Day eye makeup

Green eyes can have a variety of shades. Correctly selected shadows, pencils and mascara will help identify and emphasize them.

To achieve the desired effect, everything is important: color, texture, intensity of application, features of the combination.

Day makeup should be not catchy, but expressive, emphasizing all the advantages of appearance.

Green eye shadow selection

For everyday makeup useful shadows: powdery, gel or cream. A pencil, an eyeliner or a liner will help to emphasize the cut of the eyes, complete the make-up lengthening, bulk or classic mascara.

Products designed for everyday life should not be too bright and contain a large number of sparkles. More appropriate overflow effect, wet twinkling, in fashion and absolutely matte texture.

The choice of color depends on the overall tone of the skin and hair.

Day eye makeup

Much depends on the iris of the eyes. Greens contrasts well with burgundy, brown, warm beige, soft gray shades.

Makeup for gray-green eyes

A tender greenish gray iris may look brighter in the frame of suitable shadows. These eyes fit:

  • graphite gamma,
  • ash scale,
  • violet-gray gamma.

Gray tones will help "stretch" the green eyes, make it more pronounced.

To keep the shadows well on the eyelids, you need to put a base in the form of a mousse, cream or gel under them. The base will fix the color and will not allow the pigment to gather in the folds. Daytime makeup does not require a layering of shades, it is enough to use 1 or 2 colors.

Ash-gray shadows are applied to the mobile eyelid and shaded in a light haze. For greater expressiveness in the fold, you can add a little graphite shadows, which also need to be shaded. The image will complement the velvety mascara, which is applied in 1 or 2 layers.

Day eye makeup

Makeup for green and brown eyes

Green-brown eyes worth highlighting the shadows in the golden gamut. Will fit gel or cream shadows with a slight wet shine. They are issued in sticks or in jars, applied to the eyelids with fingers or latex applicators.

Brunettes will wear shades of the color of old gold or copper, blondes need light colors of champagne and white gold. Choose shades without noticeable sparkles, the shine should be very soft and delicate.

Shadows are distributed over the movable eyelid and slightly rubbed towards the eyebrow. The ciliary edge can be emphasized with a dark brown eyeliner.

The line is applied very thin, if desired, it can be a little shade. Completing the makeup is a voluminous brown mascara, which makes the eyes mysterious and ignites mysterious golden sparks in them.

Light day makeup

Fashionable lightweight makeup will help make liquid shine. This product has a pleasant melting texture and is well fixed on the eyelid, keeping the color all day.

Shadows-gloss are especially beautiful on light skin. If it has a pronounced pink undertone, it is better not to use products with red notes, otherwise the eyes will look painful.

The shade-gloss of the selected tone is applied to the movable eyelid with the help of a tube-mounted applicator, the border can be lightly rubbed with a finger pad.

Mono makeup does not require the application of darker shades, it looks very fresh and young. Makeup must be supplemented with a volumetric or lengthening. dark brown or black-gray ink.

Makeup for brunette

Bright brunettes fit more contrasting makeup. Iris greens are beautifully underlined. shadows in warm colors:

Daytime shades should not be too bright, you should prefer deep complex tones. The chameleon shadows, which change color depending on the lighting, look very impressive. Typically, such products are available in powder form, applied with a latex sponge or soft brush.

Shadows-chameleons are applied to the fixing base with a rather dense layer. Borders can be slightly shaded. The upper eyelid is underlined with a finely sharpened black or coffee pencil.

Eyelashes are covered with purple or burgundy mascara. The color will be dark, the reddish tint will be noticeable only in the bright sun. Maroon tones make green eyes brighter and fresher.

Makeup for blonde

Blondes of warm color will be shades of pale gold, champagne, ivory.

Ciliated edge can be emphasized dark beige soft pencil. For a more gentle image of the line is better to shade with a brush or applicator. A bit of color can be added to the lower eyelid, drawing a line with an applicator and keeping as close to the ciliary edge as possible.

Finally, apply one or two layers of brown lengthening mascara on the eyelashes. To create the effect of the almond-shaped eyes, some more mascara is added to the outer corners.

Day make-up with brown shades

Brown shade – real classic day makeup. Try to make a classic version with three shades. It will suit any color of skin and the most different styles of clothing.

Make-up needs a palette with three harmonious shades of shadows, from pale to saturated. The lightest tone of cream or golden hue is applied under the eyebrow and on the entire mobile eyelid as a base.

A layer of mocha or cocoa is superimposed over the top and shaded from the edge of the upper eyelid towards the brow. The fold of the eyelids and the outer corner of the eye is highlighted in a dark brown tone. Color transitions are carefully shaded with a soft brush to make-up look natural.

The lower eyelid is very carefully fed by a small amount of medium brown shadows. To make the eyes appear larger, the line can be extended at the outer corner of the eye.

Eyelashes are emphasized chocolate or black mascara with a glossy shine. This eye makeup requires very light lips in a neutral range and a minimum amount of rouge.

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