Worry worse at night

Lying on the (right) side From abusing heart remedies Due to the suppression of symptoms. Thinking about a symptom

Irritable weakness. Anxious heart, with many associated symptoms. Symptoms vary with heart activity or occur along with FAST, ANXIOUS, EXCITED BY THE BEAT OF THE HEART. The combination of heart symptoms with bleeding. BLEEDINGfrom the nose, hemorrhoidal, from the lungs and

Nervous, hurried and trembling. Slow thinking.

Eyes bulging, bulging. A swarthy [brownish-yellow], expressionless, puffy face.

Choking when lying down. Cough of cardiac origin. HEART: frantic, extremely fast (Phos.), Violent heart activity; it beats hard at night; feeling of tightness, oppression in the region of the heart; pain, soreness, painful squeeze. Pulse: big, full, soft; not synchronous with contractions of the heart. Dull pain with sensation of heat below (right) scapula. The cold [(?) Body is cold – coldness].

DIFF DIAGNOSIS. Cact., Coll, Crat.


Nervous system.

Spinal cord Throat. Genital organs WORSE.

From flowing water.

(Canth. Stram) From the heat of the sun From shiny items. From drafts. IT IS BETTER.

Worry worse at night

From dropping [head] back.

From light, gentle rubbing

Spasm. Overly aggravated feelings. [. ] Fear. Anger. Quick speech. Impatience and rage, rabies. Wandering, wandering.

Constantly spits creepy, frothy saliva. Spasm of the esophagus. Cannot urinate until he hears the sound of flowing water. Sexual arousal. Sensitive uterus. Barking cough. Pain in the neck. Cyanosis, cyanosis. Convulsions.




stomach; intestines; liver. NERVES:

facial; dental. WORSE.


At rest. From the noise. From cold: when cold;

from the cold wind; from drafts. From food: starchy; from milk. From minor reasons: by touchetc. In childhood. In infants. IT IS BETTER.

From the movement. When walking around.


Worry worse at night

Sickly, sickly, emaciated, nervous, suffering from the accumulation of gases and flabby, sluggish. All sour (Rheum): regurgitates sour; frothy, acidic vomit; sour stools and

Heavy in the brain. Tearing, burrowing, boring facial or toothache; worse during pregnancy; better from the cold.

Worry worse at night

Sudden deafness.

Coughing masses cough up his throat. Sore throat during menstruation.

Snacks, pinches, drags a piece. Vomiting of undigested milk or bitter liquid. Colic with rezami.

Chair: frothy; GREEN, LIKE WATER AND TINA INTO THE POND;with undigested food, with gelatinous, gelatinous or fatty masses; grass green.

Menstrual blood resembles thick black molasses, molasses; as tar; viscous; bleeding more abundant at night and on rising; leaves hard to remove stains.

Desire for open air. Paroxysmal cough; thin, salty or bloody sputum with difficulty expectoration.

Heavy, tired feet.

Chilly: forgives, which is accompanied by a runny nose, toothache, sore throat and

The minimum duration of action is 5 weeks.

ANTIDOTY. Cham., Nux-v., Puls.




Digestion.Pelvic organs: uterus; rectum.

LYING ON THE RIGHT SIDE. At night. From the noise.

From the sea bathing.From food. From salty food. FROM MILK. IT IS BETTER.


Lying prone.Hang down. From quiet movement. From the cool, open air.

Nervous; with symptoms of liver and uterus damage or heart. Feeling a coma – globus. Hysteria. Spasms.Dryness. Burning.Piercing sensation. Lunch causes nausea, shortness of breath, etc. Chronic. [. ].

Yellow sclera. Deprive at the edges of the eyelids [? – tinea ciliaris].

Ozena with caustic secretions and the formation of crusts.

The tongue is wide, yellow, with scalloped edge; seems burnt. Loss of taste and smell. Desire sweet. The pain of the liver spreads to the spine or epigastrium. Painful, enlarged liver; pulls, presses when the patient lies on the (left) side. Painful spasm, cramp in the gallbladder, better from food. Accumulation of gases, flatulence. DRY CHAIR; LUMPY;in the form of small balls, like sheep droppings; Gray; crumbles at the anus. To urinate, you have to press on the bladder.

Copious, dark, clotted menstrual flow; as bitumen, tar; with painful cramps, pain in the back and hips. The leucorrhoea is secreted in a continuous stream after each spasm or after stool.

Palpitations: better from moving or lying on the (left) side. Pulsation, beating under (left) shoulder blade. Feeling of bruised, bruised or burning sensation in the pelvic wings and in the back. Cramping pain in the back; worse walking; in the hips worse sitting.

The feeling of death of the tips of the fingers. Tension in the thighs and calves; must move limbs. The area of ​​the ankles, ankles, is cold, or anxiety is felt; worse at night. Cut in heels.

Yellow, liquid, fetid pus. Jaundice. Sweat on the head and feet.

The minimum duration is 4 weeks.

DIFF DIAGNOSIS. Nat-m, Puls., Sep.


NERVES. persons;


Right side of the body. WORSE.


when revealed; from drafts; from cold water (Calc.). Lying on the right side.From touch. Periodically. AT NIGHT.From milk. With exhaustion. IT IS BETTER.

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