How to apply eye cream

Beauty is known to have great power. And the beauty of the look all the more. To keep her as long as possible is the main goal of a real woman. Today we talk about how to apply the cream around the eyes.

For a long time, all the beauties of the world sought to look perfect day and night. For many years, their works on facial care have developed certain rules that reveal all the subtleties of applying the cream on the skin of the eyelids. The implementation of these rules allowed the ladies of the world, as well as simple peasant women, to remain fresh until old age. Particular attention has always been paid to the view, because in it lies the attractiveness, depth, even the secret of seduction. To get rid of wrinkles, magic creams, masks, gels, created for eye care, keeping the youthful eyelids, were invented.

Such close attention to the area around the sight is paid because this area has a very thin structure. It is because of its tenderness that the skin around the eyelids stretches easily. Try rubbing your eyelid lightly with your finger, you will immediately find a wrinkle in this place. The cream that is applied to this area requires a special composition that can not only nourish, but also cleanse, rejuvenate and refresh. Apply the cream on this area around the eyes should be the most gentle movements.

Choosing the right cream

In addition to the application technique, you should carefully consider the choice of cosmetics that you plan to apply. It should be noted that the area around the eye is the most sensitive area. Aggressive, coarse compositions are contraindicated here. The fine texture of about a century instantly reacts to cosmetics, which is why it is forbidden to apply face creams on it. And the use of scrubs for ever and around them is absolutely contraindicated! You can damage not only the skin, but also the mucous membrane or cornea by small sharp particles. Properly applied to the eyelids and the space around should be only creams and emulsions with a delicate, easily digestible texture.

Traditional types of cosmetic products created for application to the eyelids:

Carefully read the manufacturer’s recommendations, indicated on the box, bottle or tube. Modern cosmetologists develop products for different types of skin around the eyes, as well as day and night masks. In addition, creams are available that reduce inflammation, swelling, redness and other cosmetic defects around the eyes.

Applying technique

Before applying the cream on your face, you should thoroughly clean the surface. Opened pores and the absence of fatty film will allow cosmetics to be easily absorbed and penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis. In this way, to achieve the maximum effect of the procedure will be much easier.

Traditionally, the application of creams on the eyes carry the ring finger. He is weaker than the others and is not capable of harm with a strong blow.

Take a drop of cream on the pad of your finger and apply a dot on it in an arc under the eyebrow and along the bone under the eye. Then, with a slight tapping motion, spread the entire cream over the entire area around the eyes. Observe the lines, the direction of which is required when applying the cream: under the brow, the direction goes around, from the inner corner to the outer corner, and from the outer to the inner corner of the lower bone. Do not cover the moving eyelids with cream, the composition itself will be evenly distributed over them with the help of natural blinking.

Do not perform pounding movements. The texture of the skin around the eyes is very responsive to mechanical actions: if you rub it with your finger, it will instantly stretch, “decorating” your look with well-visible wrinkles and deep folds.

More secrets

To maximize the effect of using decorative and medical cosmetics, you should know a few secrets of applying the cream to the eye area from the most charming beauties. Famous actresses, first ladies and other representatives of high society share secret knowledge on skin care around the eyes:

How to apply eye cream

  • it should be applied to an even wet face, water drops moisten the skin more strongly;
  • distribute the drugs, observing the massage lines, lightly drive in;
  • Taking the drug on the finger, heat it in the fingertips by rubbing it;
  • daily makeup should be applied to the face 15 minutes before going outside;
  • night cream should be on the skin no later than one and a half hours before bedtime;
  • do not use the same drugs all the time, change manufacturers;
  • use nutritional formulations no more than twice a week, so as not to allow the skin to become lazy;
  • an hour after application, remove the excess cream with a dry cloth;
  • Do not allow "overdose": excessive enthusiasm for cosmetic procedures leads to loss of immunity and weakening of the functions of the epidermis.

Observing these simple rules in addition to the basic ones give a delightful effect: the skin around the eyes is clean, well-groomed. The look becomes clear, fresh and attractive. Proper application of cosmetic essences instantly puts the eye in order, allowing you to feel more confident in any society.


Cosmetologists of our time are advised to begin applying creams on the face as early as 25 years. Considering that in this area the texture is the most silky, it shows signs of fatigue, soreness and fading. Hypersensitivity to external stimuli is quickly reflected in the look in the form of redness, dullness, wrinkles, bags, as well as edema. That is why skin care for the eyelids and around the eyes is necessary at this age.

Do not be upset if in the morning you found some changes in the reflection. The modern beauty industry is able to give your look youth and freshness at any age. Nowadays, eye creams can easily cope with inflammations, age spots, dryness and excessive secretion of fat.

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