Autumn Makeup 2019

Autumn makeup 2017 is a clear line, dark colors and the lack of fear to experiment with appearance.

If you like bright makeup and are not afraid to try something new, this season you will feel just great. In addition, in the fashionable autumn make-up you no longer need to own the mother of the shade – you just need to be able to draw clear lines.

Moderate shine

In the fall of 2017, you need to keep a balance between matte skin and a healthy glow on it. So, use a cushion and powder only fat areas or select the necessary areas with a highlighter over matte skin.

The main thing, remember that the face should maintain a balance, and also note that in modern make-up contouring is done with the help of rouge, and not corrective means.


In the autumn make-up 2017, do not be afraid to use contrasting accents: black arrows and red lips, gray eye makeup and bright pink lips.

In addition to the classic contrasting pairs, do not be afraid to experiment. For example, you can "play" with gray lips or a red arrow paired with dark gray shadows.

Forget about shading. In the autumn of 2017, clear lines are in trend. You can safely apply the same color shadow on the entire eyelid and leave the border.

This version of the makeup looks somewhat unusual, but it perfectly harmonizes with the image of a free and independent girl, to which many of us aspire.

“Kissed lips”

As for the makeup of the lips, then in this issue of clear boundaries you need to forget. In the fall of 2017 in fashion – the effect of “kissed lips”, when lipstick or gloss come out a little on the contours of the lips and smoothly merge with the skin.

To create such an effect on the lips, it is important to choose a quality lipstick that will not spread.

Photo: Youtube, Pinterst

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Autumn Makeup 2019
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