What to drink before bedtime

As you know, tea contains caffeine, which increases productivity and leads to a vigorous state. But many people prefer to drink this drink just before bedtime, in order to relax a bit and rest after hard working days. In this regard, a completely logical question arises: is it possible to drink tea before bedtime and will it not interfere with proper rest?

Making the right choice of drink

Tea or coffee: what can you drink before bed? Due to the fact that the tea contains a smaller dose of caffeine than coffee drinks, it is recommended for use a few hours before bedtime. In addition, it is known that some varieties of tea contain the amino acid L-theanine, which leads to general relaxation of the body and a beneficial effect on human sleep.

It should be noted, using black or green tea a few hours before bedtime, you can break your rest routine. In this regard, Dr. Michael Breus, MD, recommends drinking a cup of tea at least 4 hours before you plan to go to bed.

Green tea – on guard for healthy sleep

Physicians and neuroscientists are actively engaged in research in the field of sleep disorders (apnea), which leads to an increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and other harmful diseases. In this field, it was proved that antioxidants, which are contained in green tea, prevent the development of these problems by neutralizing the action of free radicals during sleep disorders.

But overly involved in green tea is not worth it, because its use in large quantities can lead to a number of side effects. So, nausea can occur, heartbeat will accelerate and breathing becomes more frequent, facial swelling and even an allergic reaction occur. The average consumption of green tea is no more than 10 cups per day.

It is important to know that different tea leaves have different caffeine content, which depends on:

  • the age of the leaf and its variety;
  • harvest time;
  • tea gathering places;
  • method of drying;
  • level of fermentation.

You will not be able to find decaffeinated green tea, but there is a homely way to minimize its amount. Before brewing, tea leaves are thrown into boiling water for about 20 seconds, and then the drink is prepared directly.

Tea, drunk at night, has a significant diuretic effect. That is why you may feel discomfort at night due to frequent urging of the bladder. If to all this there are problems with the kidneys, then puffiness by the morning and severe awakening are provided.

The positive effect of green tea on the body:

  • removes puffiness in the morning;
  • reduces antioxidants and actively burns fats;
  • struggling with stress;
  • boosts immunity;
  • prevents tooth decay;
  • restores water balance.

Thus, green tea before bedtime is not recommended to drink, because of the caffeine content you can not fall asleep. But it will be useful to drink it in the morning, after waking up and throughout the day.

Herbal tea

What is the best drink before bedtime? Of course, one that does not contain caffeine. Herbal teas in most cases have a positive effect on sleep, improving its quality. Among them:

  • based on valerian;
  • made from cava (intoxicating pepper);
  • chamomile tea drink;
  • lavender and lemon balm;
  • tea from chicory inflorescences (many doctors recommend that drinking chicory for future sleep, because it does not contain caffeine; at the same time, the product calms the body, slightly lowers blood pressure and fights insomnia).

What to drink before bedtime

Chamomile tea and sleep

The positive effect of chamomile on the body is not yet fully understood, but it is this plant that is a frequent component of drinks used before bedtime. Just chamomile provides fast falling asleep, because it relaxes the human body. In addition, it was noted that chamomile:

  • fights insomnia;
  • makes sleep long;
  • improves concentration during wakefulness;
  • provides a more relaxed human response to stimuli from the external environment.

An important point when using a chamomile-based drink is that you can not exceed the norm in 100-150 ml of liquid before falling asleep. Thus, the use of black or green tea before bedtime is not recommended due to the high caffeine content in the drink. But you can enjoy a cup of herbal tea for a future dream, which will have a general relaxing effect on the body.


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