Cream simple

Simple biscuit recipe with photos

  1. eggs – 5 pieces
  2. flour – 1 cup
  3. sugar – 1 cup
  1. butter – 250 g
  2. milk – 150 g
  3. icing sugar – 200 g
  4. vanillin – 1 sachet

I decided to make a classic biscuit.

And I did it. I share this recipe with you.

What we need: 5 eggs, 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of flour. A glass for me (and as I understand it in Slavic cooking) is a classic faceted glass for 250 ml of liquid. I have beautiful glasses at home with the same volume (checked).

Cream simple

Beat eggs with a mixer, gradually adding sugar. Mass will gradually increase. Whipping with a mixer is whipping with whips. I have a powerful mixer and it took 5-7 minutes to beat eggs with sugar. The mass increases gradually and in the end will be more than the original volume of 3-4 times.

The egg mass for biscuit should be viscous and white. In some recipes they write that you need to beat about 30 minutes. If with your hands, then no less accurate. But if there were no technology, my impulse “and I’ll make a biscuit cake” would have passed quickly. It is very monotonous and long. But 20 years ago, all these miracle cakes were prepared by hands)))

Now take the sifted and measured flour (1 cup) and gently mix in the sponge cake. Knead with a spatula to mix gently. Since the real sponge cake is prepared without soda, the dough is raised precisely by well-beaten eggs.

As experts say: many bubbles form in them.

Cream simple

Cooking form for baking. First, take the one that has a split board.

And the second: from parchment paper cut a circle the size of the bottom of the form.

Put the bottom of the paper and sprinkle the bottom with flour.

Pour into a baking dish. Flour must be very well mixed. Therefore, I once again thoroughly knead with a spatula right in shape.

And so that after baking on a biscuit a “slide” does not form (an uneven top layer, which is then difficult to put into the cake) – we cover the form with foil. Apparently, when the biscuit in the center begins to come up strongly, the foil does not allow it to “crawl out” and “sucks in”. This is important because the biscuit is usually cut into cakes, which should be the same.

The foil can be slightly greased with butter, so that in case of raising the biscuit to the foil, it will then easily depart.

By the time the biscuit is put in the oven, it should be well warmed up. Therefore, I turn it on before I start beating the sponge cake.

Temperature – 180 degrees. Bake 30 minutes.

Reduce the temperature to 160-170 and bake another 30 minutes.


After 1 hour, turn off the oven and let the biscuit cool. You can take out, and you can let it cool right in the oven.

Removed and shifted to a towel or flat plate.

Cut into cakes.

I have with diameter shape 26 cm, turned out to be

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