Gelatin cream for face

Gelatin is the result of processing the connective tissue of animals and is a split collagen. Everyone knows that collagen is the protein responsible for the state of youth and skin elasticity. With age, the skin loses this component and this leads to aging of the skin. Gelatin face mask is the most effective tool for rejuvenating the skin of the face with age-related changes (slackness, wrinkles), for fading and mature skin.

Properties of masks with gelatin

The use of masks has certain advantages:

  • pronounced skin tightening after the procedure;
  • reduction of mimic wrinkles;
  • facial contours become clearer and more tightened;
  • cleansing, removal of the stratum corneum;
  • reduction of skin inflammation;
  • cleansing from black spots;
  • facial skin rejuvenation;
  • lightening age spots, freckles;
  • available ingredients for making masks;
  • simplicity and ease of use.

Also gelatin face packs help to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, relieve oily shine, narrow pores of the face.

How to prepare gelatin for masks

Of course, to use gelatin in its pure form is not necessary, before applying it must be diluted with warm water. You can not use hot water

For the mask you need to take the usual food gelatin (in plates or in powder). For 1 part gelatin (1 tablespoon) – take 7-8 parts of water (7-8 tablespoons), if desired, water can be replaced with juice, milk, kefir. Leave the mixture to swell for about 30 minutes. The mixture is heated on low heat until a homogeneous liquid is formed.

If gelatin is used in plates, then you need to take 3-4 plates and soak in cold water for 10-15 minutes. Then squeeze and install in a water bath or fire for complete dissolution. No need to add water. When the composition is cooled, it adds the remaining components and use as intended.

Gelatin face mask: indications and contraindications

We give a list of reasons when you need to use gelatin for the skin of the face:

  • enlarged pores, the presence of black spots;
  • dark spots;
  • loose, toned skin;
  • wrinkles;
  • oily skin;
  • second chin, fuzzy contour.

Gelatin face mask has a number of contraindications:

  • do not apply on the area around the eyes;
  • skin prone to frequent inflammations: ulcers, acne;
  • with dry skin

If you do not have these contraindications, you can safely make masks.

Features of application and removal of the mask

How is a facial mask applied with gelatin?

There are basic rules:

  • the mask is applied only to the previously cleansed face;
  • for deeper penetration of nutrients, the skin of the face can be steamed;
  • when the mask hardens, you need to completely relax, not to talk, not to smile, so as not to disturb the static character of the mask and achieve the maximum effect;
  • mask can be applied to the decollete area;
  • the mask does not overlap the skin around the eyes;
  • The composition is applied with a brush or fingertips.

The mask is washed off with warm water (room temperature), then it is better to wash with cold water to create contrast and close the pores. You can not tear off a dried mask,

After removing the mask, to create an additional effect, you can apply various nutritional masks: honey, sour cream, oatmeal, yeast, with olive oil.

Examples of masks with gelatin for use at home

Classic nourishing mask with gelatin.

Suitable oily skin, nourishes it, softens and improves color. Use 1 time per week. For the basics

After 15 minutes, add the ground oatmeal to the resulting composition –

Whitening Gelatin Face Mask

It has a pronounced brightening, helps get rid of age spots and freckles. It is recommended to use twice a week.

For the mask you need to take

Gelatin Face Mask with Avocado

Gelatin cream for face

Suitable for owners of dry skin. To prepare the mask

When the composition is cooled, it is added

Wrinkle Gelatin: Recipes for Face Masks

Let’s understand how to make gelatinous masks at home.

Face Mask with Gelatin and Glycerin

Everyone knows that well-moisturized skin is not so susceptible to wrinkles. The proposed mask is used to moisturize the skin, helps to make it more toned and elastic, relieves mimic wrinkles.

To the prepared gelatinous basis (

Gelatin and milk face mask

It is recommended to use the owners of dry skin or in the presence of age-related changes. Due to its dairy products, the mask has nourishing and moisturizing properties.

When preparing the base, gelatin is poured with warm milk or cream. When the mixture swells, it is applied to a cleansed face and left for 30 minutes. To soften the skin, you can add honey or butter.

Face cream with gelatin

Many people try to prolong their youth and use collagen cream, which, according to manufacturers, will cope with the problem perfectly, however, the skin condition remains the same.

The fact is that collagen, which is used in cosmetic products, has the appearance of large molecules that simply cannot penetrate the pores of the skin. Gelatin in its natural form contains cleaved molecules with high penetrating power.

Face cream with gelatin can be cooked like this: mix

Gelatin face mask – an effective and affordable tool that helps the skin to become elastic, toned and young.

Frequently asked Questions

Christina, 45 years old:

– Tell me, please, how should I use a gelatin face cream?

Specialist answer:

– Hello, Christina! The cream is used in the evening, 2-3 hours before bedtime, apply on the skin for about 25-30 minutes. Remove the remnants of a napkin. Keep the cream in the refrigerator. Before use, the required amount of cream slightly heated.

Alain, 30 years old:

– Tell me, please, what is better to add to gelatin masks?

Specialist answer:

– Hello, Christina! To enhance the effect of the masks, you can add fruits or berries to the gelatin base:normal skin – grapes orange; dry skin – persimmon, kiwi, apricot, mandarin; oily skin – pear, grapefruit, raspberry; mature skin – banana.

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