Why is it nice to be lonely

Man differs from animals, among other things, by the presence of a wide range of feelings and emotions. Anger is manifested by people everywhere: at home, on the road, in public transport, at work, in nature, with friends and

Definition and essence

For starters, you can see what dry scientific interpretations say. According to explanatory dictionaries and reference books on psychology, anger is an emotion or feeling of anger, ill will, aggression, annoyance or rage, caused by someone or something that prevents a person from getting what he wants. It can be directed either to a specific object, or to a group of similar objects, and it may also not have a specific addressee. There are two types: with a positive effect on the individual (for example, in sports) and with a negative (for example, the desire to cause physical harm to someone or to commit unlawful acts).

Survival instinct

Nature worked hard to create man in physiological and psychological terms. Much of what we call emotions and feelings today is in reality nothing but instinct. For example, in order to express his attitude to what is happening, a person learned to laugh or cry. And in order to defend his place in the group and in this cruel world, Homo sapiens had no choice but to become angrier. It was the manifestation of aggression and hostility that helped our ancestors to stay in a harsh world, where every day was a struggle for life in the literal sense. This instinct is handed down to modern man by inheritance and it is very unlikely to get rid of him. And is it necessary? And the fact that over the years we become angrier is explained very simply: the accumulated experience, unfulfilled dreams, the subconscious understanding of the approaching end. These are all nature’s tricks, so to speak, a component of the survival instinct.

Why is it nice to be lonely

Not we are, but life is so

How to become angry? It’s very simple: change the environment! It is the people around who often become the cause of aggression, cruelty and anger. For example, a child from a family with a dysfunctional emotional environment is unlikely to grow good. And this concerns not only asocial elements, such as alcoholics, drug addicts or gamers. Most likely, the child will grow up evil in a family where they often shout, scandal, or even fight. In adulthood, everything happens in a similar way. Being surrounded by aggressive-minded fellow students, colleagues, friends or neighbors, a person willy-nilly adapts to the situation. All this is due to the manifestation of the same instinct laid down by nature: to survive, nothing remains but to become angrier.

Do not come – kill!

Very often, subordinates are afraid of their leaders and, discussing orders and assignments among themselves, they are accused of being too aggressive. What caused this? There are two possible answers. Firstly, the power of many people is literally crazy. Instead of striving for something new, developing and learning, they choose the path of self-affirmation at the expense of humiliating the merits of others. Constantly emphasizing their superiority, such individuals feel better, more confident. The root of this behavior most often lies in the wrong education or stress experienced in childhood or adolescence. But another option is possible. For example, a young, intelligent and beautiful employee suddenly appointed head of the department, which employs a dozen more young ladies, not very tuned to productive work. Or in this office there are only men who do not take seriously the leader in a skirt. Of course, it will not be easy for her to subordinate such a collective and force her to work, and she will probably choose such a path as to become evil and make her subordinates fear themselves.

Why is it nice to be lonely

Still waters run deep

Most often, people become evil not by free will, but because of some circumstances. For example, a man became angry after he lost his favorite job, or went bankrupt in business. His aggression and hostility can be addressed both to individuals, whom he considers guilty of his failures, and to the whole world, if the causes of the incident cannot be blamed on someone specific. This can happen even to someone who was previously considered an optimist and a merry fellow.

Or another example: a sweet, quiet and modest girl became angry after being thrown by her lover and went to her childhood friend. The transformation of a gray mouse into a real bitch happens quite often, because unhappy love or a broken heart is accompanied by very strong emotional experiences that awaken dormant feelings in our mind.

Unfulfilled ambitions or the collapse of a dream can change the psychological state of absolutely anyone, even a very kind and welcoming one.

Fashionable emotional trends

If someone complains: “I’m getting angry, I don’t know what to do, I scream and hate everyone” and

Is anger good or bad?

So why a person becomes evil is understandable. The causes and nature of the phenomenon are clear. But is it bad to be evil? Everything created by nature has its own meaning and purpose. Sometimes the manifestation of aggression is vitally necessary for the individual to survive or stabilize the psychological state. If you need to cause a storm of emotions, then there are several ways to become angry. First, you can imagine yourself in an extremely unpleasant situation and play it in your mind before getting the desired result. If the imagination fails and nothing happens, it is worth trying the second method. To do this, you need to surround yourself with irritants: turn on the TV show or music, which cause obvious rejection, change the temperature mode in the room to an uncomfortable level, or put on uncomfortable clothes. Just a little time – and the person is already “evil as a dog.”

In this issue, the main thing – a sense of proportion. You can not restrain your emotions and you must give them a way out, but if anger already hits over the edge, then you can restrain a little, for example, to engage in such sports as boxing or wrestling, leave darts, shoot at the dash, or, at worst, go far beyond the city in a dense forest and shout to the world all that you think about it.

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