Custard cream

There are many options for this cream.

Custard cream

I want to offer you my. It always turns out, a very simple recipe! The main thing is to observe all the nuances. Tubules, baskets. It is not possible to imagine without this cream!

Egg whites are often used in cooking. Proteins, whipped to persistent peaks with sugar, baked in the oven and turn into meringues, or meringue.

Refined sugar has a completely white color, sometimes even rendering blue.

Water, or hydrogen oxide, under normal conditions is a clear liquid, without taste, color or smell.

Lemon is the fruit of the lemon tree, belongs to a large family of rutaceans, and is a close relative of lime, orange, kumquat, tangerine and other fruits from the genus of citrus.

Hello, and children can be his little? Is it dangerous? Solmanela and

Hello, yes, you are right. Hot syrup kills everything, do not worry. # 128591;

Tell me, please, if you decorate a cake with such cream in the evening, will it all continue until the evening of the next day?

And how do you plan to decorate? It seems to me that it is better to decorate yet on the day of filing. This cream keeps its shape, but in a day it can float. I would not risk it.

Can I whip the cream in a food processor?

And could you give a link to the recipe for puff puff?

Custard cream

I usually use ready-made puff pastry. So I will not give a reference. # 128550; But the site has a search and I am sure you can easily find what you are looking for. # 127803;

Natasha, thank you for the tip # 128516; I have long dreamed of baking tubules, I even collect cardboard tubes from foil and film rolls for this business # 128515; (spied on our site)). Now be sure to bake! # 128150; a wonderful recipe for cream # 128523;

Vika, glad to be useful! # 128536; I’m on this recipe all the time stuffing tubes! # 128523; # 128523; Therefore, the problem with unused yolks is acute! pooh_lol pooh_lolNow, in Hussarsky cookies, I will let them in, found a way out! # 128522;

Natashenka, took off the photo # 128522; did the tubules with your cream, it worked out perfectly # 128523; 10 tubes of cream turned out to be a lot of Pts, he did not want to persist and flowed, so I had to throw away # 128530; # 127802;

Vikulya, thanks for such a beautiful photo report! # 127801; # 128536; Yes, for 10 tubes of cream a lot. Usually I bake on a whole baking sheet – it is somewhere around 15-18 tubes and then the cream is at the very end. It is a pity that we had to throw away the cream, we just eat the rest with a spoon if something remains. It is difficult to keep it, because there is no gelatin or other preservative in it. All naturing pooh_lol pooh_lol Glad you liked the cream. # 128525;

Custard cream

You know the tubes were so liked and disappeared so fast that I now regret that you didn’t do a double portion of the dough # 128527; but she was also afraid that the cream in the tubes themselves would float, but everything worked out and the cream retained its volume and consistency # 128525; # 128536;

Yes, everything is OK in the tubes. But at the bottom of the bowl of whipped cream a little liquid sometimes accumulates. I just try it there and leave # 128518; Vikulya, I am very, very pleased that you so highly appreciated the cream. It really is delicious! # 128523; # 128523;

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