Cream for stretch marks during pregnancy

The most important period in the life of any woman is concern for the well-being of the developing child. At this time, we should not forget about ourselves, because the body overload during pregnancy affects the future mother’s state of health. A common problem for pregnant women is the appearance of stretch marks. They spoil the appearance of the body, because of them, many women complex. Doctors recommended the use of special cosmetics to avoid stretch marks.

Why do women have stretch marks during pregnancy

While carrying a child, the skin on the abdomen of a woman is strongly stretched. Because of this, unwanted stretch marks appear. The skin of many women can not cope with the load, connective tissue on the abdomen begins to stretch. With the help of sunburn the defect is not hidden, but even more is detected. In medicine, stretch marks are called stretch marks. When they appeared on the body of a woman after carrying a child, various miracle remedies will not help. Therefore, in order not to fight them, it is necessary to prevent their occurrence.

What factors influence the appearance of striae on the body of a woman:

  1. Heredity. You cannot escape from heredity, so skin care needs special care during pregnancy.
  2. It is necessary to control excess weight, you need to eat only healthy food. These measures will help prevent the occurrence of striae.
  3. Treason hormonal changes. Many girls notice stretch marks immediately after childbirth. This can be explained by the restructuring of the body’s hormonal background. If you use hormone pills for infertility, then striae occur as a side effect.
  4. Weight gain. This factor refers to those that can affect a woman. During pregnancy, many girls experience excessive appetite or they have a desire to eat a lot of food. Many women, when they bear fruit, do not deny themselves anything. But despite this, weight gain must be controlled. In order not to gain excess weight, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables.
  5. Homemade food must be properly cooked so that it has fewer calories. When pregnancy is necessary to walk a lot, it will help not only not to gain excess weight, but also have a favorable effect on the development of the fetus.
  6. Lack of nutrition. If the body of a pregnant woman does not receive the necessary micronutrients and vitamins, then this is a dangerous factor for the occurrence of stretch marks. With active development, the fetus takes all the beneficial elements from the mother, so the skin is exposed to undesirable effects. Due to these factors, deterioration of the skin of the pregnant woman can be observed. Acne or stretch marks can occur on her body and face.

It is difficult to predict in advance, Stretch marks will appear or not. Many women after pregnancy notice many stretch marks on their abdomen, while for other women, the skin remains the same as it was before giving birth. During pregnancy, efforts should be made to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks.

If striae appeared on the body of a woman, then later they can be removed only by laser skin polishing or surgically. A pregnant woman should be safe, applying necessary cosmetics to prevent striae.

What should be included in the remedy for stretch marks

What should be part of the cream to prevent stretch marks? No experiments can be performed on yourself during pregnancy.. Before applying any cosmetic, you must carefully review its composition. As a rule, lotion or cream is used to prevent pregnancy. Many pregnant women have limited finances, so it is not always possible to buy luxury cosmetics. Because the article will be dismantled cream budget options. Almost all stretch creams have the same composition:

  1. Retinol – it is good for skin problems. It belongs to the group of vitamins A. The element is actively involved in cellular renewal. Thanks to retinol, the skin is quickly restored. This element is included in all cosmetics to combat dermatological problems. That is why it is often included in the cream to prevent stretch marks. Retinol is naturally occurring or similar. The analogue of natural retinol is retinoids.
  2. Collagen is a natural binding protein. If there is a shortage in the body of a pregnant woman, the skin condition is poor. Collagen increases the elasticity of the skin and also eliminates the gap between the cells of the skin.
  3. Hyaluronic acid – many women have heard about it. It is part of many expensive cosmetics. Hyaluronic acid actively moisturizes the skin and softens it. Thanks to her, moisture is retained within the cells of the epidermis. If it is part of the cosmetic, then you can not worry about the elasticity of the skin.
  4. The cream of stretch marks can include aloe vera extract or fruit acids.
  5. Natural oil – it is necessary to nourish and moisturize the upper epidermis of the skin. Due to the use of natural oil in the composition of the cream, additional resistance to the appearance of stretch marks is formed.
  6. It is necessary to select cosmetics that contain papaya, olive oil, cinnamon, cocoa butter, grape seed and wheat germ oil.
  7. Vitamin complex – cream for pregnant women from stretch marks should include vitamins. Thanks to them, the skin is formed protection from harmful environmental factors. Vitamins are considered excellent antioxidants. Thanks to them, the skin looks young much longer, accelerates cell metabolism. Vitamin complex in the composition of a cosmetic product provides support for the immune system of the skin.
  8. Natural extracts – they are included in the composition of almost all stretch cream.

For pregnant women, products containing green tea, cosmetic chamomile or seaweed extract are recommended.

When a suitable cream is selected, it must be properly applied. Many negative reviews have been written on the Internet about the use of some cosmetic product due to the fact that the instructions were not followed.

The best creams for stretch marks

Cream for stretch marks for pregnant women, which one is better? Such a question worries many pregnant women.. By choosing a cosmetic product must be approached consciously, you can not fall for the tricks of advertising or buy a cream because of the beautiful packaging. Before you buy a cosmetic product, it is necessary to study its composition and read reviews on the Internet. When pregnancy is necessary to use the most safe and useful cream for stretch marks.

Products must be purchased in specialized stores or a pharmacy. If a woman decided to purchase cosmetics through an online store, then you need to ensure a positive reputation of the supplier. Such information will be needed by the woman for the further order of children’s cosmetics.

The best creams for stretch marks, TOP-10

  1. Avent. This tool is very popular in European cities. It has the effect against cellulite. In Russia, it costs from 900 p. The tool scored the maximum amount of positive feedback among other creams from stretch marks.
  2. Chicco Donna Mama. This cosmetic product has a positive effect on the skin, after its use, the skin becomes supple and moisturized. The cost in Russian pharmacies starts from 450 p.
  3. Mama Comfort. Cream for stretch marks has an excellent composition, it is hypoallergenic. After its application, the elasticity of the skin is increased. It has an affordable price of 300 rubles.
  4. 9 months. Cream for stretch marks after childbirth. He helps a woman fight the already formed striae. It has a unique and natural composition. This cosmetic line includes baby skin care products. Cream retail costs from 350 p.
  5. Mustella. The cream helps to effectively deal with striae. With it, the litters become less visible. And also the cream fights against the scars that have already appeared. In stores and pharmacies, it costs from 950 p.
  6. Pregnacare. The cream has a good consistency, it includes only natural elements. The cream fights not only with striae, but also improves the elasticity and moisture of the skin during pregnancy. The tool in retail costs from 560 p.
  7. Vichy. This brand of cosmetics is popular with many women. The brand has recently begun to produce stretch marks cream. The composition of the cosmetic product includes thermal water Vichy. The cream has a unique and effective composition. In retail, the product costs from 1600 p.
  8. Sanosan. This tool has an environmentally friendly composition. It can be used as a cosmetic to prevent striae. It can also be used as a protection and nourishment for the skin. Price from 370 p.
  9. Bepanten. This cosmetic product is successfully used to care for the skin of a child. Also, it can be used by pregnant women as a preventive measure for the development of striae. When a woman starts a breastfeeding period, Bepantin can be used as a remedy for cracking nipples. Cream price 300 p.
  10. Bio Oil. The cream is suitable for dry skin, because it is composed of various oils. The tool perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin of a pregnant woman. It absorbs quickly. The composition of the cream includes environmental ingredients, the cream is very effective. In pharmacies, this cosmetic product is from 750 r.

When choosing a cream from striae, you can consult with a gynecologist. The doctor will tell you which brand is best to use and how to apply the cream with the greatest efficiency. Attentive to the choice of cream To prevent striae, women who are carrying twins or who have large fruit should approach.

What rules must be followed when using cream for stretch marks

The cosmetic should be applied before the growth of the abdomen. When applied lotion from stryi, skin elasticity increases. Thus, the skin is prepared for a large load. You can not use simple cosmetics, you need to use only those that are marked "for pregnant women."

If you do not stick to this point, then there may be a risk for the child. Cream for stretch marks should be used regularly. This is very important, because if the cosmetic is rarely used, the elasticity of the skin does not improve. Some creams for stretch marks are recommended to be used twice a day. Moisturizer should be used to prevent dry skin. If the skin of a pregnant woman is too dry, There may be a risk of dry striae.

Cosmetic cream for stretch marks is available for dry and oily skin. If a pregnant woman has dry skin, then she is recommended to use an oil or cream. And if the skin is oily, then you need to apply milk, gel or emulsion. If preventive cosmetic products did not help, and the woman notices marks on her tummy, then you need to resort to the cream for scars.

How to deal with stretch marks at home

When a woman carries a fruit, It is recommended to use natural products as cosmetics, which do not have excess fragrances and emulsifiers. To avoid allergies on the skin, it is necessary to test it on a small area of ​​skin before applying a cosmetic product. Essential oils should not be used during pregnancy., which have a strong smell. These include citrus and coniferous oils. Neutral ways of dealing with striae are most suitable during pregnancy.

It is recommended to apply:

To the cosmetic cooked at home, had the greatest effect, it is allowed to add essential oils of sandalwood, lavender, tea tree, ginger, calendula and ylang – ylang. If during the use of the cream there are discomfort on the skin, then its use should be abandoned.

The use of folk remedies in the fight against striae

The most effective have:

  1. Seaweed.
  2. Chamomile decoction.
  3. Aloe juice

These elements must be alternated, to reduce visible signs of scarring after childbirth. Homes can be made scrubs, which include ground coffee, sugar, salt or soda. This composition helps not only polish the skin, but also nourishes it. Homemade scrub is recommended to use no more than two times in 7 days.

After the skin scrubbing procedure must be lubricated with a nourishing cream. At home you can make a cream with the inclusion of mummy. It is necessary to dissolve 2 tablets of the product in warm water, then the composition is mixed with children’s cream. Cosmetic must be used every day.

During pregnancy, every woman should lead a correct lifestyle, you can not use fast food products also fried and too spicy food. It is necessary to load the body promerynyh physical loads. It is very difficult to get rid of stretch marks, therefore it is necessary to prevent their occurrence. To do this, you must use a comprehensive care, which will help the skin to restore the aesthetic appearance.

The use of oils, creams, emulsions against stretch marks helps to soften and protect the skin of a pregnant woman. If you properly use cosmetics from stretch marks, then ugly scars will never appear on the tummy of a woman after giving birth.

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