Fan makeup brush

In the world of makeup, there are so many brushes: each of them has its own, definite role and has its own purpose. And if with basic brushes like those intended for powder, blush and correction, eyeliner, eyebrows or shadows, everything is in principle understandable, then for many girls a lot of questions are caused by such a thing as a fan brush. Fan brushes are quite rare in the makeup bags of female lovers of makeup, whereas in the case of a professional makeup artist this is a very important attribute. Let’s try to tell you what fan brushes are and why they are important in makeup.

Fan brush: what is it and how to use correctly

A fan brush is a special brush that has a special, slightly rounded triangular shape, which, quite logically, resembles the shape of a fan. Typically, such brushes are made from natural nap (for example, goat), their synthetics such as taclon are slightly less common. Fan brush is designed more for dry textures, and therefore if you are at the stage of choice, it is better to make it in favor, after all the option of a natural pile.

Fan makeup brush

So, the options for using a fan brush are the following:

  • First, the fan brush is perfect for applying highlighter. This form is suitable for that. to put a beautiful flare on the upper part of the cheekbone, put a pancake on Cupid’s “bow” or sculpt the entire contour of the upper lip, emphasize the back of the nose and chin. Moreover, it is this form that allows you to apply a highlighter as a veil to add a little delicate glow to the face, as well as to make a rather noticeable, almost mirror highlight.
  • Secondly, the fan brush can effectively get rid of excess powder on the face. If you have powdered your face too much and your skin turned out to be a “peach” in a bad sense, then you just need to walk the fan brush on your face and it will collect excess powder. After that, you can sprinkle your face, for example, with a moisturizing mist.
  • Thirdly, a fan brush can fix concealer under the eyes with the help of powder. After applying the concealer, type a little powder on the fan brush and lightly touch the area under the eyes. This technique will help not to dry the skin under the eyes, but to fix the concealer well with the thinnest, completely invisible layer of powder.
  • A fan brush is quite possible to put a blush on the veil – in those make-ups where there are enough accents and only a little invisible refreshment of the overall image is required.
  • If dark shadows crumbled under the eyes, then with a slight movement of the fan brush you can easily correct this misstep.
  • If you are dealing with a fan brush made of synthetic lint, then you can easily apply a cream highlighter, lightly conceale the concealer, or you can also shade the cream blush.
  • A fan brush is a great helper when dusting small areas, when a large standard powder brush is unlikely to help you.

Fan makeup brush

As you can see, a fan brush is not a whim or a dressing table decoration, but a fully-fledged participant in the creation of a beautiful, neat and modern make-up, and therefore a fan brush should be in the makeup bag of every make-up lover, as well as in a make-up artist. And if you do not know where you can buy a fan brush from both natural and synthetic pile, then you may well find the option you need in the Wobs online store assortment. We have affordable prices, high quality, the most durable and wear-resistant brushes for both amateurs and professionals.

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