Why women

Every woman wants to love and be loved. However, even married women often complain that they do not see enough attention, love, affection, sex from their partner.

Someone tries to survive this situation inside of himself, and someone starts thinking about a lover. A woman needs love to be a woman.

Married give birth to lovers based on two goals – sex (due to dissatisfaction with sex with her husband) and money (especially mercantile plan). True, there is still, in my opinion, the third category – those who go for it because of the stupidity / cockroaches in my head.

Why women

In the life of almost every woman comes the time “H”, when she realizes that she needs to fall in love. “I want to have a lover!” – many women think, but not everyone decides to fulfill what they want. Meanwhile, the best way to get rid of the temptation is to succumb to it. After all, you can start, bring up and throw a lover in time and without any consequences for the family hearth.

In order not to abandon the bored family life in the middle of the road, a woman needs gentle strokes, powerful touches of strong male hands and gentle words whispered in her ear. And, tired, she, falling asleep, whispers to herself: “Everything. I can not go on. I just need to fall in love. Seriously fall in love to die from the desire to just breathe the same air with a person, so that butterflies settle in the stomach, yes, yes, butterflies, and also to feel the two hot circles of blood circulation. ”

About this girlfriend I answered:"If my husband is fine, then why lover? Maybe, just adrenaline is not enough for people, and all the time there is a danger that they will catch you, it spurs and all that. I’m not talking about myself now, I just do not rule out such a reason. And I, thank God, my husband is normal, I feel good with him, and I don’t want to look for someone on the side. Besides, it would be disgusting to me to lie all the time, to invent something. " And I think the opposite is what is needed if you don’t get enough attention and sex from your husband, and it’s useless to talk to him about it.

Unfortunately, my husband and I went through such a period. As soon as he realized that he could lose me, he became very interested in me again. I didn’t say directly about adultery, but he guesses, I think. How to choose the right lover and, most importantly, how to throw it correctly, so as not to be painfully painful?

To lead a lover is to take a secret journey, especially short and concerning only you. It should not have any implications for family life. It is like life in brackets. Tired spouse suddenly turns into a charming, enthusiastic woman. Breaking away from everyday worries, she soars in a small paradise, feeding on wonderful illusions.

Psychologically, any woman is ready for treason if her marriage does not go well. At the same time, she does not at all look for connections on the side, as is customarily thought. She only makes up "space" love

A woman is always waiting for the perfect lover. But this is not necessarily superman in bed. It is enough for a man to be soft, delicate and able to empathize. It is just such many, even the most super active women, will prefer to the desperate Don Juan.

For most women, cheating is "despair step". And this should be aware of men.

But before a woman decides to move from words to deeds, her soul will be subjected to her own moral torture. Two angels – white and black – will cross swords, trying to win the hostess to his side.

A good girl inside a woman will categorically declare: “A lover is evil, this is a violation of the husband’s copyright law on her wife as her property.” The mischievous girl will balk: “I am not his property!” The white angel smiles sadly and wisely says: “The lover is the second disappointment of a married woman.” Black sarcastically remarks: “A lover needs only one thing from you, and give her husband both the first, and the second, and compote.”

But whatever they say to you, let common sense and female intuition win. Let a one-night adventure happen to you, resort or office romance, or maybe even a long road in the dunes.

A lover should be neither better nor worse than a husband. He just has to be different! It’s the most important. He must compensate for the woman all that she lacks in the family. And for each of the fair sex you need your own unique puzzle in a mosaic of relationships, but at the same time, all lovers should still have common features.

One American psychoanalyst said that women outside of marriage are not looking for sex, but for emotional support, but for this emotional support they have to pay with their bodies. Because who among men will provide emotional support to a woman without putting her to bed?

If the lady still makes a lover, then he becomes for her not only and not so much a partner in bed, as a friend, a loved one, and a vest in which to cry.

When does a woman’s journey to adultery begin? On this, there is also a clear opinion of specialists in family relations – long before marriage. Most women marry between twenty and twenty six years. And the first lover give birth after thirty. The time interval is decent enough to enjoy the pleasures of marriage.

Woman and woman are different. One is active, loves sports, traveling, quarrels with friends and frequent sex. Other – "middling": can break out into the company with a friend, and maybe sit at home. There are a lot of them, cute home "hens". Sex, but still not with her husband, for such almost unthinkable. And no super sense will force such a woman to betray the hearth. And this is probably great!

Happy man who chose to marry "I listen". These are the most faithful. If one of a hundred dares to change. So some calculation when choosing a wife does not hurt. Unless, of course, you value the future of the family.

Curious: if "middling" or an inactive woman married out of love, their scheme of betrayal unfolds along roughly the same spiral as that of active, prudent women. Is that these more cautious. On casual communication with the unfamiliar man will not go. But they would gladly have an affair with a friend or husband’s work colleague. The secret of choice is simple: these ladies are trying to assert themselves in this way. For them, the most important thing is to feel (especially if the husband’s love has cooled) that they are loved. Warmly loved!

Well, what about the representatives of the weaker sex who entered into their marriage, because "it is necessary"? Here is a completely different situation. Such ladies hardly belong to the category of women active, ready at any moment. "take life by the throat". Rather, it is female "moderate type". The probability that this will change her husband and lead a lover, there is. But it is not so great. And their lovers, as a rule, become men, whom they themselves. came up with. Well, in general, it is not at all like husbands.

And so most married women "left" novels are novels, not one-time "bang". Of course, no one knows in advance what will come of it, but the woman is configured specifically for an emotional connection, for a long relationship. And, as a rule, if you manage to keep a secret, such relationships can last for years. And sometimes they lead to divorce – a rare woman is capable "work on two fronts".

Why women

Moreover, it is not necessary that she go to her lover. Statistics show that during a divorce, in the situation of a triangle, men, as a rule, go to a new passion, and a woman more often just leaves her husband: nowhere. Not to whom, but from whom.


1 FROM BORING. The husband is constantly on a business trip or at work, but she simply has nothing to do.

2 FROM DISSATISFACTION. Over the years, sex life in the family often happens less and less, so women compensate for this lack of security on the side.

3 FROM IMPORTANT ATTENTION. Women do not love the vanquished – even if they themselves are the winners.

4 FROM CREATION. Sometimes the ladies go to the left just to convince them that their husband is better than other men.

5 because of money. Often, women whose husbands earn little money, decide to commit adultery for material reasons.

6 FROM LOVE TO ROMANCE. She is tired of the endless cooking, ironing and washing – so you want sighs under the moon and beautiful confessions, and the men perceive her desires only as a stupid whim.

7 OFFSHORE. If it seems to a woman that her husband pays little attention to her and does not appreciate her, she asserts herself at the expense of communication on the side.

8 FROM DISCUSSION. When a woman sees that her husband lost interest in her, but she can do nothing about it.

Why women

9 FROM WEAKNESS. There are such experienced seducers who almost no woman can resist.

10 BECAUSE LOVED. This is, unfortunately, the most common cause of female adultery, and it is impossible to protect yourself from it.

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