Yoga schools next to me

Natalia Transverse

Certified instructor yoga CAT – certificate number 12/19. Instructor of exercise therapy, Pilates, Instructor of hatha yoga. Passed repeated training in the capital of yoga. Rishikesh, India. Since August 2012 she has been teaching according to the methods of PPC (Vajra Yoga). Since 2014 she has been teaching in Kiev.

Yoga schools next to me

About myself: Hello, Vajra Yoga practitioners and those interested in Yoga, fellow instructors and students. My name is Transverse Natalya, I am an instructor of the Kiev School of Yoga, the correct approach to the spine. Since July 2014, I joined the faculty of the Kiev School of Yoga and began to teach in Kiev.

  • Group Yoga Practice
  • Pranayama, bandha, asanas, meditation
  • Personal classes
  • Special needs (rehabilitation after injuries of the musculoskeletal system and operations, recovery after childbirth, a very large weight, hearing, vision and other disabilities)
  • Ability to conduct classes on Skype (the program is being tested)
  • Yoga schools next to me

    My path to Yoga was easy, interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes even sad, but full of interesting adventures, meetings with extraordinary, unique people and events. You can not waste time reading this not tricky story and go directly to the schedule of classes)))

    And for those who stay I will tell :) When I was 16 and I considered myself a future choreographer, the book “Yogolechei” came into my hands. I opened on the first page, there was a picture of a Hindu girl with huge eyes on the roll out with a tongue stretched to the chin, which very diligently performed Leo’s Pose)))) I slammed the book with horror and decided that this should not happen to me! The first acquaintance with Yoga did not end with love) and at the mention of the word Yoga, this picture popped up and caused laughter.

    Yoga schools next to me

    When I was 20 years old I started working in fitness. At that time, fitness only began to develop, aerobics came to replace Soviet rhythmic gymnastics and began to capture the minds of the population of child-bearing age. I taught dance classes. And it was at my first belly dance workshop that I was lucky to meet a good, correct teacher Olga Vereskunova. It was the only teacher in my path who directly connected the women’s practices of yoga and belly dancing. Root lock and loin in neutral position – condition number 1! Shaking the belly – this is udiyana bandha and agisaraphauti! Waves belly – upper and lower vases! AND

    I want to say a huge thank you to all Yoga Teachers, whom I met on my Path, who shared this Miracle with me! Thanks to my students and students for inspiring me to find the Path and taught me patience, empathy, service! Thanks to my family for their unconditional love and support, which I feel every second! I invite everyone to join the practice of yoga in my classes in the studio Vajra and India club! I invite you to be my kind companions on this Path! Ohm

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