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Since October 21, 2010, the capital of the country is headed by Sergei Semyonovich Sobyanin. What do we know about this extraordinary person and statesman?

Sergey Semyonovich Sobyanin

Full biography of Sergei Semenovich:

  • 1982-1984 – worked as head of the Komsomol organizations of the district.
  • 1985-1986 – Head of Housing and Public Utilities of Kogalym
  • 1986-1988 – the secret of the Kogalym Council
  • 1988-1990 – Deputy Head of the Department of the CPSU Committee of the District
  • 1990-1991 – Head of the Tax Inspectorate in the city of Kogalym
  • 1991-1993 – Mayor of the city of Kogalym.
  • 1994-2000 – Chairman of the Parliament of the Khanty-Mansiysk Okrug.
  • 2001-2005 – Governor of the Tyumen region.
  • 2005–2008 – Head of the Presidential Administration.
  • 2008-2010 – Head of Government Office with the rank of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.
  • 2010- … – Mayor of Moscow.

Interesting facts from the biography of Sobyanin:

  • The youngest child in the family.
  • Ancestors were Cossacks in the Urals.
  • Grandfather Sobyanin lived more than 100 years.
  • After the completion of the Kostroma Technological Institute, he worked at the plant woodworking machines, pipe rolling plant.
  • Defending a candidate’s degree, he wrote a dissertation on the topic “Legal status of autonomous okrugs as subjects of the Russian Federation”.
  • As the governor of the Tyumen region, Sergey Semenovich was able to increase the regional budget by 10 times. It also developed a new general plan for the city, updated the Roshino airport and bus station, and laid out a city boulevard.
  • Since 2004 – Member of the Supreme Council of the United Russia party.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin

Former wife of Sergei Sobyanin

What about the spouse? Children? After all, Sobyanin has a beautiful wife, Irina Rubinchik, who played in his career, and indeed, a rather big role … and two wonderful adult daughters.

Sergey Sobyanin and his wife

If you believe the rumors, then Rubinchik is the owner of the plant for the production of tiles and the company “Aerodromstroy”, which laid in the city of Tyumen borders. It is for this reason that Rubinchik is known by the nickname Irina-Bordu. However, Sobyanin denied this information the day after the announcement, saying that Irina is an ordinary teacher at school. Well, yes, we, of course, all pretended to believe the mayor of Moscow. When did this cheat the government?

As some newspapers wrote, the relationship between Irina and Sergey began to deteriorate even in Tyumen. They converged, dispersed, again converged and again dispersed, writing off the fact that they did not agree on characters. However, for some reason everyone, including Irina herself, was silent about the mistress who could really be the reason for the separation of the spouses. Of course, career is paramount!

Biography and photo mistress Sobyanin

Recently, the public has become interested in the personal life of the mayor of the city of Moscow, Sergei Semyonovich Sobyanin, or rather, with his right hand, Deputy Anastasia Rakova.

Cancer Biography

Anastasia Rakova was born in the northern town of Khanty-Mansiysk, and studied at the well-known Tyumen University, she received two educations, legal and financial.

Since 1998, at the age of 22, she began working with Sobyanin, who at that time was the chairman of the Khanty-Mansiysk Duma, and, apparently, did not calculate. Her career began to grow rapidly upwards. No meeting of the mayor was held without her participation. And even moving from one city to another, Sergey Semenovich always took his faithful assistant with him – first to Tyumen, where he became mayor of the region, and then to Moscow.

It is because of this fact that it is rumored that it is not only service that binds Rakov and Sobyanin. Even before Sergei and Anastasia moved to Moscow, their relationship turned into something more.

Sergey officially divorced his wife, citing the fact that they have not lived as a full-fledged family for several years. And then the question arises: Is this the official reason for the dissolution of the marriage? Indeed, in 2010 Nastya went on maternity leave … Yes, yes. And there are rumors that Sergei Sobyanin himself is the father of the child. But officially it is, of course, not proven, and why?

After the rumors began to spread that Sergey would probably have a child soon, Irina could not stand the nerves, and after all the court proceedings related to the divorce, she collected her belongings and went to live in one of the European countries. But Rakov and Sobyanin remained to enjoy life in the capital. Rumor has it that the last floor of the city hall is equipped with a kind of kindergarten, where excellent conditions are created for their daughter. So, a happy family is together almost always.

At the moment, the life of the Cancer has become calm. She is the deputy mayor of the capital and enjoys joyful moments spent in the company of her beloved man and daughter, looking at Moscow from the top floor of the mayor’s office – the love nest. Let’s rejoice at the “young”!

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Sergey Sobyanin, the potential future President of RUSSIA, has shown himself to be in the management of Moscow and will establish a normal life for everyone

It is even funny to read such things about Sobyanin; Sobyan has two patrons (Putya and Medved) and Sobyanin works only with his tongue and not his head. Medveputinsky appointee, typical edrovsky chinusha. For his servility of him, almost the only non-St. Petersburg man, they took to high posts. And what did he do good for Moscow? How was the trash of bastard capitalism, and remained.

Such an irresponsible person can write a person who does not live in Moscow. Because Muscovites are grateful to Sergei Sobyanin for what he has done in such a short period of time for our city. It takes into account our opinion – Active Citizen portals and Our city work. I use both and always come to my messages reply and specific actions. The way he cleared Moscow from advertising, how many smart pedestrian and recreation areas, parks, bike paths, how many magnificent roads, overpasses, metro stations were built – no other city dreamed of it and no leader of such a metropolis. Man of action! Moscow and Muscovites will be grateful to him for many centuries!

An active citizen is in the order for all failures of the mayor’s office (GKU, GBU, DZZN and

support among my acquaintances are also few satisfied. That’s right, a lot is being built, and more is being taken on this construction site! Count In the payment cap. home repair and maintenance is generally funny! Present in its purest form! Paid parkings that were outside of treschki should be present only in busy places – in fact, they stick in everywhere! money is spent on roads again, and so every year. on the garden that the sidewalks were narrow? there after reconstruction on each side of the lane disappeared. The result of the roadway has become and traffic jams even more. And everywhere they put tiles, why? I have a child on a scooter could not roll, the joints between the tiles interfere! Motorists pressed to the fullest. pedestrians just do not notice!

And how much do you take on yourself, Madame named Tatyana? Directly, “We – Nicholas II.” Maybe you shouldn’t speak for ALL Muscovites ?! Who delegated these midnight to you? … Take your Sobyanin and bring him to Tyumen. And to me personally, a radical Muscovite in pre-revolutionary generations, this Tyumen good is not necessary. Got here everyones.

I support at 100.

Maintain 200%

Tatiana, already “for centuries”, stupid are you something … or from “a friend” All Moscow groans from … I don’t want to


Not ashamed? Are you walking, bike lanes? I wish you peshochkom and great winter to work. Although you are probably an old parasite, which, apart from the clinic, is not needed anywhere. Well then the clinic to you in Zelenograd and that you are the creature on foot there. And on the bike. And on the way, think about how much it is necessary to draw pedestrians and cycling on the already built stripes, charge for parking, cut the grass, destroy trees, water the asphalt in the rain and give all these jobs to Uzbeks and other non-citizens of the Russian Federation. And I also wish that the ambulance on the way to you rested on the blocked and excavated road, when your mayor will feed Uzbekistan again, changing the asphalt and curb stone for the fifth time in a year. I hate such fools enthusiastic. Or paid

I, you have wished for yourself a complete fool.

Well done, J. Right wished these savages moronic, they do not deserve a better attitude.

And it’s not shameful to write to the ordering dirtier and untidy than the city as at Sobyanin never happened even in the 90s, but you set up thanks, what kind of idiot came up with bike lanes in such a megapolis, we don’t have Shanghai to cut down the parks there

He hates Moscow and Muscovites … He loves only his pocket, well, probably his mistress

About Sobyanin you can say: “They let goat into the garden”, this saying even suits him very much. Sobyanin always and everywhere managed to seize, fill his pockets, and, accordingly, “bribed” the right people who could help him “not to drown.” In one word, Sobyanin is the most corrupt official …

Does Sobyanin love his mistress Rakov? I do not know … He has long been trying to “attach” her: imposes on everyone – trying to marry his mistress Rakov in marriage … And for this “service” promises high positions or millions …

It seems that the holy fool Rakov’s Khantyka isn’t necessary even to the stupid Khant Sobyanin, if he tries to marry her …

Read sickening. What roads, outcomes. Cobbled roads, bicycles in the city where for 9 months a year, winter (can skis) endless requisitions, narrowing of the main roads (cobblestone must be attached) theft and lawlessness. And the roads and interchanges. Pay attention to whose cottages, sorry palaces, lead these roads, and under these roads there are interchanges on which there was one traffic light and a small traffic jam, and now two, three and healthy has broken through. Luzhkov would bureaucrats instead.

Tatiana, you seem to live in your little world. And do not see what is happening around. Sobyanin has already earned money on the slab, which he puts on Moscow every year. 50 billion rubles. every year is spent on this crap. And the level of health care consistently falls, but I generally keep quiet about pensions and child benefits. Only a handful that is in power is enriched, and all the rest eke out a miserable existence. What exactly did Sobyanin for the people? Mayor of Moscow should not be a visitor from the North, but one who was born in Moscow and loves Moscow.

Oh, don’t make me laugh, they are not grateful to the original Muscovites, who are simply terrified, and those who became Muscovites did not manage to get off the platform and already consider themselves masters, after 101 km, the city inspires

I read your praise ode. It would be very strange if with such a budget Moska did not change. Everything that the city administration was built on was formed under Luzhkov, and this one only continues. And turned up old solid pavements of the center changed to tile in the first month of his reign? Do you like it. He was put by the head of the city, he couldn’t say a word, he just took pictures. Wedding General.

who knows how to be a Sobyan, using his official position, appropriates the money of Muscovites and deprives them of their property, then this newcomer will always be considered a crook, who unfortunately is outside the Law ……

It is immediately felt that a person is writing who does not live and did not live in

You, Valentina Ivanovna, do not know much. In fact, everything that is done in Moscow is not the merit of Sobyanin and certainly not Rakova, but completely different people are working for the good of the city, and Sobyanin and his mistress are only listed in these positions. Sobyanin works only 1.5 – 2 hours a week, the rest of the time is at home, enjoying life, lying on the sofa. This was told by one woman, with whom Sobyanin lived together, while he was officially married to his wife Irina Iosifovna and did not part with Rakova. This woman’s name was Elena, she was already dead. And it was Sobyanin who was guilty of her death, and Dmitry Peskov. Elena, before meeting with Sobyanin, worked as a judge in Tyumen, for one service he invited her to Moscow and she, stupid, hoping that Sobyanin would help her to settle down well in the capital, flew in. Sobyanin not only did not help her get a job, but did not even give her the opportunity to get a job by himself: he just took her passport from her and hid it. He allegedly rented a large apartment for her, allegedly paid a large sum for this rental apartment, and in fact this apartment was his property, decorated for his elderly father. In fact, it can be said that Elena was in sexual slavery in Sobyanin. Her passport returned Dmitry Peskov, but for the “sexual service.” In the end, one of them infected Elena with gonorrhea, she didn’t even understand who: Sobyanin or Sands? And when she reported this to the clinic, the two simply sent her to a psychiatric hospital. And only when Elena was able to escape from the mental hospital and returned to Tyumen, she told the whole truth about Sobyanin and about Dmitry Peskov. She called them lazy, not working, worthless, very weak and mean people, while receiving millions. Already in Tyumen, after such stress, Elena fell ill and died.

Wife scolding husband

Well, she came up with ………. a sick fantasy …. probably, Sma wanted to come to the place of this lady.

Horror. What nonsense. To drag a sexual slave from Tyumen … Are there few models in Moscow? You are a storyteller … And right for everyone, she was needed. And Peskov too. You do not know, it’s funny or stupid, that’s all.

Lord, people, look what you write. Read scary. Some inventions, tales and retellings of someone said. In all this, only envy, just black envy and impotence from its worthlessness. Is not it a shame! Communal kitchen sit-out.

Except for Perovo, were they not anywhere?)))) Then take a walk along Lyublino. There is generally hell.

Ukraine and then adjusts. Known for what you say here, Zhannochka.

Lyubov Mikhailovna, sorry for being rude, but you d … a. He accepted the new Moscow from Luzhkov, who developed the capital and cared about the welfare of Muscovites, especially pensioners and people with disabilities. And what does the Sobyanin-ruble add, and take away ten. Read the Moscow Government Decree on benefits for persons with disabilities in paying for electricity, in general, on payment for heating of residential premises. Tariffs are increasing with the boy’s delivery of the prime minister, and Sobyanin adds the standards for the consumption of heat energy ignoring resolutions of the Russian government. God forbid such a president.

.I met with Sobyanin personally and he, looking into my eyes and shaking hands, three times gave the floor to the MERA to resolve the issue by a team that was robbed by his entourage. He lied to me, shaking hands in front of the cameras, and promised to take it personally if anyone dares not to comply with his orders. Bottom line: I’m the head of the native Muscovite team, I ended up on the street with my family and became homeless, after numerous threats I was assassinated, my mother’s legs fell asleep, the team was thrown out onto the street, the Mayor of the city sent an appeal to the Mayor of the city to the toilet. The appeal of the deputy chairman of the State Duma, personally to the mayor, this measure was flushed to the toilet. When I heard the receptionist’s mayor, who was hiding from Muscovites with all his might, I passed on to the Mayor through his PERSONAL secretary about what was happening and received an answer that they reported everything to Sergei Semenovich, but he would not fulfill the Mayor’s word will not be. Now, looking in the mirror and seeing the scar on my temple, every morning I remember our HONEST, ORDERAL and BOLD Sergey Semyonovich Sobyanin. Roman Romanovich Titarenko a former Muscovite, and now a homeless

Novel! I am very sorry for you, but you in vain believed this idiot Sobyanin. Remember about the rooster – “just to croon, and there at least not dawn.” Sobyanin is such: he only talks, and nothing more! They have already written about him that he works only with his tongue and not with his head. So it is, because he has an empty head, he does not understand anything at all. It’s time for everyone to understand: Sobyanin is a mentally ill person and his place is not in the City Hall, but at the institute

So do a career. Lizoblyudy and immoral people. That is why we are in this position. The economy is falling, the population is impoverished. In obese years, sycophants are not very harmful and during the crisis there is no sense from them, but they cannot be replaced.

This is written by belosharikovs, who are anal servants and the like. Such as you write living on the grandees of Soros and similar handouts. Only in Russia you will not have to cast a shadow on the fence. Do not worry in vain!

Sergius, dear, you are right, And it is very necessary to replace, but how can I not offer

What kind of nonsense. Nastya is married and she has a beautiful daughter! Stop writing all sorts of nonsense.

On the streets have to go. Our silence is gold for those in power.

Do not tell people, it’s necessary to come up with this: Sobyanin is the future president of Russia? To be honest, Sobyanin is as far as Putin, as before the moon on foot. The Rakovo “horned deer” does not even have a higher education, it has purchased diplomas, as well as Rakova, who was expelled from the university. Sobyanin first saw the record book only when his eldest daughter became a student.

What nonsense you carry. Nastya Rakova studied in Tyumen

Natalya (she is Rakova Nastya) – no need for people to “hang noodles on their ears” about brilliant studies. Nastya Rakova did study a little at Tyumen State University, but was expelled from there almost immediately, there are witnesses who confirm this. This is the first. And secondly, there are so many witnesses who talk about how Rakova “worked.” Or rather: the idiot Rakova poured the entire carpet from the receiving governor of the Tyumen Oblast Sobyanin to the toilet with a smelly contagious liquid, even two fluids that ran down her legs – Sobyanin syphilis and chemozovskoy gonorrhea, as Rakova herself said that “they push each other out,” , find out – who is stronger. ” She gave primacy to Oleg Chemezov, and called Sobyanin “a wimp”, “a horned deer”, an impot ……. There are photos confirming this fact. And the rest of the time I read magazines and guessed crossword puzzles. That’s how Rakov works now. And on the beach there is her picture, where she lies in indecent form, with acne in an intimate place ….

Wife scolding husband

Absolutely! Right! For money, we are ready to sell our own mother, and not the fact that Sobyanin, Putin, is doused with mud! You yourself tried to work honestly and responsibly!? What did you talk about to ruin the country since 1917, before Putin! And now you want everything to work out quickly? . Machines of 2, or even three in the family, you go to disgrace in Egypt and Turkey, take away the money, and you tried to do something with your own hands in your porch, in the courtyard.

It seems that Samoilova, Lyubov Vasilievna and Katerina are bloggers bought by Cancer, or maybe she herself wrote. Cancer has no husband or daughter. She, oh, very much wants to marry Sobyanin, but Sobyanin never marries her, because her favorite daughter Sobyanin Olya had only 4 months of study at the Tyumen Medical College in order to find out the whole truth about Nastya, who is still Secretary of the governor Sobyanin made him a joke, told everyone in Tyumen intimate details, and in a humiliating, offensive form for Sobyanin. Rakova assured everyone that Sobyanin was always very easily deceived because he was naive, trusting, like a child. Olya “opened her father’s eyes” on Rakov.

It seems that you, Marianna, are one of those envious and evil furies that unfortunately can be found in the lives of many normal and capable people. Stop spreading cheap gossip here. Yes, and weave here the names of the children. No one cares about it. Sobyanin is a wonderful mayor and that’s enough for everyone. We have no habit of digging into someone else’s underwear. This property of the decayed society in the west. Go there and drain all the dirt.

I don’t give a damn about his privacy, but for me a disabled pensioner, he’s not good

Surprisingly: how are the Muscovites still suffering this mentally retarded Sobyanin with his mentally ill Rakova tolerant? He was kicked out of Khanty-Mansiysk, he managed to escape from Tyumen by taking his vile and deceitful secretary Nastya, who in fact was only listed as head of the office of the Tyumen Region Government. In fact, Sobyanin srakovoy – “two boots, a pair,” they stand each other, like internally. Sobyanin (like Rakov) is an intriguer and slanderer, it doesn’t cost him to slander a person and at the same time walk with people proudly raised and not constraining to look into their eyes. They do not even have higher education, diplomas purchased. Rakova was expelled from the TSU and she did not receive a single diploma there, and Sobyanin never studied at the institute at all, because he “did not go out of his mind.” When his eldest daughter, Anna, asked in surprise: “Dad, have you seen the transcript book for the first time? And how did you get a higher education? ”- Sobyanin turned crimson red and fell into a coma, and spent a week in a coma, a corpse. And when he woke up, he did not remember anything. How can intelligent and educated people who have graduated from Moscow State University and other universities be obedient to such ignoramuses?

How embarrassing when men are woven into a chorus of gossips. Shame …

Although Sobyanin is lagging behind in mental development, he understands a little bit that if he formalizes his relationship with Rakova, many men will openly laugh at him, to whom Rakov has rendered intimate services. Poor Irina Sobyanin so suffered from this couple of idiots. Sobyanin, along with Rakova, simply mocked her, thrashed her. Sobyanin is actually a house tyrant, constantly insulting Irina, calling him “fat”, forcing her to lose weight, which is why she had to lie down on the operating table and pump fat off, after which the poor girl’s entire body was scarred. And then Sobyanin completely beat Irina, almost killed her, and his “girlfriend” Rakov gave him an “alibi”, which in fact was not there. Yes, Rakov is an accomplice of Sobyanin in all his dark deeds. It was Rakova who constantly called Irina, insulted her, mocked her, and she did it on behalf of another woman. Rakova thought that Irina would not understand, would not distinguish her voice, and would not guess that it was Rakova who called. Sobyanin and Rakova constantly infected each other with sexually transmitted diseases, because they are very lustful and not picky about their connections. Just as Rakova easily provides intimate services to other men, so Sobyanin easily enters into intimate relations not only with Rakova, but also with young girls of easy virtue. These are the mayor Sobyanin and his former secretary Rakov, who now holds the position of his deputy, although she had only been in all the posts before, because then nobody taught her how to work, didn’t add, as in Moscow Mayor’s Office, by order of Sobyanin himself.

That’s what you need to bring to trial and put in jail. If you do not stop writing such abominations – you will end your life there. Do a normal business, timokha. Enough of shit to dig. Fu … It is even disgusting to read and answer such as you. I’ll go wash my hands and breathe fresh air.

what are you, srakovoy hired everyone here to answer? in each ass plug, podtyavchivay here for every comment.

Tatyana, I completely agree with you. It is disgusting when inferior defective “men” (it is impossible to call them men without quotes) in the dirty linen of others only because they themselves are not capable of anything, so human garbage … And he knows all about

Polina, for your information and for the attention of all Muscovites too, I want to say the following: Sobyanin had to flee from Kogalym due to the fact that one decent woman wrote a statement of claim to him in court for sexual harassment … This confirms his illness, that is, his brain has long been infected …

Bastards – this is Sobyanin with Rakova! These two are slanderers and schemers; I didn’t meet people in my life who were meaner and worse. Sobyanin tells everyone a fairy tale about some kind of love, about some kind of close relationship between us, which really NEVER WAS and WILL NOT, because I am too clean, too squeamish, intelligent, decent and very well educated to contact with such a dirty, contagious and silly Khantom Sobyanin. Sobyanin and Rakov are mentally ill people, that is why they pursue me, write nasty things about me and nonsense, periodically call my colleagues and relatives, try to stipulate and defame me. Apparently, this happens at the moments of exacerbation of their diseases. Therefore, they need to be isolated from society. In fact, I know a lot about this couple, about their “deeds”, I became an unwitting witness. The fact that Sobyanin is a liar may not be known to everyone. So, his statements that his wife had received “decent compensation” during a divorce and now lives in one of the European countries – this is complete nonsense! His ex-wife, Irina, was left without a livelihood after the divorce; she returned to Tyumen and begged even borrowed money from unfamiliar people because she could not get a job because she did not have any work experience or qualifications. She was forced to engage in illegal activities and was soon arrested with a large batch of “goods”. So much for the mayor Sobyanin. And before the divorce, Rakov’s mistress brought them, who constantly called Irina, said nasty things to her, and she did it on my behalf. The question is: WHY DO I have to breed my lover Rakova with my wife? Back in Tyumen, Rakova told about Sobyanin intimate details to everyone, many already knew about their relationship, she had long wanted to marry him. But for some reason, Sobyanin does not want to marry Rakova.

Damage men are Sobyanin and Dmitry Peskov, who have one mistress for two – Rakov. Yes Yes! Exactly. These moral monsters take turns having sex with Khantyka Rakova, apparently, she provides them with intimate services on a schedule (alternately). Rakova herself told about the first time they had with Peskov: as if Dmitry Peskov attacked her and began to undress right in the office with an exclamation – “I want you, I want you so much!” And then they all “went like clockwork. ” And the silly Navka thinks that Peskov is the best husband, makes her the happiest woman. In fact, Peskov “instructs the horns” Navka, as he once did to his wife with Navka. What an idiot Dmitry Peskov really is! And Khantyka Rakova while dreaming of marrying a moron Sobyanin …

Timokha, are you a moron? Exactly this, if you write such nonsense … .. I suppose the patient is jealous of successful and intelligent people …

This is Rakov – debilk, because it could not get a higher education. She was almost immediately expelled from Tyumen University, let’s face it: they kicked out, she got such a kick! And later she just bought herself diplomas and this scammer had no right to occupy such high positions with purchased diplomas.

Tata, for your information, I want to add the following: CLEAR and SUCCESSFUL people study on their own and get an education like all normal people, and do not buy diplomas like Sobyanin and Rakova. Smart and successful people do not weave intrigue and do not engage in slander. Smart and successful women do not call other people’s wives and do not say bad things to them, trying to separate them from their husbands. Smart and successful women are not missed by the shkirki and not thrown away as lousy, shabby … as they did to the idiot Rakova. Clear?

Under the name Tatyana Rakova herself is hiding – this is obvious, and therefore she cannot ferment, she cannot refute the facts, because facts are a stubborn thing. In the house of the Government of the Russian Federation, everyone knows that Rakova left Sobyanin for Kozak, she even called him her lover, but Kozak quickly threw her out and then Rakov got into Basargin’s pants, but he also threw it away. I jumped at the young guys, tried to stop, but in vain: nobody needed Rakov, so the poor creature had to crawl back to old Sobyanin, to the “horned deer” (that’s what she calls Sobyanin by the eyes). And the poor fellow accepted her, because no one needs him, no decent woman will get involved with this syphilitic. Yes exactly. Former wife Irina said that Sobyanin has a neglected form of syphilis.

Tanyuha! Shame is when daytime, during working hours, in the office of the old man Sobyanin is caught with the secretary Rakova. Imagine the following picture: Sobyanin with cancer, naked, sitting on the sofa and Rakov playing with some organ of Sobyanin, who is groaning with pleasure. And anything, what at this time in the next offices people work? This is shame! And it is very disgusting to everyone when the witness to this disgraceful picture Sobyanin dismisses from work for her immoral behavior and instead of her appoints her “morally stable” secretary Rakov as head of the government apparatus. And he himself is what a “morally stable” type.

Eduardo Turkmen: I agree with you 100 percent in everything, the only mistake: you write will add ten rubles to the ruble. I bring clarity as a disabled pensioner: for the entire period of his stay, he did not add a penny to pensioners and disabled people, not only the ruble, but he had already taken away all the benefits that had been established before him!

Benefits canceled by federal law, enough here to spoil everything in the brain.

Oh, and laugh friends! Long time, so did not laugh! And I feel sorry for Sobyanin’s wife … It can be seen, well done only on the sheep, and on the cows, is no longer healthy! And about the disabled people rightly said, sucked them to the bone, the poor!

It turns out that in our government, and not only, all concerned about sexual

I haven’t laughed like that for a long time.

And in general, the men in the government became impudent themselves with both Botox and suspenders, and what about the face of the poor “girl”?

Yes, you take a look … those who say that this is the new president. Open your eyes blind and do not write all sorts of crap. Sobyanin is the new Yeltsin (he also started from Moscow and everyone clapped his hands on it). And what was the result? And Rakova, who steers in reality, while the chef and the main muschin of her life on TV flaunts, is generally a disaster for many.

Answer Guest (from

and the faces of their faces have not cracked – the floor of the City Hall to allocate 1 child for kindergarten?

Fat Muscovites, be afraid … Live for the Moscow Ring Road, really … I will look at you, how to howl …

Sobyan idiot Cator I have not met for 35 in my service and after reading your reviews about him I am thinking of the dead Vyacheslav

I look forward to hearing from me personally

Vyacheslav! In vain wait for a response from the mayor. The mayor is not familiar with the computer, especially with the Internet. He does not have enough minds to do this.

Lord What are you breaking spears here? Everything is seized – everything is paid for! Sobyanin himself once spilled the words: “The most stupid people for very big money can occupy the highest positions ….” Who can say something here.

scum is Sobyanin with Rakova … Here everyone is discussing – who is Rakov, the “new wife” Sobyanin. The answer is simple: Rakova is a woman of easy virtue, besides, she is also mentally ill … Just the same patient and Sobyanin himself …

all of you who scold the mayor probably have lost something with his arrival, so you don’t notice all the good that Sobyanin did, but it’s in vain if you want to give an assessment, you have to consider everything for and against.

And you, Vyacheslav, probably have something, some benefit from Sobyanin, if you decide to stand up for him … Apparently, you are well settled with him … Sobyanin knows how to bribe the people he needs, knows how to make fun of those who depend on him …

Wife scolding husband

All of them are United Russia’s thieves in law, and the people for them are slaves and cattle, dispersed by flashing lights and tuples. Servants of the people, bl … be.

A criminal case must be filed against Sobyanin for bribing officials … He bribes not only officials, but also law enforcement officers and spends millions on it …

It seems that the most rotten gossipers and slanderers gathered in one place .. May God save God from such nasty people as you. If I had my way, I would have gathered all of you and sent to Dixon Island for 5 years. You just simply zazhralis, with the arrival of Sobyanin, the city has changed for the better, the European capitals are not around. I can list and recite the advantages of Sobyanin. Under Luzhkov, in the city there was a bazaar-station, no order, corruption was in full swing, etc. and etc. .. Starting from Kogalym, Khanty-Mansiysk, Tyumen and to Moscow where Sobyanin worked everywhere and to this day. I have been working at PM for 3 years and admire the control system built by Sobyanin.

Finally, the holy fool Rakova woke up: well, she decided to protect her hunt, praise him, remembered his entire working path … Apparently she hopes that he will marry her anyway … But I want to say that there can be order in those cities where he once did not hold certain positions for long, but Sobyanin has nothing to do with these cities for a very long time, and even more so with the orders in those cities.

I worked at the Troitsk Children’s Clinic, where

I’m terrified of everything

Valentina Ivanovna, you are our naive! No one was holding the candle, no one was standing at the bed, but Rakov, all the intimate details, told about Sobyanin, the former judge Elena and his ex-wife Irina Iosifovna, who by the way after the divorce returned to Tyumen absolutely without money, we can say poor. You would only see and hear how the former judge Elena, with whom Sobyanin broke life, wept and lamented. She executed herself in such a way that she didn’t know about Sobyanin and Rakov before that she believed this reptile that she didn’t destroy this idiot and gangster when she was a judge in Tyumen. But there are witnesses in Tyumen who have seen and can tell a lot of things about Sobyanin and Rakov, Rakova herself did not hide, but on the contrary, advertised.

Luzhkov did not receive such subventions as Sobyanin from the Government of the Russian Federation, but he was spinning as much as he could and took taxes, yes, from the stalls, he also “patched” holes in the budget. And having received such money from the budget of the Russian Federation, any business executive and an educated person can cope with those ambitious programs that are now being carried out in the Capital and there is no merit special here Sobyanin. I think that in the conditions in which Luzhkov worked, Sobyanin would simply be “shuffled”. Much could have been written: a million Muscovites live in communal apartments, which they promised to settle, but then signed a sign of helplessness, but still settled, but only within the Garden Ring. Cheating “children of war”, the absence of toilets on the streets. Where will foreigners come to the Black Sea Fleet? , gateways, as in Tyumen, no. Much more can be noted. And it’s just a shame to write about “woman’s gossip”, but here they’re just dark.

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