When have protein bars

Diet for the lazy – is it a dream or a reality? The need to lose a few extra pounds often faces a banal, but extremely powerful obstacle, the name of which is known to all – laziness! And indeed, many effective nutrition plans for weight loss require compliance with a variety of conditions: from a special daily routine to a serious workout in the gym. However, there are also ways to help become slimmer, doing almost nothing.

Duration: 2 weeks;

Features: Before each meal, including a snack, you need to drink 1 or 2 glasses of water (a 200-ml glass);

Cost: comparable to regular food expenses;

Result: minus 5-8 kg;

When have protein bars

Recommended frequency: no more than once a year;

Additional effect: performance improvement;

Diet for lazy on the water is not suitable: pregnant, lactating, suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart, kidney and liver. Before starting a diet, you should consult with your doctor!

On a similar diet for the lazy, everything happens by itself: drinking water shortly before breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack, suppresses hunger, filling the stomach. Result: the portions are reduced, the metabolism is accelerated, plus the calories that you might get with other liquids – juices, soda, sweet tea and coffee are automatically “cut off”. There is simply no room for them!

In addition, reviews of the water diet for the lazy show: the majority of those who decide on it become more vigorous and energetic, move more willingly, which means they spend more energy and lose weight faster.

The basic rule of the water diet for lazy people is to drink two glasses of water 20 minutes before any meal. During the meal and two hours after the meal it is absolutely impossible to drink.

With indiscriminate snacks, a diet for the lazy is struggling with a psychological trick – you can grab pieces, but the main thing is to remember to drink one glass of water 20 minutes before grabbing a sandwich. If the undershot is planned to be more detailed, then it must be preceded by two glasses of life-giving moisture. Simply abandon the extra piece.

Water is the main active ingredient of the diet for the lazy, so its quality makes sense to pay maximum attention. Take care to drink clean water without gas: artesian, mountain, or, in the most extreme case, tap water. Boiled tap water during heating loses the main part of valuable salts and minerals, so drinking it in large quantities is not recommended. Water supply temperature is room temperature; avoid cold liquid at any time of the year.

Diet for the lazy in the water suggests that the liquid you use as a medicine – a metered dose and strictly on the clock. At the same time, the dose is really serious: the daily volume of water is almost 3 liters! This is twice the standard dietary recommendation, and, of course, not everyone can absorb this amount of fluid.

Diet for the lazy is not recommended for those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, and liver. All the rest is highly advisable to consult a doctor before you start lazing and losing weight.

The lazy diet does not prohibit coffee and tea without sugar or any sweet supplements (unless, of course, you want to drink anything else at all), but they are counted as snacks and before you miss a cup of tea, you will have to same, drink some water.

  • Drink water in small sips, pausing;
  • Reduce the amount of fatty, smoked and sweet in the diet;
  • Move more!
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

The water diet is not the only nutritional plan that can be recommended to those who want to lose weight, but are not ready to make significant efforts to get rid of extra pounds. Meet the three diets that guarantee a slimming effect in combination with the ease of following.

Protein diet for the lazy

Protein diet for weight loss – a real find for meat eaters. There are many plans that use plant and animal protein as the main component of nutrition. The protein diet has many attractive aspects: firstly, it is tasty (provided that you love meat, poultry, fish and legumes), secondly, protein food saturates for a long time and you do not have to starve on such a diet, thirdly, proteinaceous meal plans give fast and long lasting results. It is not difficult to organize protein-rich meals at home, at a party or in a restaurant, but one “but” can scare away the lazy in this diet – protein, being a building material for muscles, requires regular physical exertion.

Mediterranean diet for the lazy

Diet for real sybarites! If you are lazy with pleasure in Italian and Greek restaurants, then you will like to lose weight on the Mediterranean diet: you can eat almost everything on it, the main thing is to observe the proportions. The main part of the menu is represented by complex “slow” carbohydrates, it is also necessary to absorb a large amount of fresh vegetables, fruits, sea fish and olive oil. Restrictions relate to eggs, red meat and sweets, they are on the Mediterranean diet as casual guests. Just learn, easy to comply.

Protasov’s diet for lazy

When have protein bars

The diet of Protasov, a semi-mythical Israeli nutritionist, is designed for only 7 weeks (5 weeks of the actual diet menu and 2 weeks for the correct exit from the diet). Its effect is due to a decrease in daily calorie foods, but the menu is designed in such a way that hunger attacks losing weight do not torture: it does not waste time and effort on thinking and measuring portions, eats an unlimited amount of vegetables and a lot of dairy products, gradually adding to the vegetable diet lean meat. It is especially easy and pleasant to be lazy about “skewing” during the high season, when the variety of vegetables is great and their price is low.

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