Cream of broccoli cream soup

It happens that meat broths and soups get bored, but you want something legible and at the same time as useful as possible. Try to cook a dietary recipe at least once – cream of broccoli cream. This dish has a light green spring color and will delight you not only with simple cooking, but also with a gentle, refreshing taste. But first you should learn a little about the main ingredient of this dish – broccoli.

Cream of broccoli cream soup

Broccoli – what is it

There are few people who have never heard of broccoli, but those who tasted it are a hundred times smaller. The fact is that the opponents of too good nutrition position any recipe with broccoli as something nasty and nasty to the taste. This view of this vegetable is reflected in many films and cartoons, where broccoli is ridiculed by heroes of all ages.

It is safe to say that such an attitude towards broccoli is unfair and comes largely from those who have never eaten it. In truth, this vegetable is very tasty and healthy, not for nothing that the recipe for dishes from it has become almost a symbol of healthy eating. So, what is this super strong?

Broccoli is a type of cabbage that resembles a cauliflower, but differs from it in the density of inflorescences and color – in broccoli it is dark green or purple. The amount of nutrients in a vegetable just rolls over. This cabbage should be included in your personal list of products, because:

  • it contains easily digestible protein, the amount of which in it exceeds the indicators of asparagus and spinach;
  • It contains vitamins, minerals and acids: B, PP, E, carotene, folic acid, ascorbic acid, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and others;
  • anti-inflammatory, stimulating and antioxidant effects on the body, thereby showing powerful anti-cancer properties;
  • It is a good means of preventing atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular pathologies, thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids in it;
  • fiber, found in great abundance in broccoli, helps to establish the digestive process, protecting against gastrointestinal ulcers and dysbiosis;
  • steamed broccoli qualitatively reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood;
  • Vitamin K, which is quite a lot in broccoli, helps the body absorb and properly distribute vitamin D, which is of great importance for those seeking to lose weight;
  • The high content of carotene derivatives (carotenoids) helps improve vision and protects it from serious disorders, such as cataracts.

The benefits of broccoli cabbage are obvious. With all these advantages, broccoli also has a rich, recognizable taste. This taste remains bright with any kind of processing, in any dishes, be it stew or broccoli cream soup.

Cream of broccoli cream soup

Creamy broccoli cream soup

Familiarity with broccoli should be noted cooking dishes from it. Today it will be an unusual recipe – cream of broccoli with cream.

Cooking time – from 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Cooking for 4-6 people.

Cream of broccoli cream soup

To cook the cream soup, you need a little. The recipe requires the following components:

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