What is the lyrics used for?

Self-expression is an act of self-expression. Original performances are obtained in poetic form. They are much easier to perceive than prose.

Self-presentation is aimed at creating a favorable impression of the speaker. In translation from Latin, the presentation (praesentatio) means presentation or presentation. Modern society by this word means presenting yourself to an audience.

Principles underlying self-presentation

In drawing up the presentation, they are based on the fundamental principles that will help make the performance in verses successful. Among them:

  • Positive. During self-presentation, even for a resume, it is worth considering only the positive features and abilities of the speaker.
  • Individuality. When presenting yourself, individual traits and abilities are surely highlighted, which are peculiar to the few. A student in a successful speech talks about his individual hobbies that are not part of the school program. In the poems of the teacher about himself, it is advisable to add nuances in his character, to highlight individual characteristics.

By character modest,

But there is humor. Have fun.

And so the kids

Love all of me.

  • Brevity. Information must be clearly and concisely stated. If a physical education teacher talks about all the exercises that he attaches to students, or his school life during the course of a year, then the audience will be bored and will not pay attention to meaningful information.
  • Concreteness In drawing up self-presentation, it is worth less to use common phrases and to be distracted by extraneous topics that do not concern the person himself. It is important to reflect in drawing up a presentation, for example, for the competition of the year, the distinctive features of their profession. Consider the example can be a presentation of the psychologist.

I love my job,

And I try every day.

Like a torch light up

From redundant ideas!

The cabinet is big beautiful,

All designed itself

Wall painted doors

What am I not a master?

Self-presentation during a psychologist’s speech emphasizes the professional qualities and personality of an individual, the attractiveness as an employee of their profession. When choosing the best psychologist, much is taken into account, and to whom, if not they understand the role of the first impression of what was said. The result of the competition of the psychologist of the year depends largely on the ability to present oneself and specifically provide information about oneself.

  • Selectivity. If you need to make a self-presentation for an interview, then you should concern only the information about yourself that is of direct importance for this work or performance.
  • Activity. In drawing up the text of self-presentation in a resume or for a competition, it is worth using the maximum number of words that indicate activity in life. Participated, made, I can – examples of such words.

It is possible to give four lines from the teacher’s self-presentation as an example of writing:

And we write poems,

We can show a fairy tale

And go hiking together

We love to sing and dance

  • Honesty. You should not use false or false information when making a presentation for a contest. Often, several ways of collecting information about a person are used, for example, they additionally check data in a questionnaire or offer testing. A lie will always be revealed.

If the factors described above are taken into account when drawing up the presentation text, then we can safely count on success.

Self-presentation for the teacher

A person at different moments is faced with the need to make presentations about himself. But most of all, teachers who participate in competitions encounter this kind of creativity.

Self-presentation in verse, which is always perceived as a business card, should have a light character. When a teacher’s self-presentation is made, it is important to consider the audience to whom it will be directed.

Teacher self-presentation for a competition is different from the performance of the class teacher at the beginning of the year. The student perceives the information a little differently. After all, such a text will be incomprehensible to him, and he will tell a lot about his colleagues:

There are three professions from God:

Treat .. judge .. teach ..

Choosing Fate itself in the end,

I decided to be a teacher!

Inquisitive children’s mind I love,

Among the young oaks – I OAK!

Well, what else to say?

We will grow together

Under the vault of the temple – the school …

And, maybe, from them, how to know …

The teacher will come out new.

When evaluating self-presentation, the following criteria are taken into account:

  • Artistry;
  • Originality;
  • Relevance to the topic;
  • Brightness and imagery;
  • Compliance with the regulations in the preparation (performance does not exceed 3 minutes).

When composing such a statement as a basis, it is advisable to select already existing verses, adhering to their description style.

Baby came up to me

And she asked the crumb:

“Being a teacher, Ruslan,

Good or bad? “

Student or Student Presentation

It is worth noting that the performance of the student and the student at competitions also obliges to make a self-presentation, which is called business card. And it plays a role for the jury, since the brighter the first performance is and the story about the child is interesting, the better its work will be perceived.

When compiling it is very important to take into account the age of the baby, since adult poems for a second or third grade student do not look exactly in the subject and are relevant at the children’s competition of the year. If an adult is engaged in making a children’s presentation, then the language in which he writes the child’s age level is chosen.

Hello! My name is Marina,

And my last name is Mirkova.

I am today as a TV star

I speak to you as a new one.

I enjoy learning in third grade

102th favorite school,

Because her world is beautiful to us:

Here is study and funny jokes.

And I also love various crafts,

And with a stapler do them and scotch.

Toys and nozzles are obtained.

These cute ones are very, very …

How to make a self-presentation

Making a presentation in verse, and they are often used for the contest of the year of the student or teacher, for many is a difficult process, as the lyrics are not for everyone, especially the physical education teacher. All the poems are different, but when compiling them, it is taken into account that it is difficult to understand by ear what the author wanted to say. Therefore, the choice and compilation of such a performance should be approached carefully; for some, it takes years to complete the improvement of the poems.

It is recommended to adhere to the following recommendations when compiling self-presentation:

  • Initially, it is worth making a complete list of information and thoughts that will be needed, then transform it into verses. It is important to take into account the specifics of the event and the audience in which to perform. The teacher of physical education and the preschool teacher will have different texts.
  • The next step is to decide whether the verses will be self-written, or it is better to ask to write a person who specializes in this. If you have to write yourself, then you need to show the result to friends or relatives, and make changes according to their criticism.
  • If poetry by other authors is used as a basis for the competition, then a large number of works will need to be revised, since it is difficult to change someone else’s so that it conveys a state of mind.
  • Then it is worth deciding what self-presentation will consist of. You can successfully present information in one work, and sometimes it is advisable to create a “collage” of quatrains that will fully characterize the personality.
  • Humor plays a role in the speech, it helps to perceive information. But here it is very important not to overdo it. Otherwise, the interlocutor will perceive the author, not as the original witty person, but as a loser with a flat sense of humor.

In conclusion, I would like to note that in modern society there is a tendency to entice requirements for the individual. For this reason, it is important to properly apply and present yourself, both for the competition and when applying for a job, to take a place in life, and to realize desires and ambitions. And for this you will need to make an effort to consider all the options and examples. Today it is not so important just to be a specialist in your industry, it is important to be able to correctly and competently “present yourself”. ‘alt ="">

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