Cream depilatory for bikini area

Choosing between a razor and a cream, many people prefer the second method of depilation. What are its advantages and how to choose a suitable tool? Let’s find out.

Pros and cons of different methods of depilation of the bikini area

On the one hand, we all want to achieve smoothness and slow down hair growth, and on the other, avoid pain and irritation in the bikini area. Razor is the simplest and painless method of hair removal, but the result of such depilation is too short: the bristles appear the very next day.

Depilatory cream has a much longer lasting effect. This is a fairly simple method, the main advantage of which is the absence of irritation. Depilatory cream for bikini contains special chemical elements that soften and destroy the hair structure. That is why it is enough just to apply the cream on the intimate area and after a couple of minutes remove it with a special spatula along with the hair. Be careful, if you want to use this method for deep bikini depilation, not all products are safe for use in this sensitive area.

Depilatory creams for bikini area

Pay attention to those tools that are marked that they are suitable for depilation in the bikini area. These creams do not irritate sensitive skin and contain moisturizing ingredients.

Some depilatory creams for the bikini zone can influence the growth rate of hair: choose inhibiting agents that contain lemon, walnut or papaya oil in their composition. They not only help to effectively cope with unwanted vegetation, but also moisturize the skin, prevent ingrown hairs and slow down hair growth in the future.

The formulation of this product contains natural gums and beeswax, enriched with extracts of vanilla and calendula, known for their nourishing, softening and antioxidant properties. Professional salon wax VOX provides easy and effective depilation, even with short hairs. Ideal for use on the face, underarms and bikini lines. The skin remains smooth for 4 weeks. Can be used without wax strips. Exclusively presented in the chain of cosmetics stores "Girlfriend".

Price: from 245 p.

One of the most popular depilatories, which has a fast and effective action. Easy to use, this cream softens and soothes the skin after hair removal. Spatula included. The advantage of this tool is cost effectiveness, it lasts for a long time, since Veet needs to be applied with a thin layer. By the way, the tool can also be found in the form of a spray.

Cream depilatory for bikini area

Price: about 450 rubles.

Sally hansen

Slightly more expensive product that is suitable for very sensitive skin. Contains moisturizing ingredients that make the process, if not pleasant, then at least comfortable. In addition to the cream in the set, you will find a comfortable brush applicator.

Cream depilatory for bikini area

Price: about 650 rubles

Eveline 9 in 1

Budget depilation remedy, which, as the manufacturers assert, has 9 effective hair removal characteristics at once. A working tool, but with a specific smell that may not be suitable for everyone.

Price: about 150 rubles.

The composition of any means must include oils and other emollients (for example, extracts from aloe or chamomile). Many also have a cooling effect (look for menthol). With a depilatory cream for the bikini area, hair removal at home is quick and easy.

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