Why am I so cheeky

Crus »Feb 20, 2013 8:37 am

I do not understand anything! Litvinenko tea drunk to satiety, in London! And that bastard can’t dunk! Can the toilets run out?

An honest man, ethics headed and directed in the Duma, forced to leave the place of the promised!

RS: voluntarily is a pearl!

MP Pehtin voluntarily refused the mandate

State Duma Deputy Vladimir Pekhtin stated that he would resign his deputy’s powers.The statement was made at the plenary session of the lower house. “I give up the mandate I have always sought in an honest political struggle,” Pehtin said earlier. He was the head of the State Duma’s ethics committee. , after opposition leader Alexei Navalny accused him of owning undeclared real estate in the USA. According to the documents under which, according to Navalny, there are signatures Pekhtina, a deputy and a member of the leadership of “Uni Second Russia “together with his son Alex in 2007 and 2012, the years have bought apartments in Miami Beach worth $ 1.8 million.

In addition, as Navalny argued, in 2008, Aleksey transferred half of a large land plot in Florida and the house on it to his father’s property. Commenting on the published documents, Pehtin first said that he had “practically no” real estate abroad, and then – he has nothing”.

Re: Why is Navalny so cheeky?

blondy_007 »Feb 20, 2013 8:57 am

Yes, this Pekhtin what is there not. Members are getting rich. Salary is not so big. Here’s how people do it "spin"?"Before the law, I am clean, never violated, and will not violate in the future"- he assured, while acknowledging that "there are documents published online, and there are legal misunderstandings", the elimination of which takes time. Pehtin stressed that he does not have "no doubt"that he will prove his case, however, he admits that "there will be those who will try to manipulate public opinion".

"I made a not very easy decision to resign from the powers of the State Duma deputy. I give up my mandate, I do not hold on to it"- he said, stressing that he does not want "so that the shadow of unfounded accusations fell on the party".

From a comparison of Vladimir Pekhtin’s declarations for 2010 and 2011, according to Kommersant, it follows that in 2011 he acquired at least three land plots in St. Petersburg worth more than 25 million rubles, and also registered an uninhabited building acquired in 2009 on the disputed plot with the official income of the deputy during this time just over 2 million rubles. One of the plots in the declaration does not appear at all

For four years of deputy powers for a salary of just over two million rubles a year, Vladimir Pekhtin acquired eight land plots with a total area of ​​11,845 square meters with a cadastral value of almost 71 million rubles. The market value of these sites, located in the zone of laying the highway, according to Gudkov, is ten times more. Moreover, the acquisition of these sites was made already when it was known that, in accordance with the master plan for the development of St. Petersburg, a trunk line would be laid along them

He said bitterly that he was honest and innocent. Also probably already bought a ticket.

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