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We define mindfulness as, "a mental state achieved by focusing on one’s awareness on the present moment."

Www mindbodygreen com

But if you’ve ever found yourself, you may have missed the point. It is more than that. If you are living in the past or thinking about the future.

It seems like we’ve taken away the heat of the yoga studio.

It is a huge awakening in my life. However, I began to realize that I had confined this practice to the classroom only. Being a mindful of friends, a little bit of time and a little bit But I couldn’t really need it anymore.

When I became more aware of the energy, mindfulness, I realized. It is a feminine principle!

Being in the moment is about getting out of our heads. Your body doesn’t live in the past; it is in the here and now. How do we connect our bodies through this grounding sensuality? By delighting our senses!

It is a mindfulness of mindfulness:

1. Taste

Whenever you are eating Is it bitter or sweet? Salty or spicy? If you are mindful of your digestion.

Www mindbodygreen com

2. Sight

It’s not a problem. Try leaving your phone at home and take a walk. So many of us walk with our heads down, buried in our thoughts, without even realizing it. Look up to the street. Notice how the shadows dance in the sun.

3. Sound

We hear. For your child If it walks by. That you surround you.

Www mindbodygreen com

4. Touch

It is not always a sensation. Feeling your body your bare feet. Feel that you are wearing drapes over your body.

5. Smell

It is a gift. If you’re roasting with cinnamon wafer through your kitchen.

Earthly experiences that you can enjoy Your body is highly beneficial. You don’t always need a meditation pillow and a mind mantra. There are plenty of gifts for everyone in the world, by tuning into your senses.

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