Why do I have diarrhea every day

Address (on the map): 617566, Perm Region, Suksunsky District, p. The keys.Following way: Travel from the bus station in Perm by buses: Perm-Krasnoufimsk flight (departure

  • Pharmacy
  • Cafe
  • Conference hall
  • Tours
  • Score
  • Parking
  • Sports equipment rental
  • Children’s playroom
  • Library
  • Barbershop
  • Laundry

Primary Medical Profile

  • Diseases of the circulatory system (cardiovascular system)
  • General therapeutic
  • Other major conditions: general therapeutic (cardiology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, neurology, pediatrics, dermatology)

Leading natural healing factors

  • Other natural factors: hydrogen sulfide water, silt sulfide mud, drinking magnesium-calcium sulphate mineral water

Available treatments

  • Naturotherapy: phytotherapy.
  • Systems of psychological recovery: aromatherapy.
  • Other treatments: diet therapy, climatotherapy, physiotherapy exercises, manual therapy, massage, psychotherapy, reflexotherapy, speleotherapy.
  • Sanatorium “Keys” is headed by the director Ivanov Mikhail Grigorievich.

Sports and health services:

  • Indoor pool
  • Sauna
  • Sports Hall
  • Gym
  • Tennis court
  • Billiards
  • Beauty parlor
  • Aerobics
  • Shaping


  • Total Places: 390

Why do I have diarrhea every day

accommodation five treatment five nutrition five service five 5 We, a family of three with a small child, rested for the first time at the Klyuchi resort. Liked everything. And compare, believe me, there is something. There are minor flaws, as elsewhere, but these are minor points compared to the excellent service, nutrition and treatment. The territory is simply no words, how everything is beautiful and well maintained! I do not understand people who are starting to dig, something is wrong for us, this is not for us … And at home, do you all eat food from a restaurant with Michelin stars? It seems that negative reviews are written by those who, as they say, have nothing to complain about. Let’s be easier, people! Thanks to all the staff of “Keys” for a good rest. Prosperity and continued success in your difficult but necessary business!

accommodation four treatment four nutrition five service 3 4 Rested in April in 2018, I generally liked everything. She left, forgot a thing in the room, decided to come to visit and visit the pool with her family. We ordered in advance the time to the pool for 4 people, arrived and what would you think, at the entrance is not the main entrance, we turn a turn. Security guard Yevgeny doesn’t scream at us, it’s not our fault that they didn’t explain anything to us yesterday, but he screams even louder, it was a shame, so young and so angry! The girl from the pool called him, miss, our fault, but he was still angrier. How can such a person be rude, not respecting people working in security? Why it was impossible to warn in advance that 5 people can pass for free, and 4 people do not? My children and I went to the store in the rain, the saleswoman didn’t even ask how many years the children, at the checkpoint already in the central guard, she explained more politely that a small child didn’t need a ticket. You can probably punish this guard, because people are going to the resort to rest, and not to figure out where everything is going.

Why do I have diarrhea every day

accommodation 2 treatment 2 nutrition one service one 1.5 Rested with my mother in 2016. I rested a week, I really liked it. In 2017, I decided to take a full ticket. Booked a room for 2.5 months. Sapphire. Arrived

Dear resort guide! I rest 8 times at your resort and express my gratitude for the excellent treatment, highly qualified approach to all honey. the staff, for the cleanliness of the room and the attentive attitude of the maids, for the delicious food and good service for the catering staff, for the cheerful and polite cult to the organizers Olga, Kate and Vasily Mikhailovich for beautiful and interesting evenings. Well done! Keep it up! But in every barrel of honey, there is always a fly in the ointment. It is very unpleasant, but you need to pay attention to the following shortcomings: on the eve of the New Year, in the cities everything is replete with ornaments and a holiday. Entering the territory of the Resort, from the decorations we see only one tree at the fountain, and that’s all the festive mood. A walkway, park, skating rink, slide, playground, rotunda, etc. With a creative, skillful and professional approach, all this can create a mood of celebration and joy, there is no work in this direction. With regards to leisure, I take an active part in all sports and cultural events. Arriving at the resort, I immediately look at the action plans. As for the information on the stand, illiterately written plans, and even with spelling errors, I think forgiven once, but this was traced throughout the rest. One gets the impression that the person who compiled and printed was completely ignorant – ignoramus. Throughout the rest was not carried out sports work, there were no competitions. Two times they came to rehearsals to prepare for the Saturday concert and all without success, they were transferred, because the sound engineer didn’t have enough time to work with us, he runs along the corridor, then smokes, then sits in front of the TV in the lobby and admires the raccoon under the blanket , for which the TV is by the way not very clear, firstly, it is small and nothing can be seen on it until you come close, secondly, they show some incomprehensible photos and a raccoon under a blanket, where there is absolutely no logical connection. Let’s go back to the rehearsals. On Friday, the sound engineer Igor was caught in half-heartedly, only three people remained in the rehearsal process. A man with a beautiful, posed voice never found a common language with Igor, he simply waved his hand and said, leaving, the collective farm, the woman, seeing this attitude on the part of the sound engineer Igor, also left. What happened to the sound at the concerts? The sound is disgusting, then everything starts to fade, whistle, then nothing is audible, it is impossible not to sing, not to listen. Good and high-quality sound was at concerts at Chadov and Horus quartet, where the artists themselves include the phonograms. The game “who wants to be a millionaire” is all old and dirty, but at least before it was clear what was depicted on the screen, and now it is very small and unreadable, I am not an expert and I understand that the format is wrong, it turns out there is no one to tune the TV. Cinema while I rested was not working. Karaoke is just a disaster, what happened, it does not work – there is no sound at all! The microphone does not work at all! At the disco one Serdyuchka, well, what is it, every day the same thing. Thanks to the librarian Anastasia Ivanovna, when I needed to make a copy of the document, she very kindly reacted to me, and the girls in the leisure center made a copy. I expressed all my complaints to them, and the sound engineer Igor, who called himself the manager, promised to fix everything, we will wait! Rest on the resort mostly go the same and we want something new! Artists drive the same, all the old tours, announcements and advertising in the dining halls can not be heard. My opinion, the work in terms of leisure activities has become worse compared to last year. I hope the resort administration will hear my comments and correct it, because leisure is an integral and very important part of the rest at the resort. Congratulations to all the employees of the resort, Happy New Year 2017!

Why do I have diarrhea every day

accommodation 3 treatment four nutrition 3 service four 3.5 Rested in July 2015. The weather let down, it rained for two weeks. The entertainment program is mainly for those over 50 and all for money. There is also an entertainment program for children, but only for those who are 6–7 years old, the children’s room is open on schedule until 4:00 pm and, with breaks, which is inconvenient, got there once. The playground is good, but because of the rains they sat with the child in the room, the room is normal (Sapphire), the minus is very stuffy, the room is not blown, with the windows open. There is no drinking mode in the casing, which made me very sad, I had to run around with a glass jug from the room, risking breaking it, until the key every day. You could have made at least a cooler in the case, mineral water is also scheduled, you also have to go to it, it’s not very convenient, it’s not always there. Meals are so-so, the food is not salty monotonous, the juice is diluted with water, the child did not even drink. In general, the rest so-so, for pensioners, did not impress me or the child, the child was bored (3 years). The discos were on the street even before 23:00, but the music was heard in the room, I had to close all the windows and the balcony, wait in the stuffy room until it was over, the music was excellent. Maybe this is all and minor drawbacks, but I appreciated my rest for 3 and will not go anymore, well, if only in 50 years, if you want to relax to the fullest, take more money with you, everything is paid.

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