When a woman loses interest in a man

When a woman is important and significant for a man, he will do a lot for her. He will win, delight, try and cherish. It often happens at the first stages of a relationship, but very rarely it lasts a long time. A man begins to consider a woman already conquered territory, calms down and ceases to appreciate what he has. And quarrels, scandals, claims, offenses and betrayals begin. Not always, but often, women themselves provoke this, ceasing to give the man a sense of self-worth and value.

And this is the most important in relationships with men. Moreover, at each stage of the relationship. If your importance to him is high – he will strive to be near you. If your relationship has problems, the man began to behave indifferently and does not seek to improve your relationship, then your significance is low.

When a woman enters into a relationship with an important and necessary for her man, she begins to make mistakes that lead to the loss of her value. Today we will talk about the main ones, so that you do not commit them and always work only to increase your own significance, and not to underrate it.

Three mistakes that reduce women’s value and value

1. A woman turns into a catch-up.

This term was coined by Svetlana Yermakova, author of the method. “Do not stop him from falling in love with you! A technique that will liven up even a husband. ” And he could not more accurately reflect the state of a woman who by all means tries to keep a man, does everything for him and tries to adjust to him in everything. It gives much, many times more than it receives in return. The technique describes one good rule: “take one step to a man only when he has done two to you!” Many women, fearing losing a man, show excessive activity and thereby repel a man from himself. And then they complain that they did everything for this man, but he turned out to be so ungrateful!

When a woman gets into a catch-up position, her importance falls below the baseboard. When a man moves away from her, and she runs after him. When a man treats her badly, and she tolerates and forgives, she also justifies him (why this is described in detail in the article “How to love and not suffer OR how to stop being a victim in a relationship”).

When a woman loses interest in a man

When you catch up, you show your strong interest, thereby enabling the man to relax completely and do nothing for you. When you find out the relationship with him, arrange disassembly, jealous – you are in the position of catching up.

Never run after a man! Because it will never lead to responsive, strong and passionate feelings. If he needs you, he will not go anywhere. And you will stand in the position of a significant and valuable woman, and then he will catch up. The man in the relationship should be collected and active, and the woman – relaxed, but not vice versa. Do not put yourself in a position in need of it, trying to conquer, hold, interest. Remember once and for all that as soon as you become needing him, you will become unnecessary to him! That’s the way the male brain works. Your task is to behave in such a way that he is trying to interest and retain you. For more on this topic, read the article “5 lessons of falling in love, Or why don’t you run after men.”

When a woman loses interest in a man

2. A woman demonstrates that she is no longer needed by anyone.

When a man is too important for a woman, she seeks in every possible way to show him that there are no other men for her. She focuses only on one man, showing him his loyalty and devotion. This is not bad, but men often see the situation from the reverse side. That it is not a woman who makes such a choice and refuses to communicate with other men, and that other men do not communicate with her, that no one looks at her and no one needs her. And it greatly underestimates the value and significance of women.

A man needs an assessment of society, his social significance is very important for him. And if his woman’s society does not appreciate it, then why does he need her then? He does not consciously think about it, it all happens on a subconscious level. All of us, one way or another, are sick with “crowd syndrome” and often pay more attention to what hundreds of people are looking at than what one person looks at.

3. Close relationships with other men.

Yes, a man likes it when his woman is looked at and admired with her. But only when a woman belongs only to him alone. When he learns that a woman has a close relationship with another (or with other) men, her value begins to be zero. Got a difference? One thing is when other men like you. This increases your value. Another thing is when you enter into very close relationships with other men – this greatly reduces your importance. Therefore, trying to increase its value, “borscht, borscht, but do not overdo it!”

You don’t even have to get yourself a bunch of fans. You can simply warm up the man, inadvertently inserting into the conversation remarks about the sympathies of other men to him, but to do so subtly. For example: “Today at work, Viktor Petrovich did not take his eyes off me, I was embarrassed right, I began to think what was wrong with me. I asked him what was the matter. To which he said that this blue dress just amazingly fit my eyes, and for the first time he noticed how beautiful they are. I somehow felt uncomfortable, on the one hand. And on the other hand, it’s still very nice))) ”. And immediately transfer the conversation to another topic.

But if you are actively flirting with men, and this flirting ends in a more intimate relationship, then do not expect your man to become jealous of you and immediately rush to conquer you. This is a mistake of many women. Value you won’t achieve, you just lose a man. It is important for a man that you belong only to him alone! Like – many, belonged – only to him.

And also try not to discuss with your man your former partners, especially how you had “this” with them. He should not know anything about it at all; this topic should be a “white spot” for him. Always bypass this topic and any hints on it. You are only His, and the point. As you remember, in the song of Irina Allegrova: “we are all women – bitches, dear, God is with you, everyone who is not the first is the second!”. All feminine wisdom is expressed in the words of this song.

When a woman starts to catch up with a man, she becomes deeply unhappy, even having this man next to her. She lives in constant tension, which is contrary to female nature. It destroys itself, instead of filling. And it is necessary to fill! Love, joy, harmony … And then a man will try to be close to such a woman. And everything will be natural, in a natural way, everything in its place. And then there will be no pain, tension and fear. And there will be happiness, harmony and joy from relationships.

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