Yeast accumulates

I love buds and vitamins, the reception itself is not a small pleasure (oddity, well, okay).

Brewer’s yeast is an additional source of B vitamins, natural proteins, vitamin C and calcium. In Bad, they are still enriched with iron, zinc, selenium, at the discretion of the manufacturer.

I chose this particular yeast, I tried Nagipol2 against acne rash (which I don’t have, so I cannot evaluate the result) and Ekko Plus with calcium (I didn’t like it at all).

We analyze the claimed composition:

Autolysate brewer’s yeast. The term autolysate is translated as decomposition, decay, that is, this yeast is not in its pure form, but in a more easily digestible form. How does it differ from ordinary yeast? – they are easier to digest and the body spends less energy, but the concentration of the intake is higher, from 9 to 15 tablets per day. Brewer’s yeast is mainly vitamin B (its concentration is very high). Water-soluble vitamins that do not accumulate in the body and require constant intake. Specifically, the yeast itself contains vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B6 ​​(pyridoxine), B12 (cyanocobalamin). Calcium Pantothenate Vitamin B5 (synthesized). Responsible for the structure of the hair. A very important component in hair care. Folic acid is vitamin B9. Provides a balanced maintenance of new cells in the body. Biotin – Vitamin B7. Regulates protein and fat metabolism. Sulfur source. Calcium. An important element for many processes of our body. Iron. The active element of hemoglobin. The catalyst for the process of oxygen exchange. Selenium. Participates in a variety of exchanges of various vitamins and enzymes. Most of it is in the liver, kidney, spleen. According to statistics, about 80% of Russians have a shortage of selenium in the body. Zinc. Essential for metabolism, vitamin E work, hormone synthesis. Vitamin E. Cell membrane protector. Participates in almost all processes of our body.

Yeast accumulates

How to use: adults and children over 14 years, 3 times a day for 3-5 tablets. Take from 30 to 60. Took 2 months.

I drank 4, that is, 12 tablets per day. Don’t be alarmed, this is a bit. Pure yeast (not autolysate) take 6 tablets.

Yeast accumulates

On the packaging stated "helps to improve the condition of nails, hair and skin".

Leather. I have it not much problem, no acne, a little fat in the T-zone. Sometimes there are single acne, no more. except that the color became smoother, the pores narrowed a little.

Yeast accumulates

Hair. Actually for what they were accepted by me. hair began to grow a little faster, I noticed this after trimming the tips by as much as 10 cm. A month later. It was already 3cm in the black! ) And from the roots they are so dense, strong, let’s hope that the situation does not change. Much more shine on the hair, about the elimination of brittleness until I realized the effect, constantly trimming the tips (I want to change the old to the new).

Nails The nails grow long, but sometimes brittle. Shivers solved this problem! ) They grow pretty quickly and are not stratified.

Of course, the effect is purely individual, but still the feedback is more positive than negative.

The main question, caring for all women before taking-recover from yeast?

No (!), The pills themselves do not get better! Neither per gram. But, yeast increases appetite, and if it is not controlled, you can easily gain weight. If you do not change your daily diet, there will be no change in weight. Do not be afraid)

The price is about 100 rubles, depending on the pharmacy, in a jar 100 pieces.

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