Angelina Jolie’s Makeup

According to various polls, the celebrity that most women want to be like is Angelina Jolie. And, of course, it is not surprising, the beauty of this actress is admired not only by the whole world, but also by a real Hollywood handsome Brad Pitt. Jolie always looks perfect, her outfits are well thought out, and her makeup is applied delightfully, so many people dream of learning how to paint themselves so that they can be at least a little like a favorite star.

Unfortunately, and perhaps fortunately, not all nature has rewarded with such fine face shapes as that of Angelina, but this is easily remedied with the help of correctly applied makeup, you just have to learn how to do it, and you can definitely outshine even a Hollywood celebrity.

It is worth noting that the makeup of Jolie is particularly restrained, because of this she looks noble. No screaming shades and incongruous colors, she is a confident woman and therefore does not need it. All the accents beauty Jolie places according to the classics, that is, either bright makeup is present in the eyes, and her lips are rather pale, or vice versa. And, of course, this is the most win-win option. The actress has a very beautiful eye section, so she almost always emphasizes it, which also looks very advantageous. With this makeup, any lady will look truly luxurious.

Angelina Jolie’s make-up step by step: where to start?

Any make-up, including make-up like Jolie, must be started with applying a tone. With it, you can easily hide some defects on the face and even out skin color. It is worth noting that the actress almost always has very light skin, it looks very contrast compared to her dark hair. If your skin is naturally darker, you don’t need to whitewash it, just match the tonal base to your complexion.

With the help of makeup, Jolie creates a so-called “cat-eye” effect. Eyes become more expressive, attractive and even cunning, which can not fail to attract men. Make this makeup Angelina Jolie step by step and independently is not difficult, just enough to follow some important rules.

Angelina Jolie’s make-up step by step: cat eyes

First you need to do makeup to increase the eyes, to achieve this effect it is necessary to apply on the upper eyelid matte shade of brown. They should be distributed only on the mobile age, do not go beyond its borders, otherwise it will not look too natural. Also, don’t forget to shade the shadows properly. Lighter shadows should be applied to the highest point of the century. This will make your eyes as open as possible.

Further drawing of arrows follows, not everyone succeeds in this stage the first time, therefore it is necessary to train in advance. Get a thin eyeliner or a pencil, it all depends on what it is more convenient for you to draw. The main thing is that the arrows were thin. The arrow should expand only to the outer edge of the eye, watch it very carefully. But the tip of the line should be slightly bent, and this will create the effect of "cat’s eyes."

The first arrow, as a rule, is not so difficult to draw, but from the second things are worse, since it should be as similar as possible to the first one. Do not despair if after the first attempt you have to erase everything, after a while you will surely “fill in” your hand and learn how to quickly and beautifully draw arrows.

Angelina Jolie's Makeup

To emphasize the elegant eyebrow bend as in Jolie, it is necessary to slightly lighten the area under the eyebrow.

Angelina Jolie’s make-up step by step: plump lips

As for the lips, it is very important that they turn out plump, for this it is necessary to abandon the bright lipstick and use bright matte shades. On top of such a bright lipstick you can already apply gloss. For better results, you can use the gloss, which visually enlarges the lips. In addition, instead of lipstick it is possible to use foundation.

Do not forget about the contour of the lips, you must draw it strictly with a beige pencil.

Angelina Jolie’s make-up step by step: exquisite cheekbones

Another part of the face that causes jealousy to many of the fair sex is Angelina’s cheekbones. In her they are pronounced, if you do not possess such, it is quite possible to distinguish them with the help of blush, causing them below the high point of the cheekbones. So your face will get chiseled shape.

Thus, if you wish, it is quite possible to make yourself a truly Hollywood makeup.

See also a video with the process of applying makeup in the style of Angelina Jolie:

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