Cream of mushroom soup recipe

Cream soup is a kind of cream soup. The recipe for cream soup is not much different from the recipe for cream soup, except that in the recipe for cream soup, a larger percentage is cream or milk. For the preparation of soup-cream products are also pre-boiled, crushed, then add or broth, or milk, or cream. In order to make the cream cream, for example, from vegetables thicker, flour is added to it, which is pre-fried in butter, and then carefully diluted with liquid. Choose a recipe and cook a delicate cream soup with a creamy taste, which is not ashamed to cook for the holiday.

Cauliflower Cream Soup

For lunch it is good to make a light cauliflower cream soup with tomatoes and other vegetables. Despite the fact that the soup is a vegetable, the dish turns out not only delicious, but also hearty. However, due to the successful composition of the components, the soup goes low-calorie.

Crecy carrot puree soup

The French believe that the most delicious carrot in the world grows in the Cresi region. That is why they called their famous carrot-puree soup “Kresi”. But the British traditionally eat this soup on the anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Crecy, which was during the century.

Celery soup for weight loss

Celery is adored by connoisseurs of culinary and lovers of low-calorie lovers who are obsessed with overweight. And it is right! Soup from celery root turns out both tasty and healthy. Of course, you can exclude cream from the recipe, making the soup still bol.

Fennel Cream Soup

The fennel pulp is juicy and crunchy, which is difficult to compare with any other vegetable. Fennel is eaten raw, added to salads, stewed, served with meat and fish dishes in the form of a side dish and sauce. And also prepare light and healthy soups. Especially pop.

Cream of broccoli and green beans

Stunning thick cream soup of broccoli and green beans will appeal to all lovers of vegetable soups. The soup is just perfect for a full meal. One of the advantages of the recipe is the simplicity and speed of cooking. Only 30-40 minutes and appetite.

Tomato cream soup with fish

Many housewives are cool enough to treat fish as a base for soup. It seems that apart from fish broth soup, nothing can be cooked. However, it is not. Fish goes well with both creamy taste and tomato. We offer recipe tomato.

Creamy Velvet Soup with Chanterelles

For cream soup velieute with chanterelles first prepare rou (roux). It is such a well warmed up, to a pleasant creamy flour in butter. The French so often do to make the soups velvety. Chanterelles are simply fried in a creamy mas.

Summer soup with champignons and green peas

Everyone knows that food must be balanced. And in summer, keeping balance is easier than ever. For example, make a cream soup with mushrooms and green peas in this recipe. No thickeners, at least fat, without milk and cream. Simply.

Cream of mushroom soup recipe

Creamy courgette cream soup

A successful recipe for a delicate soup-mashed zucchini with cream and cheese. Cheese can be taken any – durum, processed or, like me, with blue mold cheese. Instead of broth, you can boil zucchini in water. .

Cauliflower puree soup (veloute or dubarry soup)

The recipe for cauliflower puree soup is attributed to the favorite of King Louis XV – Countess Du Barry. Hence the second name of this cream soup. They say that it was thanks to her that cauliflower dishes appeared at the French court. Prosciutto soup recipe.

Cream soup with tomato and carrot cream

Creamy cream soup with tomato and carrot is recommended to be served with garlic, croutons, sour cream and greens. Puree soups are very nutritious, the body absorbs quickly and easily. This soup is prepared according to the technology of a professional cookbook 1957.

Celery Soup

Soup of celery puree is not quite the usual taste, but I’m sure you will like this new taste. Cream softens the taste of celery, and the potato adds thickness. Otherwise, everything is as usual – a delicate, thick cream soup that can replace lunch.

Olive and olive puree soup

The soup of mashed olives and olives is a light soup in all respects, both in cooking and in calories. Suitable as a starter before the main hot dish. Cream soup served hot with pieces of garlic baguette. I poured from a jug to each guest in soups.

Spicy Pumpkin Cream Soup

Spicy pumpkin puree soup is a traditional autumn dish. Pumpkin goes well with cream and spices. Cardamom, cinnamon and a small amount of sugar will add a completely new flavor to the cream soup, and turmeric add brightness. .

Chickpea Soup with Baked Vegetables

Their chickpea soup with baked vegetables can be cooked on water, and then it is suitable for vegetarians and fasting people, or in meat broth (preferably beef). For chickpea soup, you need to soak in advance for the night, adding a little soda to the water, or cook the soup from ready to.

Pumpkin cream soup with honey and thyme

Pumpkin cream soup with honey and thyme For the soup, we chose the Butter nut variety pumpkin, which is distinguished by a small number of seeds. Another added onion, garlic clove, thyme, honey, and for those who like it hotter – chilli pods. To give the soup.

Green Pea Soup

Vegetables can be cooked excellent soup puree in just 20 minutes, because the vegetable components do not require long preparation. Soups with the consistency of mashed potatoes are easily digested, and also they can feel full and baud much longer than ordinary dishes.

Zucchini puree soup with tomatoes and ravioli

One zucchini was lying in the fridge for a week, I couldn’t think of what I would like to make more of it. I decided to send him to the soup. Yummy.

Creamy cabbage cream soup with green chips

I offer you a lightly prepared and full of vitamins soup made from curly kale with cream.

Cream soup of mushrooms

Autumn mushrooms, despite the unsightly appearance, some of the most fragrant and delicious mushrooms. They are easy to assemble,

Beet cream soup with celery and cloves

It’s no secret that I adore celery. And because it is tasty and, especially, because it is a “calorie burner”. Accidentally I got on the Internet a review of the Lenten menu of metropolitan restaurants. And there was such a dish – beet cream with celery and cloves.

Chicken liver cream soup

Chicken liver cream can be made into creamy soup. Everything is very simple: the liver is fried with onions, poured with water, potatoes are added, cooked until ready, and then mashed and poured cream. If desired, potatoes can be replaced with mushrooms, n.

Broccoli Cream Soup

Simple creamy broccoli cream soup. Do not ignore garlic manipulations,

Pumpkin soup with caramelized onions and cinnamon

Cream of mushroom soup recipe

The recipe for thick pumpkin puree soup, in which the combination of caramelized onions, ground nutmeg and cinnamon gives a special taste and aroma. And no cream! .

Cream of olives and olives

I offer you a quick soup with a light and delicate, creamy taste and pleasant salinity. To this soup, I recommend to serve a glass of dry dry with a floral aroma of wine Tommasi Adorato Appassionato (2013).

Mushroom soup with garlic

This cream soup with porcini mushrooms, cream and garlic is just something. I advise you to try it. I fumbled with garlic, as described in the recipe of Gordon Ramsay, arguing that all these dances with tambourines are completely superfluous. And no! Great way to add.

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