You can live without a spleen

From the books “Spirituality and Humanity”, “Awareness of the Universe” it is known that the control of the actions and movement of energies in the world occurs through the creation of thought forms and their realization through the Will Power of the Universe. The Charisma channel is responsible for the fulfillment of this function. Acting from the response to the real situation in the current moment, a person receives the creative Force he needs to fulfill his individual role in the general movement of the Universe. But there is a huge number of thought forms around, generated by other people who have views of this person and want to incline him to a certain kind of actions that are beneficial for them.

In this situation, if a person waits for his response in the Sacral Center and acts in accordance with it, then he realizes his potential of Charisma. If he is focused on the opinions of other people, he will be forever busy with the tasks of this stream of thought forms that surround him. Since most people act on the basis of the False Self, then for them the mantra will be lifelong: “I’m busy, I’m busy.”

These people are usually inaccessible to the outside world, because they are absorbed in constant activity from one moment to another.

You can live without a spleen

These people have a deep need to be engaged and involved in activities. True charisma is manifested when they are engaged in what they love. When they do what they love, they naturally enhance others with their personal charm.

Often these are people who can not “sit down for a minute.” They usually do not even realize that they are so busy. The key to understanding the false work of this channel is “a design where thoughts should become deeds” means that they usually turn their thoughts into destructive consequences. However, as long as they respond to the manifestations of life, rather than trying to follow their mind, they will always be busy with what is right for them, which, in turn, will always contribute to their health. They are a force that can always manifest itself in an explosive and spontaneous manner and without awareness.

No one should tell these people what to do. They are “individuals” in their pure form.

Channel Charisma – one of the three oppositions in the wheel, which lead to the definition, the formation of the channel. Thus, with Charisma, we have a channel that is a sustainable and widespread life force in the world. It is also the only true example of the Manifest Generator, which connects the potential of the manifestation of the Throat and the generating power of the Sacral Center. This is a manifesting pure generation associated with employment, because it is a busy channel in the False Self. Approach anyone running in circles on this channel, and you will most likely hear: “I can’t. I’m busy right now”.

Although this channel is related to employment, being a part of Integration, such a person was not created to be busy for you – he is engaged in something only for himself. In the False Self, this turns into direct indifference. Since this is a channel of people who are busy with something for themselves, do not expect that they suddenly stop being busy and take care of you. If you suddenly have a problem and you say: “I am in real trouble. I’m dying, ”they reply,“ I’m busy. You can wait”?

The false self of these people is trapped. They run, realizing the goals of other people, but in this capacity – being busy for others, they are not very successful.

You can live without a spleen

This kind of configuration really seems quite charismatic. Everyone loves being busy, it even seems that they are really absorbed in business and that they like it. What you do not know is that if they are not busy, they think they will die. Without being busy, they think they will not survive. So they are busy and have no idea that there is anything else besides their employment.

Ideally, since Charisma is a pure generating force, it is here to respond with action in the present moment. Response is the key to Charisma. The man is not busy for himself; his actions in the present moment are not guided by conscientiousness and intuition, the person simply fussing aimlessly in the present moment.

A design where Thoughts Should Become Deeds, but there is no awareness in this channel, and, of course, no thoughts directly connected with this channel. One of the extraordinary relations within the Bodigraf connections is that this channel should be channeled. It is very important for people with the Charisma channel to recognize that leadership is necessary. This guide is a matter of mere willingness to wait to respond, and through this response find effective and perfect action in the present moment.

This relationship can be seen by analyzing the gates that form the Charisma channel. Gate 34 is called THE POWER OF THE GREAT. It is a force contained in any seed that then germinates, breaks the shell and allows life to break through as a program embedded in this seed. It is that power to BE. No thoughts about who to be, what, just – to be. And this is the same force that lies in every seed, in every seed. The human seed that is placed in the right place is a powerful machine! And this is the same force that controls this seed and makes it move up from the ground. THE POWER OF THE GREAT! In i-ching, the great always means life. This is the power of life.

The 20th gates always say: “I am!” In the channel of charisma, these gates say: “I am the power!”, “I am the power”, “I am the power to do!”, No words, no theories – practice! “I am the power to be myself. You will not tell me what to do. No one can tell me what to do, when to do it, or how, because I am the power. ”

There are no principles in this channel itself, only force. No principles. Just power. The energy to do anything from the response to the situation of the moment. No mind! Any mind can speak. No Spleen for survival. No ability to assess risk. No communication skills. “I am the power.” No communication skills, only murder skills, that’s what it is. This is the power of survival. This is the power to build life. And this is the energy to do, do, do and never stop until you die. Some people work to live, and some people live to work. This channel is designed to work until you die. These are workaholics. And if this work makes them satisfied, if it makes them fruitful, or this power turns them into a frustrated, upset slave. It is only a question of what awareness directs this force. This is a force that needs to be used consciously.

But all that this channel says is: “I am strong, and I am available to do now, in the present moment,” “I am now, I am open to work now, and I don’t know what to do.” “Please, someone, tell me, why am I here?” – and he went to work for others. But really this person needs to catch the response of the Sacral Center.

If you have this power and you do not know what to do with it, there will always be someone who looks at you and says: “Come here, go to the army, use force, see those out, kill them all.” “Take a big machine gun, it’s too big for me, you have the power, take it, take it there, come back and take the rest.” This is what happens to these people. “I am the power.” – “Good. Go here. We have a job for you. We will pay you something. Little”. – “Will I survive?” – “Don’t worry!” – “Good! If I survive, I stay here. ”

This power can be so deceptive, so deceiving. And so beautiful. This is the power of a bull. But then again, you show him a piece of red rag, and he goes crazy, so he needs to be guided. He can be sent to death, and he can be sent to awakening. And the whole question is how this force is fed, how the person’s ability to respond to the actions of the Universe is enhanced. To be this force, and not to take it away for the realization of the goals of the False Self.

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