What to say to someone who just broke up

Aljey and his girlfriend Nastya. Sharing photos and her instagram

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Aljay broke up with his girlfriend

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In fact, the rumors about the girl and the rapper go no coincidence, it is very mysterious. This can be said about its form. Alexey Uzenyuk, that is the name of the real Eldzhey, became popular due to his hits. Naturally, everyone became interested in the personal life of the repper. It is known that he has a girl named Nastya. Their joint photographs are very few, Alexey does not want to show off his personal life, thereby stirring up the interest of his fans even more.

But still there are photographs, and judging by them and keeping track of timekeeping, we can conclude that he is all right with the girl and there is no talk of discourse, at least for the time being.

The girl with whom rapper Elja Anastasia Drozdova was on a personal page in contact had not so many photos.

And with her boyfriend, no personal profile has been added, but they are on the wall.

What to say to someone who just broke up

January 28, 2018 added a photo with Eldzhey.

And the inscription honey under the photo means honey or sweet.

In the instagram Nastya also some pictures.

In the autumn of 2017, you could see them all together.

And by the way about the Eljaye:

While Nastya is almost the same age but several months older than the rapper.

What to say to someone who just broke up

Rumors say that young people have known each other for a long time and were together from Novosibirsk and already then lived together.

Aljey said that he is always faithful and does not change her.

And the couple lives most of the time in Moscow.

As is characteristic of all couples in love with periods, they quarrel, so it was with Elja and Nastya, but still they made up later, and time will tell later.

What to say to someone who just broke up

The photo with Nastya at Aljay himself cannot be found in any profile, as he hides his personal life.

And so the couple spends free time:

Aljay is the stage name of Novosibirsk-born Alexei Uzenyuk. The popularity came to him in 2013, interested fans including the personal life of the rapper. Investigating the photo of the idol, they learned that he has a beloved. Her name is Anastasia Drozdova. Like Eljey, a girl born in 1994, born in Novosibirsk. Relationships in this pair are almost familial:

Here is the Anastasia Instagram page.

About his personal life a couple does not apply. Aljay shoots the audience, Nastya puts out a photo in the image of a glamorous playmaker of life. On some there are also Eljey, but with his desire to appear without fail with a bottle of beer, he does not fit into the interiors of his faithful. Apparently, the rapper fans decided to compose a dramatic story for their idol and invented a quarrel with his beloved.

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