Anti wrinkle cream reviews

A simple way to beat aging and remove wrinkles.

  • Restores skin texture;
  • It gives the skin an excellent appearance;
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes;
  • Reduces the likelihood of large pores on the skin.

On the consistency and smell, it reminds me of cosmetic unrefined coconut oil, but it acts much more efficiently. In addition, unlike oils, it can be applied daily, without fear of drying out the skin and clogging of the pores, despite being absorbed for a long time. Therefore, I apply it in the evening, before going to bed, on previously cleansed skin. It is not worth waiting for whitening and smoothing the tone of the face, but it does well to tighten the oval of the face, neck and smoothing facial wrinkles. Of course, subject to regular use, and not from time to time. And the presence of propolis and bee venom eliminates not only pimples and inflammation, but also minor acne scars.

I use it not every day, as recommended by the manufacturer, but 2-3 times a week, but the result is no worse. Because at first I thoroughly steam out my face, then I clean my face with a mask-film, and already on top I put on a cream for the night. With this method, it penetrates the layers of the epidermis better than just after washing and, therefore, works more efficiently. I apply not only on the face, but also on the neck. In less than a month, the skin has changed: it was tightened, it became more elastic, the contour of the face and neck is clear, nowhere does nothing sag. I also like the fact that the cream, unlike many of its fellows, can be applied to the area around the eyes – it copes well with the crow’s feet.

Anti wrinkle cream reviews

Cream wax helped me to remove fine wrinkles, and deep ones smoothed considerably. As a result, I began to look younger by a couple of years. After using the cream, the skin becomes very soft and smooth. True, fast results should not be expected: I saw the first changes only after two weeks. Now I have already bought the second jar and I do not plan to change this cream. The only negative is not very convenient packaging. It would be better if it was a tube from which the cream was squeezed out, and you have to put your fingers in a jar each time, and this is not entirely hygienic.

Ordered cream, as a means of daily facial. Cream wax turned out to be too thick and thick for me, so I decided to use it as a mask 3 times a week. I put it on my face for the night and do not wash it off. A lot of product can not be applied, since the consistency is quite dense, but it is easily distributed. The cream nourishes the skin overnight. I like the effect. My skin smoothed noticeably, the complexion improved, the relief evened out a little. It works due to deep nutrition, hydration. The cream also promotes cell renewal, which has a beneficial effect on reducing the severity of wrinkles.

I would even say that he is overly greasy. Therefore, I use it as a mask, no matter how strange it sounds. A couple of times a week I first make a cleansing mask based on clay, it dries the skin very much. At such moments cream Zdorov perfectly solves the problem. I apply it evenly over the entire face, especially carefully spreading it on the skin of the eyelids and below and above, the eyes do not pinch, so do not be afraid. The cream has a waxy texture, therefore it does not flow and drip. You can walk with him at least half a day, but the skin gets tired. Usually I have enough for half an hour. Then I wash the sponge soap and wash it off. Cream washed off badly, cold water will not take. Therefore, turn on the hot. After such a procedure, the skin is perfectly steamed, all black dots are cleaned with a sponge and soap. After washing, I take the ice and rub it. It turns out such a mini spa salon. I’m happy! The skin over the last couple of weeks has changed, I can not say that I have thrown off 15 years, but five for sure. I believe that if you use the cream as a supplement to a competent cleansing of the skin, the results will not keep you waiting. The jar is small and this is the only minus that I noticed. I got used to huge jars of 200 ml, and here is such a baby!

Of course, it will not replace plastic surgery, but as a non-invasive tool it is very good. Because in practice, in cosmetic products, propolis happens in microscopic concentration, and in this cream there is a lot of it, that’s why the texture is so dense. There is also a rare component in it – bee venom, which can compete with botox and hyaluron for efficacy. The cream, slightly warming up in the palm of my hand, I put on a rather thick layer for the night and do not wash it off. In the morning, instead of water and soap, I take off alcohol-free lotion. After that, the skin does not even need day cream, it remains nourished and elastic. The result is good: for the month, small mimic wrinkles were reduced, deep nasogubki and inter-cuts began to smooth out. The complexion has become much better, fresher.

The skin of the face has ceased to please, it has become dry, dull and gray. I decided to experience the cream-wax healthy. This tool has a very pleasant, viscous texture. Perfectly removes dryness and gives a more healthy look to the face.

Before buying, I did not particularly look at the composition and did not recognize what kind of cream it was at all. Just read numerous reviews and decided that I should try. It seemed to me that the cream should be good. The composition of such a natural, Siberian, gives the old and grandmother’s recipes and herbs collected by hand. As a result, came a miniature jar, the information on the box is very small. Opened, sniffed. It smelled of pine needles, herbs and honey at the same time. At first, I didn’t even understand how I would apply it, because it is a real wax that melts only on warm skin with intense rubbing. If you distribute it well, the skin is covered with a thin layer of warm wax. This is not a light and moisturizing cream, but an absolute mask, after applying it wanted to wash. Already very fat and nutritious. So she did, directly rubbed sponge with soap and washed the skin after 40 minutes after application. But now the skin just glows, I can not use it every day, my skin is already oily. But once a week as a mask I use regularly, I do not regret buying. But the cream does not look like.

The consistence is very dense, therefore it is applied with some difficulties. However, it absorbs decently. As a cream for daily use, it seemed to me rather heavy, so I use as a mask two or three times a week. Almost every day I apply only on the outlined wrinkles (while the two vertical ones on the forehead and nasolabial folds do not please). This is where the effect is really felt, because wrinkles have for a very long time been in the status of emerging, rather than existing ones, although the miraculous disappearance has not happened either. I think it is just bee venom and subsidence that inhibits the formation of wrinkles, plus chestnut strengthens blood vessels and slightly removes puffiness, which usually contributes to the formation of wrinkles. Daughter has adapted for spot use on the places where there was a pimple (yes, it crushes them) so that a scar does not form. Not as anti-inflammatory on a purulent pimple (this is by no means), but as a regenerating one after the elimination of inflammation. He also helped to solve one traditional summer problem – dry, ugly skin on elbows. Applied on the elbows every evening, the effect after a couple of weeks. In winter, I will continue to use it as a mask, especially since there are many vitamins in beekeeping products, and in winter just good nutrition will not damage the skin.

For its price, this cream is not good enough. It allows you to get rid of small wrinkles, but even with them you need to work for almost a month. About the deep folds in the forehead area, I am silent, it is better to have a cream on them and not to waste, zero sense. But against the dark circles under the eyes helps well and most importantly – quickly. It is also effective against bags under the eyes – it resolves them in a few hours to an acceptable state, and after 2-3 days there is no trace of them. One conclusion can be made: if you are slightly over 30 and there are a couple of shallow wrinkles – this cream is the best choice, but it is better to put up with older cases and advanced cases, or save for cosmetic procedures.

Anti wrinkle cream reviews

The cream is really unusual consistency, like wax, but softer. My dry skin made friends with him from the first application. Cream well moisturizes, slightly softens. The face after application becomes taut. Small wrinkles are subject to it, but it will not remove deep ones. Well, do not expect a super-effect cream. The aging process is unfortunately not possible. The cream does not oily skin, in spite of its not very light texture. Make-up falls on him badly, so I use it only in the morning on weekends and every evening after coming back from work. I have a negative reaction to many face creams – acne appears. With cream Healthy there are no such problems. Botox will not replace, but as an additional care product is quite suitable. I have been using for 4 months, while the flight is normal.

Despite the fact that the cream has a very oily texture, it does not clog the pores, but rather narrows it. I put it before bedtime, every other day. And, as a result, now, at 30, my skin looks much better than five years ago! Small wrinkles smoothed out, the oval of the face also pulled up a little,

As far as I know, the cream consists of beeswax and propolis, which is very pleasing. The cream makes the skin nourished and elastic, it is pleasant even to touch it.

Every day, an hour before bedtime, I put on my face cream Zdorov, which is designed to save us from wrinkles. The consistency of the cream is very dense, like butter. Even a thin layer is not completely absorbed. The face becomes fat. The skin does not tighten. Allergic reaction has not yet been. Dry skin came up perfectly, peeling in the forehead and sinuses removes in two ticks. In the morning I wash my face and feel that the skin has become more elastic. It is rich in nutrients. The composition, by the way, is very bearable. Cream-wax smells nice – wood. Wrinkles are not smoothed, it is foolish to expect some super anti-aging properties from the usual herbal cream. The complexion after 2 weeks has become more rosy, alive! Good, unusual kremik. All the problems of age skin does not solve, but pleasant to use.

I’m 35, nutrition and hydration is not enough for my

I bought the cream Healthy, hoping that the natural composition will bring at least a little of my skin in order and slow down the process of fading. I read a lot of good things about bee venom in cosmetology and came to the conclusion that this cream is the right thing. As part of a lot of unique components. Get at least propolis. It not only improves blood circulation, but also helps to maintain the necessary hydro-lipid balance of the skin, which is especially important for mature skin. From wrinkles propolis right remedy. It has, among others, antiseptic properties. If you add to this the healing power of bee venom, wax and scorching, you get a very powerful composition. The tube is not large, but the flow is minimal. The procedure requires quite a bit of cream. Distributed very well. Subjectively, the cream does not smell very nice, but you can get used to it, especially the effect I was very pleased. The skin visibly tightened, a radiance appeared, the tone evened out. Wrinkles are on the spot, of course, but now they can be removed only with a tightening.

The cream is not bad, the action is more like a mask, and very high quality. I never use creams for the night, but the application during the day and at home SPA is very pleasing. By home spa, I mean skin cleansing with a scrub, some steaming (either holding over steam, or a home steam sauna), then a cream is applied on clean skin (you can add a clay mask or massage). With such an unpleasant phenomenon as a slight swelling of the face in the morning I said goodbye in the process of using the cream (there is a sin – I like to drink water and green tea in the evening). Began to use cream Healthy from wrinkles in winter, when skin nutrition is important. Since I used to carefully study the composition of cosmetics and pre-test individual tolerance, unpleasant surprises can be avoided, usually I have a good idea of ​​what I put on my face and why. This cream wax is really rich in vitamins and the usual peeling of the skin, which happens when the indoor air is dried, I did not have this winter. Resin (resin) cedar has long been used in traditional medicine for wound healing and as an antimicrobial agent, most likely its presence in the composition provided such a regenerating effect. The regenerating effect is noticeable, but rather after 30-40 days of use, if there are traces of pimples – be sure to appreciate this aspect., Especially if the skin is already mature, but still oily. Propolis extract is useful in spring and summer, when ultraviolet rays are particularly active, this substance is a good protective factor and is saturated with antioxidants. The consistency is quite pleasant, but it could be absorbed quickly. There is no greasy shine after use.

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