Depilatory cream

Cosmetic companies offer a wide range of depilatory creams. However, which one should be chosen and not lost with the purchase?

It is no secret that each skin individually reacts to the active substances that are included in cosmetics. So, delicate and sensitive skin requires gentle care, dry – moisturizing. So with the hair coat: to remove coarse and hard hair will require more active substances in the depilator than for fine hairs.

Therefore, manufacturers have to compromise and offer a huge amount of depilatory creams for different skin types and structure of depilated hairs, while taking into account the aesthetic tastes of consumers – color, scent of products and skin soothing additives.

The main firms that are popular and enthusiastic about the adherents of depilatory creams are Velvet, Veet, Baptiste, Eveline, Caramel.

According to the price category, the Vit cream for depilation clearly stands out, but not all consumers agree that the quality of the product of this company exceeds the quality of cheaper products of other companies. Let’s try to make out the advantages and disadvantages of popular tools.

In order to choose the best cream for each skin type, hair structure, select several groups of depilatory creams. Separate category allocate depilatory creams that can be used in the shower.

The main selection criteria for each group:

  1. Care for skin
  2. Price,
  3. Action speed

Depilatory cream

Since the duration of the result after the procedure is purely individual and depends on the growth of hair, the exposure time of the cream, it is difficult to determine exactly which depilatory cream slows down hair growth better. Therefore, that criterion was not evaluated.


Depilation cream for sensitive skin Veet

The effect is achieved in 5 minutes on fine hairs, but more coarse dissolve in 10 minutes. It is not recommended to keep the remedy on the skin for more than 10 minutes, as you can get injured.

The depilator is suitable for removing hair from hands, underarms and bikini lines.

It contains the so-called Hydro’Restor complex, which prevents dry skin after the procedure and moisturizes it.

This is one of the fastest creams to remove hairs on sensitive skin, works well in the bikini area and in the future hair grows thinner.

Minus – Smell. Quite sharp and unpleasant.

Price – 44 UAH., 220 rubles.

Depilation cream Red line Baptiste cucumber

This tool is suitable for sensitive skin in general, and specifically the bikini area.

Depilatory cream

The smell of the product is very similar to brine, but slightly saturated.

It begins to act in just 5 minutes, but it is better to hold the cream for up to 10 minutes (it all depends on the level of sensitivity of the skin and the structure of the hairline).

Depilation cream Eveline Ultranzhe Bio-Depil 9 in 1

It copes well with its task, slows hair growth.

Thanks to silk proteins and aloe extract, it soothes and moisturizes the skin.

Valid until 10 minutes.

Price – 17 UAH., 95 rubles.

Depilatory cream Caramel for sensitive skin, against ingrown hair

According to the action meets the cream for depilation Wit 3 minutes. However, for the same result, you need to keep one or two minutes longer than Vit. The smell is also a little worse, but it is much cheaper.

Price – 12 UAH., 88 rubles.


Velvet cream for depilation of intimate areas with chamomile

The cream is popular, because it fully corresponds to the price-quality.

It is recommended to apply for 10 minutes, the maximum allowable time is 20 minutes.

It is possible that can not cope with all the hairs, but does not cause irritation. The most courageous of his successfully used for deep bikini. But here you need to be extremely careful.

A convenient spatula is attached to the cream, and the volume of the cream is 10 ml.

Contains calcium thioglycolate.

Price – 48 rubles.

Cream for depilation of intimate places Avon "Freshness"

Let’s face it, the smell of the cream is far from the smell of freshness, although the smell is not as sharp as that of Vit.

The company calls the duration of the cream

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