Anti-wrinkle cream

From a certain age, a woman cannot rely only on moisturizing and nourishing the skin of her face. To fight the signs of aging, a wrinkle cream comes to the rescue. It is known that such means – a great many. Women’s site

You pass by endless windows with beautiful jars, scroll through magazines that promise easy deliverance from all the problems associated with age-related changes, look every day advertising that also promises instant rejuvenation. Only one question arises in your head – what needs to be done to stay young for a long time?

Anti-wrinkle cream

To begin with, it would be nice to consult a specialist (dermatologist, cosmetologist) who will conduct the necessary research, evaluate the general condition of the skin, the presence of the necessary or critically missing amount of moisture in it, the overall deterioration of the skin of the face, swelling, the level of fat, dry skin, and many other indicators that are needed to select a suitable anti-aging cream.

It should be immediately noted that expect a miracle from cosmetics does not make sense, they are designed, as a rule, to maintain the skin condition at some level, but not able to bring any radical changes in the fight against wrinkles. That is, even the best wrinkle cream will not replace a rejuvenating cosmetic procedure, for example, peeling, or – plastic surgery.

What causes wrinkles

All sentient beings on Earth are subject to the aging process. Over time, not only our skin wears, but also internal organs, muscles, eyes. However, time can be forced to slow down a bit, if you know the causes of skin folds.

1. Hormonal changes.

Throughout life, the level of hormones in a woman’s body changes. From adolescence to menopause, a woman is dominated by estrogen, which regulates the menstrual cycle. By the way, these hormones are responsible for regular cell renewal, which means they prolong youth. After menopause, the amount of these hormones decreases, the skin of the woman loses its elasticity, first mimic and then deep wrinkles appear. At this age, anti-aging products should contain a small dose of hormones to restore skin elasticity.

Together with age-related changes and the loss of skin elasticity, gravity is not the best effect on our appearance. The loss of clarity of the oval face, dangling and loose skin on the face, hands, sagging chest – all this did not happen without the help of the law of the world.

3. Slow metabolism.

The secret of youthful skin lies in the rapid renewal of cells. In a young person, skin cells are divided many times faster than in an elderly person. Dying cells do not have time to update so quickly, the skin no longer looks fresh and healthy. In fact, a wrinkled face is just a skin with a slower metabolism.

4. Sun exposure.

Infrared and ultraviolet radiation have a truly detrimental effect on the skin. The sun’s rays burn the top layer of the epidermis, dehydrate the skin, and thin the skin. But that is not all. UV rays change the genetic structure of skin cells, which is why subsequent generations of cells receive this information and multiply already changed. Cells remember this information throughout a person’s life: pigment spots on the face, hands, or back of women and men are the result of active exposure to the sun in youth without the use of appropriate protective equipment. In addition, the change in DNA in the skin cells is often dangerous by the appearance and growth of cancer cells. That is why melanoma is so common in countries with high solar activity.

Types of anti-wrinkle creams

We turn to the choice of products that will best suit your skin. To do this, we draw your attention to the fact that all anti-aging creams are divided into certain groups or subgroups, depending on the active ingredient in their composition. A description of these substances and groups of selectable products will be given below.

Face peeling cream

One of the groups of anti-aging remedies is a cream based on fruit acids. It is also called – cream peeling. These funds really produce a light peeling, renew the skin, remove dead skin cells of the epidermis on your face, lighten the treated surface.

Under the influence of natural fruit acids increases the production of collagen in the skin – its structural protein. Stimulation of collagen and its necessary presence in skin cells contributes to protection against external factors – ultraviolet radiation, any mechanical effects. In addition, the promotion of such a cream to produce collagen, helps smokers to protect the skin from rapid wilting.

But do not forget about the disadvantages of such anti-aging remedies. These creams, due to the fact that they have a peeling effect, make the skin somewhat thinner, but give it an extraordinary brightness and flowering. The thinning of the epidermis makes the face sensitive to the environment and the sun. Therefore, when using peeling cream, be sure to use additional face protection when you go outside.

Anti-wrinkle cream

Cream with retinol

The next group of anti-aging products is represented by creams and serums based on retinol (vitamin A). The main active ingredient is a very powerful tool in the fight against wrinkles. Also, retinol in the composition of this cream is suitable for skin with many wrinkles, both facial and deep. These creams are intended for representatives of 35 years. However, they are not intended for young and young skin, as they simply do not need it.

Cream with vitamins E and C

Another group of anti-aging remedies is no less important in the diet for the care of aging skin – these are serums and creams, which include tocopherol, or vitamin E, and also selenium and vitamin C. Like cream with natural fruit acids, they are directed on the production of collagen, which makes the skin supple.

Also, they are shown to women whose skin can be exposed to adverse external factors, whether it be the sun’s rays, the poor ecology of the metropolis, or work in hazardous industries.

However, it must be remembered that when choosing a cream with vitamin C, you should pay attention to its composition. So, if it contains the specified vitamin in the form of ascorbyl phosphate, then this cream does not help the skin cells to recover. On the contrary, it only hurts, as ascorbyl phosphate is nothing more than ascorbic, and it is an acid, and it cannot be used on the surface of the skin. It will destroy the delicate membranes of the skin cells, and the sun’s rays easily penetrate the damaged epidermis. Always choose a cream with ascorbyl palmitate – it is a fat-soluble modification of vitamin C, which, unlike acid, protects the skin with signs of aging, and prolongs its health and beauty.

Cream with placenta

This is another cosmetic invention capable of restoring epidermal cells and returning youth to fading skin. Many women who have tried such a cream speak of its miraculous properties. And this is not surprising, because the placenta contains stem cells, and with their help, scientists have invented cosmetics that can affect skin cells from the outside.

But remember that real wrinkle cream with a placenta is expensive, and you need to buy it only from well-known cosmetic companies. Do not buy any cheap cream that mentions the placenta. Stem cells in cosmetics is an expensive technology, and it is possible to produce such products only in specially prepared laboratories under the strict supervision of doctors in sterile conditions.

Hormonal cream

Most well-known cosmetics companies produce special anti-aging lines of cleansers and hormone-based creams. Such creams contain phytohormones – herbal analogues of female hormones, and are very effective in the fight against highly fading skin.

Anti-wrinkle cream

Hormonal cream is recommended for women after 50 years, as it is most effective against deep wrinkles, and helps to improve the shape of the face. Such therapy in cosmetics is well suited for women after menopause, when there are not enough female hormones in the body. However, it should be remembered that such cosmetics is addictive, and the rejection of the used cream can lead to deterioration of the skin and even return it to its original state.

Dermatology recommendations

A woman needs to take into account many nuances while striving to preserve beauty and youth. You need a proper balanced diet, taking vitamins, trace elements, avoiding bad habits. And it would be nice for every woman to reduce the impact of external factors, such as ultraviolet rays, to give up the tanning bed, to work out the correct mode of application of cosmetics, to regularly clean and moisturize her face.

Of course, there are some rules for the use of cosmetics, which should be followed and make all the procedures for the use of anti-aging remedies regular. For example, anti-aging cream with antioxidants is suitable for morning use. Night cream should be based on retinol, or natural fruit acids.

There is an opinion of both producers and consumers that our skin has a tendency to get used to these or those means, which significantly reduces their activity, and the progress that is noticeable at the initial stage, after prolonged use, goes to "no." The conclusion is obvious – you need to change the usual cream every 3-4 months to a new one so that the skin does not have time to get used to it.

And finally, I would like to say about pricing for anti-aging products. Wrinkle cream prices vary and do not always affect quality. We advise you to choose only proven and anti-aging creams from well-known cosmetic companies.

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