Age spots cream

Exposure to the strong rays of the sun provokes active melanin production, as a result of which unwanted pigment spots appear on the face. Of course, women do not feel the excitement of such a tan. In such a situation, whitening creams from pigment spots will be a real salvation.

The main thing is to believe that it is possible to return the former color and attractiveness to the face! To achieve a positive effect, it is necessary to choose the "right" whitening cream, familiarize yourself with its features and principle of action.

Indications for use

Bleaching creams are designed to remove and prevent:

  • pigment spots;
  • chloasma (hyperpigmentation due to increased production of pigment);
  • lentigo (flat spots on the body of older people who appear from frequent sun exposure);
  • freckles;
  • butterfly shaped stains;
  • acne, blackheads, hidden defects.

Such violations occur as a result of pregnancy, age-related changes, metabolic disorders, as well as when exposed to strong ultraviolet rays as a result of sunburn.

It is recommended to apply whitening cream against pigment spots daily, as the cell structure changes as a result of using the cream. Old cells die off, and new ones appear in their place. In some cases, there is an increased sensitivity to the drug.


The biological activity of bleaching agents is dictated by the membrane-protective, immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties of the main component of the drug, which affects the cells.

Use during pregnancy

During the period of pregnancy in the body of a woman there are complex changes. For example, the number of hormones, such as corticotropin and melanotropin, increases, resulting in pigment spots on the face.

To protect against increased pigmentation, you need to limit your stay in the sun, and sunscreen is recommended to be used throughout pregnancy. Doctors and cosmetologists recommend using creams with inorganic filters, which are based on titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These chemical components do not penetrate the skin and virtually eliminate allergies.

Whitening cream from age spots during pregnancy should be used with extreme caution. It is strictly prohibited to use whitening creams that contain:

  • Arbunin – herbal ingredient based on bearberry leaves;
  • Aromatic compound hydroquinone;
  • Bismuth salt;
  • Kojic acid;
  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C). A high vitamin content can trigger a fetal gene mutation.

These components are toxic and harmful to both the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. It is allowed to use bleaching creams, containing pigment spots containing:

  • Artificially synthesized rucinol;
  • Diphenyl ketone (benzophenone);
  • Lemon, glucon. and lactic acid;
  • Extract of parsley, licorice;
  • Calendula, jojoba, grape seed oil;
  • Vitamin E.

Age spots cream

When choosing a whitening cream, you should carefully study the instructions, which clearly indicate whether you can apply the cream during pregnancy. In any case, the composition of the cream should be from natural ingredients. Particular attention should be paid to the smell, which should not be too pronounced, as well as the shelf life of the drug.

Recommended whitening cream from age spots for pregnant women:

  • Mama Comfort is an ideal whitening and nourishing cream for pregnant women. The light consistency of the cream is perfectly absorbed into the skin. The drug quickly eliminates unwanted pigment spots, restores skin naturalness and natural beauty.
  • Chicco is an indispensable skin care product for pregnant women. The cream can not only get rid of age spots, but also prevents their appearance. It has protective and moisturizing properties.
  • Melanil – whitening cream designed to eliminate pigmentation on the skin. The cream is recommended for pregnant women. The positive effect is observed within 3-4 weeks. Pigment spots disappear, leaving no white spots behind.

Whitening cream against age spots should be applied with a thin layer, exclusively on the area with pigmentation. Parallel use with a phytoprotective and vitaminizing agent is recommended.

It makes no sense to limit skin care during pregnancy, the most important thing in this process is to choose the right whitening cream.


Whitening creams from pigment spots in a wide range can be found on the shelves of pharmacies and cosmetics stores. Do not rush to choose the cream you need yourself, as many products have contraindications for use. Try to get advice from a cosmetologist or a dermatologist.

Many whitening creams contain hydroquinone – a toxic organic compound that is easily oxidized. To date, the use of cosmetics with hydroquinone is prohibited throughout the world. Some companies still use this hazardous product, therefore, before using the cream, carefully read the instructions, information on the composition of the product and contraindications.

Mercury-based whitening creams are contraindicated for kidney and liver disease. The use of cream with such a composition is absolutely contraindicated for nursing mothers and pregnant women.

Almost all whitening cream is contraindicated in children under the age of 12 years.

As a contraindication may be individual intolerance to the drug. To avoid this, it is necessary to test the cream.

Side effects

Whitening creams from age spots not only have positive moments of skin regeneration and complete elimination of pigmentation, but also can have negative side effects, such as

  • Irritation
  • Alegria
  • Photosensitivity
  • Other serious consequences causing serious complications.

Virtually all bleaching agents contain hydroquinone. This is a fairly popular and effective component that is used in almost all bleaching creams. In some cases, a prescription dermatologist can buy a bleaching agent with a high concentration of up to 4%, with an acceptable 2%. But caution is needed here, since the use of such a cream can cause a slight tingling, redness, and burning. The risk of such manifestations is increased if the cream is applied on already burned, dry, cracked skin. In this case, there may be not only irritation, but also the progressive spread of infection. Before you begin the process of skin whitening, be sure to consult your doctor. Most experts do not recommend the use of bleaching agents containing hydroquinone for more than two years.

Some whitening creams from age spots in their composition have mercury. In many civilized countries as part of bleaching agents, the use of this component is strictly prohibited; however, this is natural in cosmetics manufactured in Asian countries. Often, face bleaching ends with mercury vapor poisoning. The consequences can be very different. These are serious damage to the psyche, nervous system, kidney work, but pregnant women are particularly at risk, as this can lead to pathology of the development of the fetus.

The bleaching creams contain tretinoin, with which other components of the cream are easily absorbed into the cells, having a beneficial effect on the bleaching process. Bleaching creams containing tretinoin can cause severe irritation of the skin, there are cases when it ends with contact dermatitis.

Whitening creams from pigment spots are quite effective, they help many women to significantly lighten dark spots, get rid of freckles and other unpleasant flaws, but you should always remember that these wonderful products can have negative consequences.

The names of whitening creams from age spots

Pigmentation can occur due to many reasons. This hormonal disruptions of the body, as a result of age-related changes, during pregnancy, as well as from excessive sun exposure. This is due to an excessive excess of the enzyme melanin, which exacerbates the formation of pigment spots.

In any case, the appearance of age spots gives women a lot of problems. Before you use whitening cream from age spots, it is necessary to find out the reason for their appearance. Not all women are calm to the spotted manifestations on the skin. The cosmetic industry for such cases has developed a range of pigmentation bleaching creams.

The question arises: "Which creams are popular, and by what criteria should they be chosen?". Pay attention to the proposed names of creams from age spots, which we consider in the proposed article.

Cream from pigment spots "Skinoren" is designed to remove pigment spots on the face. The main component is azelaic acid. To achieve a quick effect, the cream is used twice a day.

  • Whitening cream from pigment spots "Melaniativ", allows you to get rid of age spots in the shortest possible time, as well as dramatically reduce their appearance. The cream contains natural ingredients alpha-arbutin and kojic acid, so when you open the box, the cream can change its color a little. Cream "Melaniativ" is recommended to apply only on the advice of a dermatologist.
  • Whitening cream from age spots "Amanita against." This cosmetic product has a lot of advantages. It not only relieves the skin of pigment spots and freckles, but also improves its elasticity. At the same time, the cream has nourishing, moisturizing and softening effects. It consists of herbal ingredients such as parsley root extract, melon seed oil, lemon juice, mushroom extract, butter and mushrooms, and others.
  • day cream for the face against freckles and pigment spots “Ideal Whitening” (SPF 20) produced by “Vitex” Belarus. This is the dream of every woman. The cream is unique in that it affects only the pigment area of ​​the skin. It is perfect for any type of person.
  • Cream "Lakshma MAXXI" is designed to remove age spots and whiten the face, bikini area, elbows, knees and

The list of bleaching products can be listed for a long time, the main thing is to choose the right whitening cream and not to harm your health. You can buy whitening creams in the cosmetics shop or in the pharmacy.

Qian li chinese whitening cream

For many years, whitening creams have been used to eliminate unwanted skin blemishes, such as age spots, freckles, acne, and other unpleasant skin manifestations. One of the most popular means in this direction is the Chinese whitening cream of the new generation “qian li”. The tool has virtually no side effects.

Chinese qian li whitening cream is widespread, both among women and among people of the opposite sex, due to its quick effect. You can get rid of unwanted pigmentation and blackheads in just seven days.

In addition, the cream perfectly moisturizes, whitens and rejuvenates the skin of the face, restoring its former softness and whiteness. With regular, proper use of qian li cream, the result is noticeable immediately.

The special composition of the cream, which includes:

  • ginseng;
  • aloe extract;
  • Chinese herbal extracts;
  • seaweed;
  • pearl powder;
  • sable fat;
  • beeswax;
  • vitamin E;
  • serum globulin (arbutin);
  • tartaric acid subgroup.

Before you start applying the cream, you should read the instructions. Take a test response test. Apply the cream on your hand (in the inaccessible area) and wait a few hours. If there is no redness, the cream is quite suitable. Next, it is recommended to apply the cream with a thin layer, rubbing it into the skin with light stroking movements. It absorbs very well. The procedure is carried out seven to ten days daily. After the disappearance of the defective signs, the Chinese whitening cream qian li should be used once a day, preferably in the evening, for a week.

At retail, there are two versions of qian li Chinese cream – in blue and green packaging. According to the studied demand for products, Chinese cream qian li in green packaging is more effective.

Whitening cream from age spots have the following actions:

  • Reduce any type of pigmentation;
  • Help to get rid of freckles, prevent their appearance;
  • Have a positive effect on pigmentation during pregnancy;
  • Eliminate age spots;
  • Protect from the effects of aggressive ultraviolet rays.

Among the huge choice of treatment-and-prophylactic cosmetics a special place is occupied by "Ahromin" – a wonderful, extremely strong cream, the results of which are visible in a few days. The optimal ratio of quality and price makes the cream affordable for a wide audience of customers.

The producer of Ahromin cream is Alen Mak, a world famous brand. Whitening creams produced by this company are in great demand since the post-Soviet period, and Ahromin cream is our grandmothers favorite cosmetic. Not surprisingly, the cream of the last century is very popular these days, as its quality has remained the same.

Cosmetic, therapeutic drug "Ahromin" is not only a powerful bleaching, but also a prophylactic agent that helps to avoid hyperpigmentation at the stage of its development. The main component of the cream is hydroquinone. It is an organic compound that is easily oxidized in air. Thanks to hydroquinone, the cream is easy to distinguish from a fake, as it instantly becomes darker, and this can be seen with the naked eye.

The cream is sold in tubes of 45 ml, on the appearance – it is a homogeneous white mass with a light aroma of rose. The drug can be purchased through a pharmacy network or at any cosmetics store.

Cream "Ahromin" universal, suitable for all skin types. It is well absorbed, easily, quickly absorbed into the skin. Apply it should be a thin layer twice a day, morning and evening. With this use, the pigmentation is completely removed within one month. Not allowed to hit the cream in the eyes, mucous membranes, open wounds.

Cream "Ahromin" do not recommend taking:

  • Children under 12;
  • Mothers who are breastfeeding and pregnant women;
  • If allergies occur during or after the use of the drug, as well as with a negative reaction to hydroquinone.

It is also not advisable to go out into the bright sun after applying the drug in less than 2 hours. In most cases, the cream "Akhromin" has no side effects, however, there are situations when there are slight reddening of the skin, rash, itching. If such symptoms occur, you should immediately stop using the cream. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist or cosmetologist before using the cream.

Method of applying whitening cream against age spots

When using cream it is necessary to follow the following rules:

Age spots cream

  • Before you start applying the whitening cream against age spots, you must perform a test for an allergic reaction. To do this, apply a small amount of cream on an invisible area of ​​the hand. The result will be known in a few minutes. If the cream does not fit, redness, discomfort, itching will appear. In this case, you should refuse to use it. In any case, whitening cream from pigment spots are selected individually, because even the most effective cream can harm health.
  • Before you apply the whitening cream on the face, use a cleansing agent.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use whitening cream against age spots immediately before going out. The cream affects the top layer of the epidermis of the skin, which makes it more sensitive. Therefore, use the cream in the evening, without removing it all night.
  • In the summer, the risk of pigment spots is particularly increased. There is an urgent need for whitening cream. The most important thing is to choose the right bleaching agent, paying particular attention to its composition of the cream. It should not be retinoic acid, as this component under the action of ultraviolet rays increases the production of melanin. Consequently, pigmentation can occur even more. Do not use the cream in extreme heat.
  • Whitening cream against age spots should be used in parallel with sunscreen.
  • It is advisable to stop using the cream immediately after achieving the desired result, as there is a risk of excessive lightening. The maximum time of use – 2-3 weeks, then you need to take a break.

A reasonable approach to the choice of whitening cream, as well as its correct use will bring only a positive effect.

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