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Snub nose, long ears with curls and shaggy forelock hide behind a serious hunting breed. The American Cocker Spaniel has an excellent flair and has been used for hunting game birds for decades.

Breed characteristics

Family attachment

Attitude to children

Relationship to strangers

The propensity to train

History of origin

An American Cocker Spaniel in the USA was bred. In what state, and what breeds were used for crossing, no reliable information was preserved. It is known that the breed was officially recognized in 1880, and in just a few decades it spread throughout the world. The dog was used as a hunting dog, and the spaniel copes especially well with the bird: duck, wood grouse, guinea fowl. The dog gets the padded game from any reservoir or shrub.

American Cocker Spaniel Description

Unlike the English cocker, the American Spaniel has a chunky exterior. Wool on paws, ears and crown longer and thicker. The dog belongs to the hyperactive breeds, and many breeders compare it with a clockwork toy battery powered energizer. The American Cocker Spaniel loves outdoor fun and takes part in ball games or catching up with pleasure. But, despite the excessive activity, the breed is balanced and responds well to any changes. Thick wool and soft undercoat protect the dog from frost in winter and moisture in summer. But the American Cocker Spaniel is not suitable for outdoor use, as the breed is prone to diseases of the respiratory system. Draft and cold wind can cause pneumonia and catarrhal diseases.

Breed standard (appearance)

Breed description must match the exterior:

  1. Body. Compact, muscular.
  2. Paws. Straight, but not short, with a dry muscular system. Paws are dense, pads are developed, claws are long. The color of the claws corresponds to the color of the wool, but more often is black. The paws are entirely covered with long, fluffy hair.
  3. Back. Straight, wide, without sagging.
  4. Head. Round with a wide forehead and a pronounced transition to the face. On top of her head a curly thick coat of thick wool.
  5. Muzzle. Short, the back of the nose slightly raised to the top. The transition from the muzzle to the forehead forms an angle of 90 degrees.
  6. Nose. The lobe is round in shape, from light liver to black, depending on the color of the dog.
  7. Eyes. Almond-shaped, shallowly planted, but not protruding.
  8. Bite. Standard, scissor.
  9. Ears. Round shape, hanging, covered with long and thick hair from above. To the base expand. According to the standard, the tip of the ear should reach the nose, but with the skin, not the coat. Ears set low.
  10. Tail. Thick, saber-like, covered with long hair. Previously, the standard American Cocker Spaniel tail was stopped. This facilitated the movement of the hunting breed while working on shrubs and tall grass. Now spaniels are more often used as a companion, and the tail can not be stopped.
  11. Color According to the standard of any. The dominant colors are black, chocolate or brown, fawn. The light cream American Cocker Spaniel with brown tan markings looks unusual.
  12. Wool. Tight on the back, on the paws, chest, abdomen, ears, long, soft and straight.
  13. The size. An adult male at the withers can reach 39.4 cm, a bitch up to 36.8 cm.
  14. Weight. An adult spaniel weighs up to 12 kg.

American Cocker Spaniel Character

The American Cocker Spaniel is not very different from other active breeds. The following character traits are distinguished:

White rice for dogs

  • Cocker loves his master and is attached to any family member. He loves children and will be happy to spend time with them;
  • mobile dog, which is difficult to sit in one place. Without the release of energy, the dog will invent an occupation for itself. The apartment becomes a kind of sports ground;
  • does not tolerate loneliness. During the long wait, the owners can damage their property: nibble sneakers, carpet, furniture;
  • likes to chase birds during a walk. The hunting instinct is better developed than others, and the dog will chase the birds, while the owner cannot influence the animal;
  • does not like drafts and often has a cold, therefore, it prefers to sleep in a chair or in a bed with the owner;
  • the breed is active and it needs daily walks. The dog always goes off the leash, the minimum walk time is 2 hours;
  • the dog loves water, so in summer, walks closer to the open water are chosen. Swimming is the best workout for a spaniel;
  • Treat other pets well. She will sleep together with a cat or a dog, feeling like take off, in one pack.
  • the American Cocker Spaniel rarely barks; it gives a voice only if it chases a game;
  • the breed is not guarding and does not know how to protect the house or owner;
  • treats strangers with caution, but quickly comes into contact and, with a good attitude, begins to trust a person. Bites in rare cases, discontent expresses growling;
  • the breed belongs to the sports type, so it needs loads: running, jumping, swimming;
  • The American Cocker Spaniel is a very sensitive breed. Dog responds to any changes in the behavior of the owner.

American Cocker Care

American Cocker Spaniel belongs to capricious breeds. The dog has a long and thick coat, so the animal needs constant care. To make the dog feel comfortable, the rules are followed:

  1. Wash with special shampoos and dog rinses should be about once a week.
  2. It is necessary to comb only after washing with the conditioner. Combing dry wool every day is by no means impossible!
  3. After combing out the paws, the ears and chest are dried using a hair dryer. Excessive moisture provokes the development of a bacterial skin lesion.
  4. In the summer and before exhibitions, wool is lightly powdered with baby talc. It will collect excess moisture and prevent wool from sticking into ugly strands.
  5. Dogs claws once every two weeks cut. In the summer, the procedure is performed less frequently, as claws are rubbed off on asphalt and concrete.
  6. Wool between pads is clipped, as it collects debris and creates a beneficial environment for the development of bacteria.
  7. Ears are wiped once a week with a cotton swab dipped in an alcohol solution of boric acid.
  8. Eyes are treated every two days, mucus, dust and dirt are removed. It is easier to clean the eyes with a damp cotton pad and chamomile decoction.
  9. It is necessary to cut the dog from an early age. The coat on the paws, ears and chest evens out. On the back the coat is shorter and stiffer, it is sufficiently regularly to comb.
  10. The dog is allocated a separate place in the house. The bed is placed away from the drafts. For American Cocker, separate narrowed bowls are purchased, which will protect the dog’s ears while eating.


Breed health

Puppies break away from maternal breast at 1–

The American Cocker Spaniel is subject to the following diseases:

  1. Otitis. Ear inflammation can be avoided by processing and using antiseptics in time.
  2. Cataract, conjunctivitis and other eye diseases. To be treated with special drops and antibiotics.
  3. Inflammation of the lungs, bronchitis. Dog can not supercool and lie in drafts.
  4. Allergic reaction. Mainly associated with food.

Life expectancy depends on genetic predisposition, nutrition and care for animals. On average, the lifespan of a breed is up to 13 years.

Puppy training

It is necessary to start training a puppy immediately after it becomes accustomed to a nickname. The dog is trained in basic commands: sit, place, fu, lie down, walk up to me, next to me. Training takes place in the form of a game, otherwise the active dog loses interest in learning and ask to run.

White rice for dogs

In training, the dog is encouraged with special treats. Spaniels do not fit human cookies or sausages, as the breed has a predisposition to food allergies.

For training dogs will need a leash, collar or harness. Mini representatives of the breed lead on the harness, so as not to wash the hair on the neck. For spaniels, the basic course of training is sufficient. Service-guard breed course is not suitable. For hunting skills, the owner takes the animal into the forest along with experienced dogs.

The American Cocker Spaniel often suffers from indigestion and is prone to obesity. Food allergies also make adjustments to the diet, so it is easier to use specialized dry food for feeding: Royal Canin Cocker Adult, Go Sensitivity Shine Turkey Dog Recipe, Brit Care. Any brand is suitable for small breeds with sensitive digestion and susceptibility to allergies.

Mixed feeding is also allowed. Natural foods are added to the diet:

  • fermented milk: cottage cheese, kefir, low-fat sour cream;
  • lean meat: beef, turkey, rabbit meat;
  • cereals: rice, buckwheat, oat flakes;
  • quail eggs, no more than 1 per day;
  • Seafood without pits and shells.

If the diet of a dog consists only of natural food, then it is supplemented with vitamin complexes. Vitamins are suitable for the spaniel: Excel 8 in 1 Multivitamins for Puppies, Hokamix 30, Beaphar Duo Active.

In the photo is a black and white American Cocker Spaniel. Black and curly ears give the dog attractiveness.

Looks cute redhead with a mischievous curly forelock.

Chocolate color puppies make them look more like little cubs.

Feedback from breeders

Helena: The Cocker Spaniel requires care and is not suitable for people with a lack of free time. Without everyday walking, the dog starts to get depressed, showing aggression and irritability. The dog becomes uncontrollable.

Oleg: Spaniels are suitable for families with children, leading an active lifestyle, and even older people, if they are ready to walk their dogs daily in company with other dog owners. A dog of this breed needs company and long walks.

Yaroslav: Cockers have a very soft and thick coat that needs to be combed every day. If you skip one procedure, then combing the ears and paws is very difficult, the wool is going to shreds. Combing the dog’s ears practically does not give and special patience is required from the owner.

Puppy price

You can buy a purebred puppy through special clubs or in one of the nurseries. A dog without pedigree can be purchased on the market, but no one can guarantee that an American Cocker Spaniel will grow out of a puppy.

The price of a puppy in Ukraine starts from 9,800 UAH, in Russia from 18,000 rubles.

Where to buy a puppy

You can buy a purebred puppy with documents in one of the official breed kennels.

The American Cocker Spaniel is suitable not only as a working dog for hunting game birds, but will also become a true friend for a teenager or an active person. But the breed requires a certain care and daily walking without a leash, so it is not recommended to bring a puppy to people with limited free time.

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