Bi bi cream

Blemish Balm Cream or abbreviated BB-cream literally translates as "balm for deficiencies." Its consistency is similar to makeup base, and the properties of bi-bi cream have much more than a tonal tool. According to the promises of manufacturers, with the help of this cream you can achieve the perfect tone of the face.

Bi bi cream

After applying all the flaws are masked, the skin is moisturized, BB-cream protects it from the harmful effects of environmental factors and has a rejuvenating effect. Is it really and what BB cream to choose? About this below.

How to apply and wash off BB cream?

BB cream is applied, as well as the usual tonal basis, on clean skin, pre-moistened with lotion. Slapping movements with the ring fingers means evenly applied and distributed over the entire surface of the face. If necessary, powder is applied on top.

Upon contact with water, hydrophilic oil turns into cleansing milk, which gently affects the face. Using such a cosmetic, the problem of clogged pores will not appear.

To remove the remnants of BB-cream, you need to apply a little hydrophilic oil on dry skin, massage it with your fingers, add a little water, rub it again, and then rinse off as usual.

How to choose?

By skin type. To pick up BB-cream is necessary in accordance with the type of skin of the girl. There are creams for dry, normal, oily skin, as well as with shine and matting effects.

In composition. When buying funds also pay attention to the composition. You should not give preference to unknown firms – then the risks of side effects and a negative reaction from the skin will be minimal.

Consumer reviews praise Korean products, since initially BB-cream appeared in Asia – they pay enough attention to cosmetics there. But the compositions may still differ.

Naturalness When buying BB-cream, you need to pay attention to the naturalness of the components of the product and the absence of silicones in it, especially if the cream will be used daily.

Disadvantages and possible side effects

Manufacturers are positioning this product as a dozen of funds in one tube. But is it really good, and does it really replace all the products in a cosmetics bag?

BB-cream will not have the same effect on young skin and skin in need of anti-aging care, which requires enhanced nutrition and recovery. Masks, serums and competent professional care, helping to maintain the youth of the skin, BB-cream will not replace. Although it can be a good helper for adult women, masking fine wrinkles and other age-related changes.

For girls with excessively dehydrated skin, BB cream can increase discomfort and cause peeling of the epidermis. Therefore, the primary task is to restore the water balance, and only then you can use the “masking balm”.

For oily skin, BB Cream is often great; it really hides flaws and acne. But the balm is a decorative cosmetics, not a therapeutic drug, so it will hide acne, but will not cure it.

Often, such tools require integrated use with other products of the same series. Manufacturers often indicate this on packaging, and this is not a marketing ploy. Before applying BB-cream, it is better to use cleansing lotions and tonics of the same line, especially for Asian cosmetic brands.

Side effects when using BB creams can cause components in their composition, namely:

Nylon – This is a synthetic substance that provides a uniform application of the cream, but it is quite aggressive for sensitive skin.

Silicones – provide a durable overlapping coating of facial imperfections.

Silicates – thanks to them, the skin of the face does not sweat under such a “rubber mask” of nylon and silicone. They are used in deodorants and work as sweat gland blockers, as well as have a whitening effect on the skin.

Water repellent polymer. Included in the cream to repel moisture. Such exactly the polymer is part of the gel sanitary pads.

In addition to these components, BB-creams contain talcs and clays, clogging pores, plastics and thickeners. It is not known how the skin of a particular consumer will react to such a chemical mixture, so for girls with sensitive skin that are prone to allergic reactions, it is better to avoid BB creams.

The most famous products of the BB cream market

The range of BB creams is huge. But the most popular and purchased products, according to the representatives of the weaker sex, are: Garenier, L’Oreal, Pure Line and Missha. The first 3 representatives of European production, and Missha – Korean.

The advantage of BB-cream from the Pure Line is an affordable price compared to the other options offered. The tool is positioned as the most natural, in the production of which natural components are used. Only here the obvious effect of an inexpensive cream should not be expected!

Garnier and L’Oreal have long maintained sales leadership due to high product quality and availability. But again, not everyone is suitable these tools.

Bi bi cream

A more prestigious, and accordingly expensive product from Missha has a lot of positive feedback from the representatives of the weaker sex, but the price is not affordable for everyone. BB-cream from Missha, by the way, is not always in the sale of conventional cosmetic stores, but it can be purchased on the official website of a Korean company.

BB-cream is not able to solve all the problems of the skin, as advertising screams about it, but it nourishes and tints it well. The main thing – to apply cosmetics, and more importantly – wash. That’s when problems with clogged pores will not arise.

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