Good bb cream

How to choose a tonal tool to not only mask the shortcomings of oily skin, but also to heal it? After all, the bulk of the "tones" pollute the pores and cause new inflammation.

The answer to this question is simple: choose bb cream for oily skin. It easily copes with these tasks, and also cares, moisturizes, prevents premature aging …

The best BB cream for oily skin

To begin with – rating BB-creams, which should pay attention to the owners of oily skin type. Of course, the choice of cosmetics is individual and depends on the characteristics of the organism. But this trend will orient in the sea of ​​cosmetics.

In the luxury category

This is Clear Difference Complexion Perfecting BB Creme SPF 35 to combat imperfections. Producer – Estee Lauder company. A tube with a capacity of 30 ml costs about $ 40.

The action of the drug according to the manufacturer’s promises:

  • instant effect;
  • recovery;
  • correction of imperfections, improvement of complexion, masking of redness;
  • light consistency;
  • fat free formula.

Consumers who have experienced the product themselves, note the following effects:

  • the structure is dense but tender;
  • lies flat;
  • maintains coverage throughout the day;
  • does not clog pores;
  • The shade adapts to the skin.

The main drawback is the price, which "bites."

In the category of "economy"

The best in the mass market category is BB-cream Blemish Base Mattifying 8 in 1 from the Polish company Eveline. A 30 ml tube costs about 250 r.

First, about 8 effects that the manufacturer promises:

  • long matting;
  • narrowing of pores;
  • elimination of gloss and defects;
  • even tone of face;
  • hydration 24 hours a day;
  • eliminating signs of fatigue;
  • smoothing and lightening;
  • SPF 15.

It contains vitamins A, E, F, silk proteins, that provides hydration. Collagen, which is also included in the recipe, makes the skin supple, smooth, supple.

In turn, netizens noted the following effects:

  • easy application;
  • "Breathing" pores;
  • nice smell;
  • affordable price.

As for haze, it lasts for 3-4 hours, then you have to use cosmetic wipes or powder.

Just the best BB cream for oily skin.

Just the best product in this category is Anti-Blemish Solutions BB Cream SPF 40. Clinique is Estee Lauder’s daughter.

The company follows these principles:

  • Products are tested for allergenicity. By the method of repeated 12 samples, each product that is sent to the store shelves is tested by 600 volunteers. If at least one allergic reaction is noticed during the tests, the goods are not released.
  • Cosmetics do not contain fragrances that usually cause allergies.
  • The company cooperates with doctors, therefore, applies the latest developments in the field of dermatology.

These are factors that inspire confidence in the brand. And now – specifically about the properties of Anti-Blemish Solutions BB Cream SPF 40. Available in a tube volume – 30 ml, cost – 2500 p.

Characteristics of Clinique BB-cream:

  • has a light, fluid texture;
  • does not contain oils (oil-free) and does not create the risk of the appearance of comedones (non-comedogenic);
  • does not stick and does not leave greasy spots;
  • matting;
  • tightens pores, hides other defects;
  • normalizes sebum secretion;
  • protects from exposure to sunlight;

Buyers note the following properties for themselves:

  • even tone is achieved;
  • it lasts for 10 months;
  • pores are not clogged;
  • treats problem skin;
  • has a covering power;
  • high level of sun protection;
  • adjusts to skin tone;
  • face looks well maintained.
  • What bb cream is better for oily skin? There are flaws even in the most expensive cosmetics.

    Even the most eminent brands find dissatisfied consumers.

    Next – on how to properly apply bi bi cream for oily skin.

    Application rules

    Apply BB cream can:

    But before the face wash, wipe with a tonic, suitable for skin type. Well, if the gel for washing, tonic and BB-cream belong to the same cosmetic line. Then they complement and reinforce each other’s actions, do not conflict.. This recommendation may be indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging.

    After washing the product from a tube the size of a pea or small coin is squeezed onto the hand and applied to the face – one point on the tip of the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. Points should be approximately the same size. You should not make broad strokes – then the layer turns out to be dense, the face looks unnatural.

    Next, select the appropriate tool.


    This method is suitable for "bibikov" with balsam texture, as it melts under the influence of the heat of the hands. Forefinger and middle fingers pat the cream into the skin. Starting from the forehead and moving towards the middle of the cheek.. Then cover the nose, chin, and last of all – the cheeks. If the first layer is small, put the second.

    Since the product is intended for oily skin, special eye preparations are applied around the eyes. This rule does not depend on the method of application.

    Hand drawing drawbacks:

    • not as uniform coating as when applied with a sponge or brush;
    • skin gets extra shine.

    Use sponge

    The method is particularly suitable for oily skin.

    Sponge is moistened with thermal water to keep skin moisturized., since due to this technique moisture is lost. It also contributes to a more uniform application of the cream.

    Sponge evenly distribute BB cream. Smears are directed from the center of the face to the periphery. The pressure force is correct if the skin is a little springy. Complete the procedure on the cheeks, making strokes along the massage lines.

    This method is suitable for liquid consistency. BB cream shade stripes or large strokes, following the directions of massage lines. Since the brush has a softer effect, it is pressed down more than on the sponge.

    Choosing BB-cream for winter and summer

    Since BB cream does not imply (but does not exclude) prior application of conventional care products, seasonality matters. About what constitutes the right care for oily skin, see the link.

    Requirements that are imposed when choosing BB cream for summer for oily skin:

    • light texture;
    • matting effect;
    • moisturizing.

    Do not forget about the "solar factor": in the winter the rays of the heavenly bodies can also be harmful. Therefore, a SPF score of 10–15 units is sufficient; stronger protection is not recommended. The reason is that the skin in the winter months does not receive enough sunlight, and it produces less vitamin D.

    In winter, the skin needs nutrition, so the tonal tools choose a more dense consistency. Recommended for the cold season product that is used for the adjacent, drier type. So, if it’s oily skin, then for the winter suitable tool for the combined type.

    Compatibility of BB-cream with other means

    To improve the final result, BB-cream is combined with other care products.

    With day cream

    In BB-creams up to 70% of the composition – caring components. Therefore, it is mixed with day cream in the ratio of 1 to 2. This will achieve a more delicate texture, transparency. The skin looks more natural, but the tone is not worse.

    With highlighter

    The combination with the highlighter gives shine and freshness. Mix creamy or spray highlighter with BB cream in the ratio of 1 to 3, respectively. The face acquires a softer radiance than with the phased use of the same means.

    Lipstick or tint is applied to the back of the hand and a drop of BB cream is added, stirred to make a uniform consistency. Mixture replace blush.

    Bronzers that brighten the basics are similarly used.

    Good bb cream

    BB-cream should be in a beautician girls and women who monitor appearance. The main condition for this is to choose your product, which will heal the skin and give it a fresh, young look. Fortunately, there is a place to roam.

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