, but there is a chance that they will scratch the skin and apply uneven means. In the production of a type-setting brush, the pile is manually folded into a bundle of the desired shape, which, alas, increases the cost of the final version, but contributes to a comfortable application and shading.

How to choose makeup brushes

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Lint materials for make-up brushes can be divided into natural, synthetic and mixed. The peculiarity of natural brushes is that they retain products on the fibers and transfer it to the skin gradually. Makeup with natural brushes is softer and more delicate than synthetic. The latter almost entirely give the selected product to the skin, due to which the makeup is saturated. Pay attention that natural brushes are more suitable for dry products, and synthetics is suitable for products on a fatty or water base. A universal option for everyday make-up will be mixed brushes, combining natural and synthetic bristles.

Pile density also plays an important role: elastic brushes from a column, for example, are suitable for drawing arrows and shadows, and fluffy brushes from a goat are best applied with a weightless layer of powder.

A set of brushes for everyday makeup

The number and variety of basic makeup brushes should depend directly on the tools that you use to create a casual look. Most often, such brushes are included in the universal set: for tonal means, for powder and blush, for shadows and for lips. If you use 2 in 1 brushes (for example, for powder and blush or for blush and contouring), make sure that you clean the pile well before and after using this or that product.

How to choose makeup brushes

How to clean makeup brushes

Ensuring your brushes a long life and save yourself from irritation on the skin, help regular care of makeup brushes. Makeup artists recommend washing brushes for dry products (powder, blush, classic shadows) once a week, and those that work with tonal means, concealers and blush – daily. It is possible to clean the brushes with ordinary shampoo and a special antibacterial agent. It is better to dry wet brushes horizontally or hanging down with a nap. So the water will not drain to the base and destroy it.

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