Zero waste of life

The Herbalife company (Herbalife) was founded in 1980 in the USA by Mark Hughes. This is the first network company that entered the market of Russia and the CIS in 1995. The Herbalife company (Herbalife) since 2004 is a joint-stock company, has its own satellite English-language channel, and the official website.

The company through a network of distributors, sells a variety of products for a balanced diet, weight control and appearance care.

Nuance number 1. I personally witnessed, as in the “dashing 90s”, in the underpass, a group of herbalife “clamped” on some “victim” with signs of overweight …

Distinguishing these dashing guys and girls was easy, they all wore badges: “Do you want to lose weight, ask me how?” In the 90s they were teased: “Herbalife is an eternal high!”

Very soon, other badges that in the same 90s began to be sold in cooperative stalls became popular: “Do you want to die, ask if I want to lose weight?”

In general, the “first pancake” … as always … But, many Herbalife distributors, in consequence, became leaders of other grid companies.

NUANCE № 2. In 2000, Mark Hughes, president and founder of Herbalife (Herbalife), died. He was 44 years old. The story is “dark” … Until now, no one knows the exact cause of death of the founder of Herbalife, and maybe they do, but they protect the Company’s reputation. Now his place is taken by Michael Jones.

Nuance number 3. Closeness. In Russia and the CIS, Herbalife (Herbalife) distributors are “encrypted” through Health Clubs.

These clubs measure the characteristics of potential “victims” on Tanita scales, make up health programs from products, strongly recommend diet and general physical loads (which is generally correct)!

But, the fact is, as one of the “former” herbalifers told me, we make up the diet, calorie content and physical exertion in such a way that even without our cocktails a person loses weight! Cocktails, simply enhance the effect.

Herbalifers are no worse conspiratorial than tianshists. Employees of the company, even forbidden to mention the name of the company and product in the media.

NUANCE No. 4. Dependency. In Omsk, in 1997, I collaborated with the company Newweiss. In my structure there was a woman who previously together with her husband practiced Herbalife (Herbalife). So, the sad fact is, when the money for the Herbalife product (Herbalife) ran out, her husband fell into a serious depression, and at that time, more than a year, he was in a psychiatric clinic. It turns out that it happens

Fresh example. In November 2016, they talked in Voronezh with a young girl, a sports nutritionist. So, it was from her that I learned for sure that the herbal drug is used in Herbalife products (Herbalife) ephedrine, which causes a serious dependence on customers.

Zero waste of life

She personally cut through the Herbalife complex. After a month, I decided to quit the program, because I didn’t feel natural (I didn’t want to eat or sleep, there was too much energy, there was a state of euphoria). Her own condition and her close ones were alarmed! And then, after the “withdrawal” from the program, for a whole month she had a “break-up” … I really wanted to take a “dose” of the cocktail …

As it turned out, Herbalife, a popular slimming drug, contains whey and soy protein, and was found in large doses. caffeine and ephedrine (this information, fortunately, is freely available).

And, if for absolutely healthy people, their action is not dangerous, then for those who suffer from chronic diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, allergies or nervous disorders, taking these tablets, to put it mildly, is not recommended.

It was also noted that with long-term use, the products of the Herbalife trademark were addictive, and it was increasingly difficult for people to stop taking it. Over time, it turned out that this effect causes ephedrine and a number of amphetamines, which are also contained in diet pills.

These chemical elements accelerate the metabolism and cause a feeling of dependence. But after people returned to their usual diet and stopped limiting themselves to food, the weight quickly returned, and the pills ceased to “act”. This has caused many emotional breakdowns and depressions among former Herbalife supporters.

By the way, the sellers of the anasha also say that it relieves stress … and cocaine gives a lot of energy … so what?

Nuance number 5. Herbalife products contain GMO – ShapeWork Formula 1 cocktails contain GMO – soybean lines 40-3-2, A5547-127, A2704-12 more than 0.9%.

NUANCE No. 6. Dangerous products . Announced in Sweden official ban on the products of the company “Herbalife”.

In Brazil, acted differently. When the men who took Herbalife drugs developed gynecomastia (women’s breasts appeared and impotence developed), Brazilian doctors decided to conduct an objective statistical survey of the users of the drug.

For this purpose, the doctors themselves have registered as individual distributors. The action was funded by the state. The result they got was deafening – the Herbalife company was rapidly losing the Brazilian market.

Watch the video, the guy, a professional in sports nutrition, uses the “direct path of persuasion.” Review of the cocktails of the companies Herbalife and NL.

A joke-humor about protein shakes …

Nuance number 7. Sketch of life. In the summer of 2016, I received the phone number of one of the Omsk leaders (they told me so), the Herbalife company. I did not yet know the marketing plan of this company. There was an interest in finding out what appeals to people who want to make money at Herbalife!

I called, introduced myself, offered to meet. I heard on the phone: “I don’t see the point of meeting. Everyone knows that the Herbalife marketing plan is the best in the world! ”

To which I replied: “I personally do not know, I would like to see for myself” … Is it the best in the world? The answer from the man I heard for the first time pleased me: “Don’t you trust me?”

When asked whether he would like to take the opportunity to get a potential candidate for his structure, he replied that NOT !? Truth added, “become my client, then Herbalife marketing will tell...”.

A few years ago, I heard these words from a representative of the Tiens Company … And they also say that the network business is boring Smile …

Nuance number 8. Perspectives. Some 10 years ago in Voronezh, I communicated with one herbalist. And when I asked about the rigidity of the marketing plan, he smiled and answered with a prepared phrase: “they don’t conceive with soft ones”. After a couple of years, I did not hear anything more about this distributor Herbalife, who was not afraid of difficulties … He did not succeed in “conceiving”!

NUANCE No. 9. Herbalife stock.

Nuance number 10. Lack of prospects. Herbalife is an American Company, prices are pegged to the dollar. Over the past few years, the dollar has increased many times over, as well as the price of Herbalife products. AT crisis period in Russia, I personally do not see long-term prospects.

Nuance number 11. Many desperate leaders of Herbalife (even the former) can be seen from afar (apparently, ephedrine works)

This is especially noticeable at public events. “Two quacks, three parables …” On the stage exclusively “Indirect methods of persuasion”. Ory, screams, screech … For Herbalife, this is the norm … no need to think, the sponsor said: “badger, this is a bird” … look for feathers …

That is why ordinary people (those who know how to count and analyze) do not stay long in Herbalife (natural selection). Although I know for sure that positive exceptions exist

NUANCE number 12. Lies. About 13 years ago in Nizhnevartovsk, the whole city was plastered with ads with the text “… decent work … 3 meals a day free food …” I immediately realized that this was someone from networkers, and came to the meeting.

Zero waste of life

The “trick” is that, as the herbalifess worker explained to me, “you can eat for free after you buy the product…. “At that time, all the bums of Nizhnevartovsk visited Herbalife’s office

In today’s times, in the so-called “health clubs,” pensioners are in the queue for a “dose” of a cocktail from early in the morning … Again, they eat free of charge previously purchased cocktails. The system, however!


Respond to this item yourself.

The US wants to improve the population of Russia and make us all richer?

NUANCE number 14. Herbalife marketing plan.

The company was formed in 1980 year. Since then, little has changed, I mean interest and payments. The Herbalife marketing plan is a marketing with a “hard top” in which 1-2 people earn relatively well in a city (those who keep “health clubs”). The main “margin” goes to American upstream sponsors. From Russia, just goes “pumping” of money, from people “podsazannyh” on ephedrine.

Herbalife marketing plan is not cumulative, every month from scratch.

I want to note that the more or less initial leadership step, this is the “Supervisor”, it gives a 50% discount on the product. To reach this stage, it is necessary to fulfill 4000 points in one month (much more than 4000 dollars)! Next World Team, with a monthly turnover of 10,000 points …

Many novice amateurs, the higher-ups “unwind” immediately to the “entrance” to the “Supervisor”. They are “bred”, as well as in scam … they say: “you can’t make money without money …” People take loans (I personally know three such former herbalife life), then some to return their money, open “health clubs.”

NUANCE № 15. Leadership training. This story was told to me by one of my superior mentors. His first company was Herbalife.

It was the 90s. Before the big events of the Herbalife Company, “Geths” gathered in the hall behind closed doors to find out the “super information”. “Geths” listened to something there, periodically applause, shouts were heard from behind the doors …

Then they launched “Vold Timov” … it took some time, the same was heard from the doorway …

Further, the satisfied and enthusiastic leaders, who were behind closed doors, launched “Supervisors” … and finally all the others …

Naturally, consultants turned to the leaders asking what information they got there? All answered about the same: “Super! No words! It was cool! You will be the leader, you will find out! ”

And so, my friend, borrowed money, “bought out” on the “Supervisor”, and at the next event, with great hope, he was waiting for them, the “Supervisors”, to be launched behind the closed doors to find out the SECRET!

And when he eagerly entered the hall, and the doors slammed behind them, the higher leaders said: “we pretend that you are having fun, informative and interesting … we have to do this so that our subordinates have the motivation to do qualifications and strive to this room is behind closed doors! And don’t tell anyone what it really was! ”

In general, they “polulyukali” in a closed room, and then launched all the rest! The joke is that the “Geth” “hooted” with each other … started “Wold Tima”, and already “hooted” together … more, all together with the “Supervisors”! Like this!

As one of the Herbalife TOPs liked to say at the time: “Pont, half the battle!

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Very useful information

It is bad that in order to raise oneself one should humiliate the other. A lot of people are people who go to the nuthouse, ride trams. You do not want to trace the dependence !? “Himself” never and nowhere! Only fools want their children “the most!” And “everything! “. That is why they give birth to one. Many Herbalife leaders have 3 or more children. They have other values. They have different brains, unlike mortals. You read what names work in this company – these are Nobel laureates in the field of medicine, world-class scientific names. Apparently they did not read the Blog of Alexei Gorelov. Tell them! I have not yet met the best product for health from what I have tried. There are good ones . But next to difficult to put. Herbalife has come to Russia for a long time. And that no one has yet been able to outdo him. And no polivalki will not affect the love of this product. This is a brilliant product. And this is a fact! Have your say. And you yourself will decide which product you like or vice versa.

Alevtina, hello. My friend is using Herbalife products. Yes, she lost 20 kg. What is very proud of. In the month she invests 6 thousand, for the fact that she uses alone. By the way, in order to buy the product – Herbolife, she needs to stick to a diet … During the “crisis” in a cough, she naturally cannot buy these “magic” jars, the weight is gained … Going to buy and no matter what at this moment may be an empty fridge …. It starts losing weight … And there is a vicious circle. There is money for magic pills – losing weight, no money – getting fat … Man has been using products for 2 years now! There is no earned money … Just waste … Do business – go tell … You can’t openly – the company is banned! There is no talk about the family business either, the company is banned, it is possible only for one person in the family or divorce to start a family business. Cool!

Complete nonsense. There is a family

What kind of nonsense are you carrying. The agreement with the company has a column where you enter even a wife, even a husband. I can understand people when they are throwing mud at anyone, for money. But without looking at the agreement, without having read it, and maybe even without seeing it, make stupid conclusions! Foolish not come up

And on bread and sausage … Your friend does not spend money? In the article, complete nonsense is written and it is complete. No one has his opinion. Anyone who understands what he eats has no problems.

I wonder how my wife and I work together? Not a word of truth in this “article.” And the word kAshelek spelled through O.)))

“Let’s make America great again!” Trump’s election slogan, let’s make it come true, with my wife! Thanks for the tip.

Horrible. I read and just wonder paid article. and reviews too. Guys. What kind of envy, addictive are you talking about? Complete nonsense. I am a mother of a 3.5 year old child !! Which nourishes cocktails with protein and vitamins of the company for more than 6 months! So the result: there was a weight gain to normal weight, an allergy on the hands took place, the child became much less sick while in kindergarten (for example: the penultimate time was sick in March 2016 and here is the last from January 6-9, 2017)) Think what you write. Read the composition on the banks !! What drugs are we talking about? Really funny to read. In my town, the prosecutor of the SBU did a cocktail analysis at the state organization Metrology and Standardization, and so what is stated on the label is fully consistent with the analyzes. Guys think before you make decisions and draw conclusions, because we are rational beings, not brainless monkeys. Who is interested in the results of my child and write to my soap!

About the payment! The Herbalife product is 40 years old, many different (good and bad) results. You google that people who are herbalifers write … The fact that the Company itself and the United States themselves say that the product is good is up to you. You see, where there is a lot of money, there are a lot of lies! Experts in the United States, for decades argued that smoking does not cause harm, but multibillion-dollar claims of sick Americans forced owners to locate the production of tobacco factories in third countries (with us).

Well, okay, products with pectin, protein shakes of any company, I think, brought your child to a good result too. That the Herbalife product works, I agree. It is also true that if a product helps 10 people, and it is worse for one person, it is usually forbidden. So, Herbalife is officially banned in Sweden and limited in some European countries. I think there the level of specialists in laboratories is no worse than in the SBU. It turns out, read the laboratory findings and conclusions of Swedish experts. Well, ephedrine and raw guarana, as part of some products, are powerful stimulants. And, well, that you came across other Herbalife products that are not addictive. Ephedrine as part of no one will not, it is an integral part of plant materials (in the ingredients and plants are listed). You probably know that in the first Coca-Cola, one of the ingredients was a leaf coca. Raw vegetable, but in essence – dope! Americans here, and they say about GMOs that it is useful! And pushing this stuff to third countries (including ours). I think you heard about GMOs! For example, in mice that consume GMO products in the 7th generation, offspring are no longer born. People are just starting … the first generation of GMO users is coming … Now, some dealers and cosmetics are promoting human hormones. The first result is wonderful, the consequences are bad … I am this, not about Herbalife. So, in this case, everyone chooses what to feed their children. Entire Scandinavian and European states, and with developed laboratory infrastructure that care about the health of their citizens, and they restrict the importation of products! Definitely, this is SERIOUS!

The official company page in Sweden. It was awkward somehow, huh?) Indiscriminate statements such indiscriminate ..

The Herbalife banned in Sweden has a representative office)))) People really deliberate. Or the Swedes missed?)

Dear admin! Well, why lie so shamelessly that Herbalife is banned in Sweden? Here is the official website of the company, where Sweden is officially represented … https: //

Nothing like this. All Scandinavian countries use Gerbolife products, as in 90 other countries, including myself

Ohhhhhhhh .. well, how much can you … Accidentally stumbled upon an article .. Dear author, it’s a pity that when writing an article you didn’t bother to clarify the information that you open ’to the world .. And to those who will refer to the author of the article and his qualified “opinion, I recommend before you” transmit the ringing, find out where he comes from. ” Author ABSOLUTELY incompetent .. I will not go into details and swear senior words .. just a few touches. To fulfill the qualifications of the supervisor is required to perform quite other conditions. What the author writes is a version that is MANY years old. Now nobody does SO, because marketing-plan allows you to do everything comfortably and quietly. You do not know this, dear author? And on what basis do you write? Following. The company is officially represented in Russia, working in accordance with Russian law. Moreover, the composition (formula) of the products is brought in line with the Russian

I personally know former supervisors and geths … So, I have an idea … Yes, I personally met with over a dozen Herbalife distributors for 20 years, tracked their fate … sadly … And as for the negative associated with network marketing, so first of all, Herbalife “thank”! As for TONE, I am only FOR. We will use it now, only with a Russian high-quality, affordable product! This 40 years ago, Herbalife was able to show the world a revolutionary product. Now, dozens of network companies have similar Russian worthy products. Yes, and marketing plans, most companies are superior to Herbalife marketing! It is a fact! Well, and you continue to continue to develop the American economy and feed the American “Uncle Sam”!

So this is where the dog is buried. You conceived the analog Herbalife and thus promote your products, well, or are going to. So you need to throw a negative, completely without understanding the topic and coming up with any nonsense. As something despicable, is not it?

… “You have conceived the analog Herbalife” Herbalife is 37 years old … there are a lot of companies on the market with a more modern (or similar) product!

Elena Super. What you need! Bravo! There would be flowers, would give! Good for you.

True yours. After radiation therapy, the doctor came to the ward and asked what was the secret of my good blood? I showed her a can of cocktail … She Said to eat it further. She took an empty jar and went to study. Then I learned that she recommended it to all patients. It was not a distributor!

Lyudiiii! This is complete breddd. I myself have lost weight with the Herbalife company twice. And I did not read the reviews and did not know the new one at all, it is old. Just bought the program and that’s it! After three months I lost weight and stopped drinking, eating a product. And I had no hysteria, no dependencies! Do not gain weight! She ate regular food. After giving birth, I gained weight because I ate everything that was not attached and after GW I decided to return to the Form with the product, everything returned and I live a normal life! Not who I did not where not pulled and spun on the money. A blogger seems to be a hurt person.

Guys ! What nonsense is the author. It smacks of ordering. The product of the Herbalife company is used by me and the whole of May, the family and everyone, I will note excellent results in all of our well-being. The approach is one-sided and based only on rumors and speculation.

Yes, you’re all right. Herbalife is all that described above, which is probably why 37 years work. However, the question is: why do some people have been mistaken for almost half a century, while others have “helped the fingers in the water” and learned the secret of the century? Unclear

The competence of the author that he wrote above is zero. Level anananizing It is not clear why all this nonsense was written? All documents on products, marketing plans are in the open

… ,, Now, dozens of network Companies have similar Russian worthy products. ,, I have you

I quote: “… -Is that where decent products do it?” In our country? Where do plants, factories, science fall apart? ”Vladimir, eyes“ open up ”,“ turn on your head ”… They are American propendos, usually they say that! Aifonchiki … enough for amerikosy to lick and idolize them … Yes, they are still launching astronauts into space with our engines … something is not enough crazy … they have rocket curves, it’s a fact … Avtorprom is food … Synthetic food … Transgenic products from them went it is yes! I think you know the theory of the “golden billion” … I want to confirm, yes, decent products do in our country! Our manufacturers supply many products to foreign countries … So promote Herbalife further, with technologies that are used everywhere (40 years have passed) … and believe further in American exclusivity!

And how is your phone called? Electronics 4?)))))

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