You can eat your placenta

“Shine – and no nails! Here is my slogan and the sun ”(c) It doesn’t matter what they say in the back, it’s important that we think about ourselves!

Childbirth is a magical process. This is a miracle and a great happiness. But it is no secret that at birth also earn huge money.

I’ll start with the most obvious – paid delivery.

You can eat your placenta

For what we pay in the hospital? If it is private, it is clear that for all. In the state hospital there is a paid services department. You pay for the attendance at your birth of a particular doctor and a separate room during and after the birth. In general, pay for comfort and attention.

However, Russian doctors do not have a license for private practice, and the trick with a specific doctor at your birth is a mirage. This is a contract in words. You can conclude it with one specialist, and another will come, and you will not be able to produce anything.

You can eat your placenta

What is in these separate chambers? Now in Moscow and St. Petersburg in such maternity wards there is a bath. And this is the main trend. Many doctors of maternity hospitals do not even know why they need a bath there, but this is very fashionable. And it is customary to show it at the Open Day, luring pregnant women.

In a separate room you can take your husband with you, music, a thermos of tea. Yes, even a teddy bear! Attention: under the law you can take the husband with you and without paid childbirth. Alas, this law easily circumvents the medical staff of maternity hospitals.

In Moscow, Europe and America, you can invite your midwife to give birth. Even if she does not work in the maternity hospital of your choice, she will be able to participate precisely in your birth. Why do you need your own midwife, if there is a local in the hospital? Well, its affectionate, kind and attentive. You go to your master for a manicure or haircut, and not to everyone?

Attention: there are no official rules in Russia, but everything is possible in Moscow. In Europe, midwives have a private practice, so this service is officially decorated there.

There are still doles. This is your assistant in childbirth. She will sing and dance with you in battles, massage and supply water, and "take away in full". In Russia, alas, doules also visit maternity hospitals for bird rights.

Do not want to give birth to the photographer? Very trendy theme. He will powder your nose, make you wear a pink bra and take off the sharpest moments of your birth. You will receive unique frames and emotions. It’s great that the future generation will be able to boast of such an archive – they say, look, and this is how my mother gave birth.

When preparing for childbirth, you can hear about the gel for childbirth, so that there are fewer breaks. They are sold by very enterprising people. So they write: the birth will be faster and without breaks. And because there are those who buy!

In addition, before delivery you need to undergo a course of preparation for these same genera. To learn to breathe (they didn’t know how), a husband needs to master a special massage – he didn’t know how to knead your back and butt.

There is now such a fashionable trend – giving birth under hypnosis. This is such a special technique that promises to give birth without pain and fear in a trance. To master it, you need to complete a training course.

And learned to sing in childbirth? And dance? If anything, there are also special courses. The main thing is to go and buy.

Do you read books? Now all the writers. She gave birth to 2-3 children, wrote a book and leads a course of preparation for childbirth. Well, what about that?

The cherry on the cake will be the placenta. Have given birth to a placenta – give it to dry. You will make her tincture and capsules, you will drink it all with pleasure. And for big money. What for? No time to explain, just chew the placenta.

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