Alice Milano without makeup

Alice Jane Milano was born in an Italian-American family on December 19, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York. The father is Italian, music editor, mother is American, fashion designer. Popular and popular today actress, in the past no less successful singer, from a young age had a passion for tattoos. Alice Milano’s tattoos have long attracted the attention of journalists and photographers. She is incredibly popular and recognizable, thanks to the impressive tattoo adorning her body. This Alice Milano created her own special style, which many of her fans imitate. All Alice Milano’s tattoos, and she has eight of them, have their specific meaning. Some of them are related to religion – Alice Milano is an enthusiastic nature, she is interested in the philosophy of Buddhism, world religions, she loves animals very much and actively promotes vegetarianism. He also believes in astrological predictions and talismans, practices yoga and enjoys photo shooting. In 2006, the first photo exhibition of Alice was presented, which she dedicated to South Africa.

The value of Alice Milano’s tattoo

The first tattoo is a kneeling fairy on her belly. The girl made her at a young age. This sign indicates the power of fate, it defines the very life of a person.

Two other tattoos are associated with the religion of Buddhism – these are prayer beads on the right shoulder blade and the Buddhist sign “Om” on the left wrist – a symbol of the Universe, which is often used in prayer chants.

Three more tattoos are associated with romance, femininity and love: it is a tattoo just below the back in the shape of a heart, a wreath of flowers on the right ankle and an angel symbolizing unhappy love, holding a cross with SWR initials as a reminder of the former lover, on the left ankle.

The right wrist is decorated with a tattoo, symbolizing the cycle of development, birth and death. This Ouroboros is a snake biting its own tail. She appeared after Alice Milano’s trip to South America, where the future film actress dedicated herself to charity. Alice helped sick children in the hospital, for which she was awarded the “Save the world with one heart” award.

And, finally, the tattoo on the neck of Alice Milan is a magical Tibetan hieroglyph.

Alice Milano without makeup

Images of Alice Milano

In the late 1980s, Disney created the Little Mermaid cartoon, where Ariel uses the features of Alice Milano for the touching little Mermaid. The image of a little girl for a long time entrenched with Alice, and the girl had to put a lot of effort into proving that she was an adult and attractive woman and could very well be in serious art films. The acting talent, slim figure and attractive appearance, as well as a great desire and a rare gift to bring the success to the final, allow Alice Milano to overshadow the image of an “exemplary girl” and be on the 4th place in the rating among the hundred most charming and sexy women in 2001 and 2003.

Alice Milano without makeupAlice Milano without complexes refers to her appearance, quietly undresses in front of the camera and is shot in commercials, erotic thrillers and television series. Frankly bold and provocative commercials, as well as joint work with the company Candy, where Alice was engaged in advertising clothing, perfumes, products, caused a storm of indignation among the public, to which the actress said: "This is a sexual campaign, designed for a new generation, different youth enthusiasm and courage. Of course, my image is far from the romantic image of models of past years. ” Alisa’s business card can be considered a charming smile, the girl is cheerful and frank in communication – both with journalists and with her fans.

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