You can drink peppermint essential oil

This lunar calendar is based on the book by Juliana Azarova. The moon fulfills your desires for money.

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A full moon comes – a time when the energies of Nature, and with them our internal energy, reach a peak of activity, and can be aimed at attracting money with maximum success (and minimal effort!). Those who follow the lunar calendar, certainly noticed an extraordinary surge of energy during this period. There are plenty of forces, you are ready to “move mountains”, the energy is boiling and splashing over the edge, it is so much that it is difficult to sleep at night. The wisest decision is to direct this powerful stream towards the achievement of a goal – wealth, abundance, well-being.

The full moon itself usually falls on the 15th lunar day, but the day before and after it is also very energetic – that is why I combined them together. Try not to miss this period! “Catch” this giant wave of energy: spend at least one rite in three days. And even better – every day according to the rite! Then your money dream will get an incredible boost of energy and come true as soon as possible! There is one more reason for which it is necessary to “lean on” the rites during the full moon. The fact is that the full moon period itself is considered not very favorable due to an excess of energy. If on a new moon we experience a lack of it, then on a full moon it is the opposite. “Extra” energy tends to spill out in the form of anger, irritation; pulls to quarrel, to express all sore, to express themselves “in all its glory.” Such manifestations can be avoided by directing energy in a different direction, for example, to “monetary” rites: they will “take” its surplus from you. And the money will arrive, and you will feel better.

On the full moon, there is the discovery of sources of information, so all the cases started during this period, especially on the 14th lunar day, initially carry information that will facilitate their implementation. Try to lay as many cycles as possible: calls, meetings, start of projects, conclusion of contracts, etc. Then the started business will go further by itself, with minimal effort on your part. New sources of information will be connected to it and corrected, directing it in the right direction. Next such a chance will have to wait a whole month!

How to tune in to the monetary rite

Since the full moon is an unfavorable period, it is advisable to discard the negative and balance the emotional state before the ceremony. For cleansing of the body, thoughts and soul before the ritual is usually performed ablution. Rinse in the shower to be cleaned physically, and then lie down in a bath with sea salt. After 10–15 minutes, open the stopper and remain in the bath until all the water has run out. As the water level drops, imagine that with it all your thoughts about daily activities and all the negative energy that has accumulated in you go. A sense of purity and peace will indicate that the goal of ablution has been achieved.

You can drink peppermint essential oil

This is just a recommendation. If the state of health is good, and dark thoughts do not bother you, you can proceed to it without ablution.

During the purification do not let your thoughts run, tune them to the rite, because it has already begun. Yes, the rite begins from the moment when you just started thinking about it! The energies have already begun to move, and the Higher Forces heed your words.

After washing you are almost ready for the rite. It remains to prepare the room where it will be held. Such preparation is cleansing. After all, our houses, being enclosed by premises, accumulate energy dirt – it must be eliminated so that it does not create interference. In the full moon this is especially important. With the methods of purification you are familiar with on the 9th lunar day, choose any. The easiest way to get around the room with a candle or fumigate it with incense.

Express Rites

The simplest monetary ritual in the full moon is to prepare for the future the water or some “monetary” drink that is stored for a long time and which can be drunk for a long time, charged with your monetary dream and moonlight. I offer a choice of three recipes.

Lunar water

To prepare the lunar water, you will need two glass jars with a volume of 500-800 ml, which must be sterilized beforehand.

Fill one of the cans with clean water (preferably thawed) and throw there on a pinch of “money” herbs that will be at hand (marjoram, basil, mint, sweet flag, silverweed, jasmine flowers, myrtle, verbena, sage, pine needles, linden flowers rosemary). Two or three herbs is enough. To grind them into powder is not necessary. If possible, use fresh herbs, they have more live energy, but for lack of these, dry ones will also come off.

Water with herbs added to it needs to be charged. Create in your head the image of your money dream, imagining yourself, for example, under the money rain or bathing in the money lake. Let the picture clearly manifest itself in the head, get stronger, then take a deep breath and, on exhalation, “dump” it into the water by will-power. After that, you need to put the jar on the moonlight for at least 2 hours. After this time, pour the water into the second jar, strain it through a strainer, and close tightly.

Lunar infusion ready. Keep it in a dark place and never expose it to sunlight! To infusion had an effect, it is enough to add it to a glass of water (1 teaspoon per glass). If you want to stretch the infusion for a long time, pour in a few bottles of 50 ml vodka, adding 5 drops of infusion to each. For reception in a glass with melted water or just pure water, 2 drops of infusion from a bottle are added. Drink infusion every day, no matter what lunar day in the courtyard.

Spiced drink on cognac 1 l of brandy 1 cup of granulated sugar 1 cup of cherry juice 1 cup of orange juice 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1/4 tsp grated lemon zest 1 tsp ground ground 1 1/2 cups ground almond Place all ingredients in an enamel bowl and stir for 5–7 minutes with a non-metallic spoon or wooden stick clockwise, visualizing yourself under money rain. Then, without closing, leave to soak up the moonlight, choosing a place where he will fall into the drink for at least 2 hours. Cover the pan with a lid and place in a dark, cool place until the next full moon. After the lunar month, strain, pour into a clean bottle and drink every day, 2 tbsp. spoons.

Honey drink with orange and spices 1 l of brandy 1 glass of honey 1 tbsp. Spoon orange peel 1 tbsp. 2 tablespoons ground ginger 1 tsp dry minced sage 2 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp crushed dried eucalyptus leaves juice, squeezed from half a lemon of an average size Pour brandy into a saucepan, add honey and While stirring in a clockwise direction, boil over low heat until the honey is completely dissolved and the liquid becomes homogeneous. In a separate bowl, mix the orange zest, herbs, spices and lemon juice. Pour in the cognac with honey, cover the pan with a lid. This whole process should be accompanied by visualization and a clear mood for a monetary dream. Put the drink on the moonlight, so that the moon fluids fall into it at least for 2 hours. After that, tightly close the bottle and put the drink to infuse until the next full moon, strain and pour into a clean bottle. Drink 2 tbsp every day. spoons. In addition to attracting money, the drink has the property to protect against colds.

Drink with raisins and dried apricots 2 liters of brandy 1 tsp. Grated nutmeg 1 tsp. Ground cinnamon 1 tsp. Ground cloves 1 tsp. Grated ginger root 1.5 cups granulated sugar 2 cups raisins 2 cups dried apricots 3 tbsp. spoons of infusion of jasmine flowers 3 tbsp. spoon of infusion of linden flowers Prepare infusions of linden and jasmine flowers (separately): put the flowers (if you can, use fresh ones, but they will go dry) in a small bowl and pour in some clean (preferably thawed) water. Heat, not boiling, then let cool and strain. Add the remaining ingredients. Stir the mixture with a non-metallic spoon or a wooden stick a few minutes clockwise, keeping in mind the image of your monetary dream. Pour everything into a transparent glass bottle, close it tightly with a lid and expose to moonlight for at least 2 hours. Then put the drink in the refrigerator to infuse until the next full moon, strain and pour into a clean bottle. Drink 2 tbsp every day. a spoon.

Rite with a candle and a crystal

For the ceremony you will need: green candle, patchouli essential oil or cinnamon, ground cinnamon, censer and charcoal (these three components can be replaced with a natural incense stick with the smell of any money plant), quartz crystal (can be replaced with amber, citrine, malachite, nephrite , alexandrite, jasper, lapis lazuli, topaz or emerald – all these stones are magically connected with money), the main thing is that at least one facet of the stone should be sharp. 1. Burn incense. 2. Say an appeal to God: I appeal to the Forces of the Universe, to the Sun, the Moon and the stars, to the forces of the four elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water! I ask you to overshadow me with your presence and send me a share of the wealth you possess. This is an example, you can turn to God (Absolute, Higher Forces, Universe, Cosmos) in your own way and call Him as you wish: God, Jesus, Absolute, Universe, Higher Forces, Cosmic Mind … If you speak from the heart, you are sincere, he will hear you. Ask Him for help. There is nothing wrong or shameful in asking God for money. All such bans were once spread by the church for purely political reasons. Being rich is not a sin, it is a sin to put money above all else in life and do evil deeds for their sake. So do not hesitate and do not feel any guilt. 3. Sharpen the symbol of your desire on the candle with a sharp crystal edge, for example, a dollar sign or euro, a rune of wealth F, a bag of money, a car, a house … 4. Dampen the fingers of your right hand (if you are left-handed, left) with essential oil and lubricate the candle from the ends to the middle: with this procedure, called dressing the candle, you transfer your energy to the candle. As you rub the candle, focus on the money and visualize it. The “picture” can be any, the main thing is that you yourself should be present at it and, of course, money or things you would like to have. Try to feel how your energy flows into the candle. 5. Place the candle in the candlestick, place the crystal next to it and light it. As the candle burns, the energy embedded in it will slowly be released through the flame and directed to the fulfillment of your desire. Continue to visualize intently, looking at the flame, for 10–15 minutes. A candle, a crystal and a symbol will fulfill the task entrusted to them! 6. Thank God (in your own words) and let the green candle burn out completely.

Lunar rite of calling for money

For the ceremony you will need: a green candle, patchouli essential oil or cinnamon, a purse with money. Go out to the open space, illuminated by the moon. Look at her, transfer money in your wallet from one branch to another three times. Look again at the moon and say: Mother Moon, please, make sure that my incomes increase. When you return home, take a green candle, lubricate it with essential oil of patchouli or cinnamon. Then rub them all the bills that you shifted in the light of the moon. While lubricating the candle and bills, draw in your imagination your money dream. Light a candle, put bills around it, sit next to it and, looking at the flame, visualize another 10-15 minutes. Try not to be distracted. Concentration is very important! The success of the ceremony, not only of this, but of any one in general, is determined by how much you can concentrate. The rite is completed. Thank the Moon mentally (better if you go to the window and look at it) and leave the candle to burn out. Money in your wallet.

Rite “Money Magnet”

For the ceremony you will need: two bowls or bowls, preferably green glass (pre-rinse them, and one fill with clean, preferably thawed, water), a small magnet (magnetic iron or artificial magnet), green candle, patchouli, cinnamon or orange essential oil (not necessary).

In the morning, put the magnet in your pocket and carry with you all day. At every opportunity take it out and, drawing in your imagination the image of your monetary dream, breathe on it, touch it. The more often you do this, the better. It is important that it absorb as much of your energy as possible. The magnet must be programmed by your monetary dream, become a catalyst for its execution.

You can drink peppermint essential oil

In the evening, after the rising of the Moon, light a green candle and say an appeal to God in a free form, for example: I appeal to the Powers of the Universe, to the Sun, Moon and stars, to the forces of the four elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water! I ask you to overshadow me with your presence and send me a share of the wealth you possess.

Take the magnet in your hands and visualize it for a few minutes, mentally projecting your desire to attract money. Then put the magnet in an empty bowl. Put your hands in a fistful and immerse them in a bowl of melt water. Breathe in the water a couple of minutes, imagining that the water in your hand foams with banknotes. Then pour water into the bowl with the magnet. Continue this process until you fill the jar by about three quarters. If you wish, add a few drops of essential oil to the water to enhance the rite. To make the magnetized water begin to work, rub it into the palm of your hand, visualizing yourself under a cash shower. The harvested water must be consumed within three days.

A rite that quickly find help work

For the ceremony you will need: two yellow candles, a green candle, pine or cedar essential oil, incense (cinnamon and mint are best – incense sticks or powdered grass), censer and charcoal.

You can drink peppermint essential oil

1. Burn incense. 2. Lubricate the green and yellow candles with essential oil in the direction from the ends to the middle. While lubricating, imagine yourself at work, about which you dream. If you do not know what kind of job you need, focus on the money: imagine that you have been offered a job or position with a high salary, feel the joy that will cover you when this event really happens. Experience joy now, during the ritual, and it will attract suitable work for you. 3. Put candles in a row: green in the center, and yellow on the right and left of it. 4. Light candles and say: I appeal to the Forces of the Universe, to the Sun, the Moon and the stars, to the forces of the four elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water! I ask you to overshadow me with your presence and open the way for me to a suitable job. I urge money luck to come to me! 5. Continue to visualize, looking at the flame of candles, for 10–15 minutes. 6. Thank God (in your own words) and let the candles burn out completely.

The rite of getting rid of lack of money

In the full moon, you can not only bring something positive into your life, but also get rid of something bad, unnecessary, including lack of money. But it is necessary to carry out such a ritual after the full moon, that is, on the 16th lunar day, and certainly at the rising of the moon (the time of the rising is indicated in the lunar calendar – it coincides with the time of the beginning of the lunar day). Seeing the moon is a must, without this ritual loses meaning. If you are busy at this time, or the sky is covered with clouds, discard this rite in favor of some other of this chapter.

Stand with your back to the moon and take a small mirror in your hands – so that the moon is fully reflected in it. In this position, our energy in relation to the Moon is turned upside down, as if we turn it on to reverse. Looking at the moon, say thrice: Mother Moon, I beg you, take away poverty and lack of money from me. Here and the whole ritual! The rest will make the moon.

Full moon – the time of the energy peak, when with minimal effort you can achieve maximum results. The moon generously bestows us with its fluids. Therefore, any of your actions aimed at attracting money, receives a double charge of energy. This is a time of magic, a time of miracles. Do not miss your chance! One rite performed at full moon will do more for you than ten on other days!

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