Working on yourself

From 5 to 7 March in Tashkent, a seminar of a human legend, the author of numerous bestsellers, the most frequently requested in search engines, read and listened lecturer on the Internet Oleg Torsunov, will take place.

According to the State Statistics Committee, in Uzbekistan from January to September 2018, 23.8 thousand divorces were registered through the registry offices. Employees of the Oila Center conducted an experiment and interviewed those divorced in the last three years. As it turned out, the first place among the reasons for divorce is the lack of mutual understanding and constant conflicts between spouses (22.5%), further infertility (15.6%), compulsive interference of the spouses in the lives of the newlyweds (15%) and alcoholism (11%). ). And negative factors, such as violence and chronic illness of the spouse, gained only 4.0% and 4.6% of the total number of reasons for divorce. The leaders are conflicts and misunderstandings.

All the above problems suggest that we need deep work on ourselves, on relationships, on the knowledge of the value of family, children and marriage. Every living day, the spoken word, the deed – all this develops and deepens the relationship, collecting an impregnable castle from small bricks or destroying them.

Psychologist Oleg Torsunov at his lectures will talk about loyalty and respect in the family, the duties of a man and a woman, and will also raise the issue of victory over family difficulties, which will help save the family and not face a divorce. The full program of the seminar can be found here.

Oleg Torsunov has been studying the heritage of the East for more than thirty years in matters of medicine, the physical and spiritual development of a person, social and personal relationships, adapting this experience to modern conditions and presenting it in an accessible form in books and lectures. Specialist lectures in the CIS countries, Europe and the United States, speaking on radio and television. Being a popularizer of a healthy lifestyle, he pays great attention to the issues of proper nutrition and daily regimen.

Working on yourself

Ticket price:

– VIP tickets – 170 thousand soums / day (1 row 1-10, 21-30; 2-3 row)

– Parterre – 120 thousand soums per day, with the purchase for all three days the ticket costs 320 thousand (107 thousand soums / day) (5-8 series)

– Amphitheater – 80 thousand soums per day (9-15 series)

– Balcony – 50 thousand soums per day (16-17 series)

– Sponsorship places – 500 thousand soums per day (1 row 11-20 places)

Working on yourself

Half of the proceeds from the sale of tickets will be the financial support of the UzTEA charity project “Food for Life” in Tashkent. The project envisages the provision of hot meals to people in the rehabilitation center for persons without a certain place of residence at the Main Directorate of Internal Affairs, to support orphanages and the elderly. The remaining 50% will go to the development of ecovillage in Krasnodar.

Seminar location: Grand Hall of the State Conservatory, Shayhantaursky District, ul. Olmazor (Landmark: metro station “Uzbekistan”).

Details by phone: +99890 185-74-79, +99899 830-81-18

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Oleg Gennadievich Torsunov – doctor, writer, lecturer, known in many countries of the world. Candidate of Medical Sciences, Senior Lecturer of the Department “Theory and Methods of Health Technology and Physical Culture of the East” of the Ural State University of Physical Culture, a specialist in public health. He graduated from the Samara Medical Institute and internship in the specialty “Dermatovenereology.” For several years he lived in India, where he studied the traditional system of Indian medicine Ayurveda and Vedic philosophy.

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