Face makeup on paper

20 shocking photos before and after makeup

The editors of Woman’s Day looked at 20 amazing transformations of girls using makeup.

With the help of makeup, you can turn into any Hollywood star, hide all the flaws and emphasize the dignity. In skilled hands, we can become younger by 10 years or, conversely, older by 20!

One of the famous Russian make-up artists, 22-year-old Gohar Avetisyan, who from a self-taught make-up artist turned into one of the most sought-after masters of the country, shocks the public on her microblog every day, showing pictures of girls before and after makeup.

Gohar uses classical techniques to create the perfect shape of the face: sculpting and properly placed accents will show you exquisite cheekbones, even if you did not know about their existence.

Opinions of make-up artists and cosmetologists differ on the use of tonal means with problematic skin, but Gohar believes that you only need to replace the usual foundation cream with a BB-remedy, and daily makeup will not harm your skin.

The makeup artist always focuses on the eyebrows, because it is thanks to their shape that our face can be changed beyond recognition!

Makeup that will hide all the flaws is not necessarily a thick layer of a variety of tonal means. Pick up a weightless base under makeup, if your skin is prone to dryness. For oily skin is not necessary to use the base.

Pick the correctors for the color of the problem.

The white color of the facial corrector is used to lighten dark skin areas and to correct the face.

Purple-pink facial corrector (lavender shade) neutralizes yellow and green skin tones.

Purple (purple with blue) facial corrector relieves pigment spots.

Green facial corrector relieve redness.

Pink facial corrector works with yellow skin.

Orange proofreader will eliminate bruises, veins and dark circles under the eyes.

Yellow facial corrector removes purple circles under the eyes, dark spots, bruises and adds warmth to skin tone.

A beige concealer enlivens the overall skin tone.

The blue corrector will lighten the face too dark (if you are “re-tanned”).

The tonal tool is more difficult to choose, so before you buy it, go to the store without makeup, test the product on the skin of the face, not on the hand, and choose a shade in daylight.

Girls before and after applying makeup (18 photos)

Experienced representatives of the male are already well aware that it is desirable to meet girls in the pool – and the figure is immediately visible and the face without makeup.

Because they are well aware that with the help of modern make-up even the Gorgon Medusa can be made similar to Kim Kardashian.

And this next collection of comparative photos clearly shows us that the girl before and after the makeup are two completely different people!

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How eyebrows change face

This article about eyebrows was written in 2008 and was first published in my LJ. Now it is hard to believe, but those were wild times, when there was almost no make-up resources in nature. Therefore, the article was literally torn to pieces – the people freely lent photos and pieces of text, so by now the content in one form or another has firmly entered the local collective unconscious. I consider it very honorable to take part in the formation of practically folk folklore. # 128578; Of course, now I would have said a lot differently, but, in general, even after a few years, the text has not lost its relevance. Therefore, I do not see the point of rewriting it or revising “cult” photos, let it be here as a tribute to the daring past.

Almost all women, even subconsciously, feel that eyebrows are something important for the face. But what exactly is their importance, few people understand. There is a proportion that is relevant in our time – two to one. Eyebrow tail – one part, the rest, respectively, two. And the width – the width of the modern eyebrow should be. At the time of glamor and hippie, such an eyebrow would have seemed too shaggy, and in the era of aggressive disco too liquid. In general, our option is the golden mean. The width of the current eyebrow speaks of our independence, sexuality and harmony with our own nature. We no longer need to protect and protect, but we ourselves also do not want to become men.

But this is talking about trends. In fact, eyebrows can correspond not only to the rules, but also to our self-identification. After all, there are different periods in life. Sometimes you need to be strong. Sometimes you want zakosit idiot. Sometimes you want the men stacked in piles. Sometimes you want everyone to fall off. And if, as every woman knows, the feeling of the fullness of life in our country strongly depends on the right panties, which even no one can see, then how can one neglect the eyebrows that everyone sees.

So, in one thousand eight hundred some year, Marina and I did it – we painted different eyebrows on her beautiful face and looked at how they affect the perception of this very person. Having already taken hold of Marina, I realized that the task would not be easy. Her own eyebrows are low over the eyes, they are straight, closest to the last option. They are difficult to bend in an arc or make a characteristic fracture (therefore, in some places, of course, Photoshop came to the rescue). But, in fact, it is even good that we demonstrate the capabilities of the eyebrows not on a perfectly arranged face. So it’s even more obvious that eyebrows have a great influence on any appearance and that you can do something with any eyebrows.

No eyebrow face. In the face without eyebrows, there is definitely something alien. A great option to distance yourself from others. But! We must remember that a face without eyebrows is a face without character. It is good to wear such a face as a mask while you need it. But for life it is no good. Especially dumb look without eyebrows women aged. The fact that in his youth may pass for originality, in his old age looks like a lack of character, bordering on marasmus. And since at least half of us shine in order to remain without old eyebrows towards old age, we must prepare for what we have to do with a tattoo.

Wide natural eyebrows.

Thin eyebrows. Superlord, old school. This is a woman who can not live without a man. She wants care, worship, flowers, furs, diamonds. In general, the woman in every sense of the word. The same eyebrows were in trend at the time of hippies, messadzh there was a bit different – as if all the time surprise from the surrounding beautiful world # 128578; well, helplessness too, yes. By the way, to Marinke, these eyebrows, in my opinion, are very much going on – they balance the elongated face, make it more harmonious. Women aged thin eyebrows age. Well, the truth is that – there are no century nymphs.

Symmetrical eyebrows. Such eyebrows turn a face into the face of a Madonna or a statue. The face looks calm, peaceful. In our life are rarely met – we do not need peace in life, they will trample.

Short eyebrows. Make a person open, trusting and childishly naive. They look charming on a young face, making it even younger. On an adult woman, such eyebrows will look strange. Yet naivety is a property of youth. In nature, often short eyebrows. The older you are, the more desirable it is to finish them (so that the beginning of the eyebrow is above the corner of the eye), or to do a tattoo.

Long eyebrows. I love these eyebrows! In the new edition, I would call them – modern eyebrows, this is the best embodiment of what is now considered beautiful. A woman with long eyebrows is a strong, sensual, self-sufficient person who knows her worth. A young face makes such eyebrows more mature, a mature woman’s face makes longer eyebrows younger (just don’t need to bend the tip down too much so that the face doesn’t become sad).

Eyebrows with a characteristic fracture. This is my other love – the eyebrows of the bitch # 128578; I adore a bitch, well, naturally, a smart bitch who does not lose a sense of proportion. The steeper the kink, the stronger the temperament and the brighter the feminine essence. Kinked eyebrows are still good for a business woman – they have the energy and strength necessary to be considered with you. Such eyebrows are often self-made women. Anyway, I don’t know a single boring or mediocre woman with such eyebrows, these are the eyebrows of a female leader, alpha female # 128578;

Eyebrow with lowered outer corner. If you need to call someone a pity or desire to protect – this is an option. Dropping the outer corner of the eyebrow below the inner, we say hello to the silent film – it was at that era that it was a super trend. And turn into a tender vulnerable being. Against the background of numerous bitches, this can be quite attractive for the opposite sex. In the end, feminism is feminism, but male nature still presupposes caring for the weak. The main thing is not to overdo it with the angle of inclination – otherwise they will accept a crybaby-vaca and will run away # 128521;

Straight eyebrows. A low straight, wide enough and dark eyebrow is a male version. Women with such eyebrows have many masculine features in their character – straightness, imperiousness, rigidity. They love men’s toys – cars (and not “mini-Coopers”), weapons. This is a woman whom a man is not particularly needed, she herself can stay for a man. In any case, such eyebrows make a face gloomy, displeased and aggressive.

Face makeup on paper

These are the main options. There are much more of them in life – life consists of combinations. Choosing the shape of eyebrows, among other factors mentioned, it is necessary to take into account the proportions of the face. As, for example, it can be seen in the case of Marina, her elongated face has raised eyebrows, they conceal a large forehead and balance proportions.

Thin eyebrows will look bad on a wide face. A narrow face can be visually expanded by shifting the eyebrow curve to the outer edge. A face with a lot of rounded lines is given an eyebrow with a kink. A person with many energetic lines, on the contrary, will balance a rounded eyebrow.

In general, as usual, it’s started in life, – you can not change anything radically, it is important to place the accents correctly.

Permanent lip makeup: types of tattoo, photo before and after

Lip tattooing will make your face more expressive, it will save you from the daily procedure of applying makeup. But it is not enough to just make a tattoo, after that care for the lips is no less important. It is about what should be lip care after tattooing, the consequences of specific examples of photos, the advantages and disadvantages of permanent makeup, we will describe in this article.

What is permanent lip makeup?

This is a tattoo that is performed with the help of special equipment and materials. But, unlike the classic tattoo, tattooing is performed using natural dyes based on herbs. Due to the natural ingredients, women are almost never allergic to pigment.

Modern equipment makes it possible to perform the procedure with minimal pain, bloodlessly and quickly. To make it easier for women to transfer the tattoo, the master makes local anesthesia.

Today, tattoo and lip permanent are becoming more and more popular. With it, you can improve the appearance. Besides, Tattooing often do:

  • to hide scars and defects;
  • in case of allergy to decorative cosmetics;
  • for correcting the shape, expression and size of the lips.

Permanent tattooing is suitable for almost all girls and women of any age. With this makeup your lips will be brighter and more beautiful.

Types of tattoo

Permanent tattooing can be performed using different technologies, it depends on what effect you need to achieve.

Contour with a small filling. This method is usually chosen by women who decide to add a little volume to their lips and at the same time maintain their natural color. This effect can be easily achieved. with a bright contour and feathering it down a bit. The pigment is also applied to the corners of the lips, completely filling them, and closer to the center, the filling area is reduced and colored with bright colors.

Tattoo 3D is performed using different colors, harmoniously combined with each other, creating additional volume. This option is perfect for girls with thin lips.

Contour tattoo with full filling and feathering. This method is quite popular for several reasons: symmetry, clear lines, the ability to change the shape of the lips, giving volume and naturalness. Playing with different shades, the master quickly and easily creates a bright outline, and with the help of light shading will give lips naturalness.

Light kayal – a kind of tattoo, when the contour is performed with light colors, in order to add a little volume to the lips and make them more prominent.

The most simple is the tattoo contour. Outwardly, it looks as if the lips are drawn with a regular pencil. Taking into account the wishes of the girl and the shape of the lips, the contour can be wide, barely noticeable or thin. This type of makeup is usually chosen by women who are satisfied with the shape of the lips, but always want to be well-groomed and beautiful.

How to choose a lip shade?

The choice of shade for tattoo – it is very responsible and challenging, which only a highly qualified and experienced master can handle. It’s just that every person has his own skin tone. It is warm or cold, taking into account which substances are more in the body. That depends on what colors you need to choose, given how they will manifest themselves in the future.

Professional master can easily choose the necessary colors, given the type of skin, as well as the general appearance of the girl, the color of her eyes and hair. Pigments of cool and dark tones should be added carefully so that the hue of the lips is combined harmoniously with the appearance of the girl. It is not necessary to select very dark and bright shades for tattooing, as smoothing their color with makeup will be problematic and very difficult. You can choose your color by comparing the work of the wizard for the photo "before and after" procedure.

Lip permanent makeup procedure

Any woman, first of all, is obliged to decide on what exactly the lips should be after tattooing. If you have not yet decided, in this case, the master may recommend something, focusing on the wishes of the client and her lip shape.

In consultation master choose the perfect shade and the way with which the tattoo will be performed so that the lips are more perfect and bright. Immediately before the procedure, the master will make a local anesthetic.

After the end of the preparatory process is applying tattoo. During the procedure, only sterile instruments and disposable needles are used. The duration of the tattoo depends on the qualifications of the specialist and the type of permanent makeup.

When it’s all over, special lips are applied to the lips. antiseptic and healing drugs, and the master gives advice on lip care.

Lip recovery period after tattoo

Most women often ask how long the tattoo heals and how long does the recovery period last? As a rule, the lips heal already on the 3rd or 5th day after the tattoo.

On the first day, the girl will feel a little discomfort, swelling will appear on her lips. On the second or third day, colorful bright crusts will appear, which will begin to fall off the next day, and in speed the sponges will completely get the perfect look and transform.

Observing all the advice of the master, the girl on the fifth day can safely attend events and parties. Then, when all the crusts pass, many girls want to immediately see the result, but in order for the pigment to fully consolidate and distribute, must pass at least a month, only after that you can clearly compare the photos of your lips before and after.

After tattooing, it is necessary to lubricate the lips with wound-healing and moisturizing creams for 14 days and wash only with boiled water without using hygiene products. In addition, experts do not recommend:

  • use cosmetics;
  • do depilation on the face.
  • be long in the sun;
  • to visit baths and saunas;
  • remove the crusts themselves.

Lip care after permanent makeup

Care must be very thorough., since after the procedure various complications may appear.

  1. As a rule, girls face herpes. The cause of herpes is not because it was carried in the cabin, but simply its virus is in the body of any woman.
  2. Another problem is that the lips after permanent makeup may be of a different color. Simply, each individual organism can react to pigments. If you do not like the shade, the specialist can easily give a different color – more saturated, but only after a month, as the final effect can be observed not immediately.

Careful and proper care will prevent complications, you only need to treat your lips well with moisturizing and healing agents.

How long does permanent lip makeup last?

Many women often ask specialists about how long the pigment lasts and how often it is necessary to carry out the correction? According to experts, the tattoo will hold about 4-5 years.

But it should also be noted that the duration of the effect also depends on such moments:

  • specialist qualifications;
  • pigment quality;
  • sun exposure time;
  • individual features of the body.

Girls who have a very good metabolism, may notice that their makeup in 3 years will be more pale. When using low-quality pigments, the paint will lose its shape after a few years, and the contours will need to be removed with a laser.

Permanent makeup at home

At home, you can also quickly and easily perform a tattoo. To do this, you only need to contact an experienced master, who can do this procedure at home, and in terms of quality, makeup will not yield to the salon. Advantages of tattooing at home:

  • the diligence of the master;
  • comfort;
  • individual approach.

In the beauty salon, as a rule, masters use a standard set of colors for photos from various price lists of advertising magazines, but at home the master tries to please the client and selects the palette individually.

A specialist who is engaged in tattooing at home is distinguished by particular scrupulousness, since it is important for him to do everything quickly and efficiently in order to provide himself with further clientele.

Cozy and comfortable atmosphere at home has to relax and rest, therefore the process will not be so painful. After the completion of the work you will not worry about the fact that people will pay attention to swollen lips.

Selecting a master who will make a tattoo at home, you need to pay attention to his experience, customer reviews, compare photos of his work "before and after." Equipment must be sterile and modern, and pigments – quality.

Where exactly to perform a tattoo, any woman decides for herself. This may be a good salon or home furnishings.


Permanent makeup is a universal procedure, it is suitable for women of any age, but tattooing contraindicated in certain diseases:

  • high pressure;
  • diabetes;
  • inflammations;
  • herpes;
  • somatic diseases;
  • blood diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • when breastfeeding;
  • oncological diseases.

Lip tattooing is an ideal solution for girls who want to look well-groomed and beautiful all the time. Any volume, color and lip shape correction – all this can be done thanks to a large assortment of coloring pigments and modern professional equipment.

Henna eyebrow coloring before and after

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All the fair sex want to always look beautiful and spend on makeup as little time as possible. Especially the lack of time is felt in the morning and I don’t really want to spend it on tinting eyebrows. Therefore, many girls resort to coloring eyebrows colors, designed for long-lasting effect. Painted eyebrows do not require daily correction, and the paint keeps from 1 to 3 weeks – the fact presented depends on the type of paint. There are many various means intended for long dyeing, but not all coloring agents are harmless to eyebrows and skin. Therefore, it is safer to use natural dye – henna, purchased in any department of decorative cosmetics.

The process of eyebrow dyeing using natural henna originates from Africa and India since ancient times. Skillfully mixed paint gives a huge palette of shades: from light to almost black tones. The paint is quite stable and correctly painted eyebrows, retain color up to a month in time, which is quite enough for a natural product.

The presented natural dye has a huge number of positives, where the following facts are distinguished:

  1. Daily proper care for dyed eyebrows maintains color saturation up to 4 weeks. Embarrassing care will not follow – just brush your eyebrows daily and avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It is forbidden to use alcohol-containing means for washing, and also it is not recommended to visit pools and to bathe in the sea.
  2. All women can dye their brows with henna, even pregnant and lactating mothers – a natural product does not contain any substances hazardous to health.
  3. The paint looks perfect on rare and weakly pronounced eyebrows – eyebrows seem thicker, and the look becomes more expressive.
  4. The process of staining is painless – in contrast to the usual and fashionable tattoo staining can be used even for women with a high sensitive threshold.
  5. You can carry out the staining procedure not only in the salons, but also at home on your own.
  6. Long-term staining saves time allocated for make-up – this allows you to quickly get together to leave the house in an attractive and assembled form.
  7. Acceptable price for paint – the price of one bag does not exceed 100 rubles per bag.
  8. Does not cause allergic reactions – everything is explained by the natural composition of the product.
  9. Henna makes eyebrow hairs thicker and stronger – the bulbs are saturated with vitamins and minerals.

Very rarely there is irritation of the skin and side effects. To exclude this indicator should be tested for allergies.

It is impossible to carry out eyebrow dyeing with henna if you have the following problems:

  • there is damage to the skin in the eyebrows;
  • there is an inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the eyes;
  • there are formations of deep wrinkles between the eyebrows;
  • henna allergy and other ingredients used for dyeing were diagnosed.

Face makeup on paper

If damage to the skin or inflammation of the mucous membranes can be cured and then painted, the henna allergy does not respond to treatment, so it is better to take another coloring agent for staining.

Henna eyebrow tinting is ideal if there are the following disadvantages:

  • eyebrows thin and rare, having gaps and bald patches;
  • there is no desire to use the eyebrow tattoo service;
  • I want to maintain a long-term effect without painful intervention;
  • necessary masking gray hairs on the eyebrows.

If you want to have thick and dark eyebrows always, it is recommended to study the technology of henna staining.

Natural dye has the following disadvantages:

  1. Duration of staining – it will take at least an hour, while salon products help in achieving a quick result with the help of chemical conditioners and ointments used.
  2. For long-term fixing of the dye will require available tools – kvass or citric acid. The color intensity is achieved using coffee or tea brew.

To paint remained on the eyebrows as long as possible, you must carefully care for them. Exposure to steam, sea salt water and detergents must not be allowed. This means it is necessary to limit yourself to visiting the sauna or bath, swimming in sea water. A visit to the bath or sauna washes henna from the eyebrows almost at once. But to swim in the sea with painted eyebrows can be no more than a week. Before deciding to color eyebrows, analyze your lifestyle and make the right choice.

Although henna is a natural dye, it can also cause allergies during staining. Therefore, this dye is contraindicated in some categories of people. Basically, these include those suffering from diseases such as:

  • neurodermatitis;
  • dermatosis;
  • dermatitis;
  • acne;
  • acute or chronic diseases of the skin.

If there is a genetic predisposition to allergies, then it would be right not to risk. To avoid this trouble, you should conduct an allergic test. Here it is necessary to prepare the paint for dyeing, according to the instructions for use, and apply it on the elbow bend. Next, observe the reaction to henna during the day. If redness, irritation and other signs of allergy have not appeared, then henna can be used safely. If allergic manifestations are detected, henna should be discarded from coloring eyebrows.

Henna eyebrow coloring is a fairly common service in salons. Especially the influx of clients is in the spring and summer. Masters have all the required tools, coloring compositions and experience in the selection and mixing of henna tones. The shade is selected depending on the hair color and skin type. Firmness of color on the eyebrows also depends on the characteristics of the skin, which takes into account the type, condition at the time of staining and the tendency to allergies. It is important to know that on dry skin dye stays better than on oily.

It depends on the type of appearance which technique the specialist applies. Brunettes are first painted on all the planned lines, and then on the hair itself. Blondes do not treat the skin at all, because it will look unnatural.

First of all, a specialist helps to choose the right shape of eyebrows and their color. Do not make the shape of the eyebrows too curved or thin. It would be better to simply emphasize the form that was from birth. It is necessary to emphasize the main line, and just pull out the extra hair. The color of the eyebrows is matched to the color of the hair: white-blond blondes paint their eyebrows in blond brown tones, and dark-haired brunettes – in black or dark brown.

Only after the above selection steps begin to color eyebrows in stages:

  1. Removal of eyebrow cosmetics and degreasing of further involved areas with an alcohol solution. On dry skin the paint is better absorbed.
  2. Eyebrow correction. A clear line of eyebrows emerges by pulling out excess hair. Around the skin smeared with fat cream.
  3. The next step is the preparation of paint the desired shade and texture. You can apply the finished paint from the manufacturer or, using the instructions for use, independently dilute it.
  4. Then the paint is applied to the eyebrows outlined in white. It is carefully monitored so that it does not leak. Otherwise, the divorce immediately cleaned with cotton buds, otherwise you can spoil the shape of the eyebrows.
  5. Kept time required for staining. It lasts approximately one hour. An experienced specialist can determine the end time by saturation of the tone to the desired shade. After this, henna cleansing begins.
  6. Removal of paint occurs in two steps. With a cotton swab, henna is first removed from the inner parts of the eyebrows. Then, after a few minutes, the rest of the paint is peeled off. This creates the appearance of naturalness, so that the painted eyebrows do not catch the eye.
  7. Elimination of minor issues and form correction. Sometimes after dyeing, eyebrows become asymmetrical or uneven, but this disadvantage is easily eliminated.

The master should conduct a briefing with the client on further care for eyebrows at home, in order to preserve the intensity of staining longer.

For home staining should prepare the following tools and materials:

  • hair band so that they do not interfere;
  • diaper to protect clothes from contamination;
  • rubber gloves;
  • eyebrow brush;
  • a small bag of henna;
  • black tea or instant coffee to get the desired shade. You can replace the vegetable dye "Basma";
  • lemon juice to pin.

Having prepared all the materials and tools, you can proceed to the staining procedure, which is carried out in sequence:

  1. Dilute henna in a small amount of hot water and steam out for a few minutes. Knead lumps until the consistency becomes homogeneous, like sour cream. Put a dye in it to get the desired and suitable tone, literally drip lemon juice.
  2. Clear eyebrow area from makeup. Around the eyebrows, go scrub, and then degrease.
  3. Draw a contour of eyebrows with a pencil and paint on it, spreading it from the outer edges to the inner ones. Close eyebrows with pieces of polyethylene to get the best effect.
  4. Wait for the time – it should take at least 45 minutes for the paint to be absorbed well.
  5. Clean the dried paint with a wet cotton swab, you can use eucalyptus oil.

Coloring from the first time may not be very successful. You should try to paint them again, pre-processed scrub a few times.

As soon as the eyebrows have acquired a suitable color for the type, they should be cared for and the following should be avoided:

  1. Do not put on them any cosmetics for three days.
  2. Do not visit the bath, sauna, sea beach and swimming pool in the same period.

If you ignore the presented tips, henna will last no more than a week and you will have to repeat the coloring procedure.

After three days, brows should be treated daily as follows:

  1. Wash should be done carefully so that hygiene products do not fall on the brow. You can not apply peeling tools and nourishing cream on the eyebrows.
  2. To supply hair and skin, you must use cosmetic oils: burdock, olive, flaxseed. They will help to lay them neatly. Lubricate comfortably with a cotton swab or brush.
  3. Do not apply makeup on the eyebrows.
  4. Limit your stay in the sun, as well as visiting the sauna or bath.

Correct and accurate coloring of eyebrows gives a good result in the saturation and long preservation of the resulting shade, as evidenced by the photo before and after.

Henna is a herbal remedy that is produced from a shrub growing in dry and hot countries. Indian or Iranian henna is commonly used for cosmetic purposes. Indian henna has a brighter color range. Mixing henna powder with natural ingredients – coffee powder or black tea welding – you can make completely new and interesting shades. Carrying out the dyeing of eyebrows or hair, do not worry about their damage, because henna heals the skin, hair and does not cause them the slightest harm.

Therefore, henna is very popular with girls for dyeing hair and eyebrows. After all, this coloring agent is able to paint every hair exactly and accurately. It gives hair density, silkiness and shine – what kind of girl would refuse such a result. And henna helps eyebrows in improving hair growth and strengthens them.

For persistent staining it is necessary to add a product that can oxidize it. At home, you can add kvass or lemon juice. In the salons usually use ready-made paint from the manufacturer.

Henna is produced only in black and brown tones, and the desired shade is selected by mixing them. How to choose the right color to match the color of hair and skin:

  1. Dark hair and fair skin involves the use of dark brown and gray dye.
  2. Black hair and dark skin – black.
  3. Bright red hair is the classic color of henna, it will give the eyebrows a golden tone.
  4. Golden hair color is henna brown.
  5. Blond hair – shades of light brown colors.
  6. Light brown hair is a gray color.

Guided by these rules, you can achieve a natural tone painted eyebrows that will not be evident to others.

Anyone who wants to look as attractive and natural as possible is recommended to henna eyebrows. The natural product does not harm either the hair or the skin; it lasts for a rather long time and does not require complicated eyebrow care. This is better than resorting to a painful and harmful tattoo.

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