What is the healthiest fruit in the world?


State budgetary preschool educational institution

Kindergarten № 20 combined type Kalinin district

Integrated lesson with children of 3-4 years “New Year rushes to us”

Cherepanova Irina Vladimirovna

Using technology:

– technology development of artistic and productive creativity;

  • expand children’s understanding of the traditions and customs of celebrating the new year;
  • learn to create a joyful mood and give joy to others;
  • develop dialogic speech, enrich an active vocabulary, develop imagination, fantasy;
  • strengthen the skills of working with paper and glue, foster neatness and aesthetic taste;
  • to teach children to create images in their imagination based on a schematic depiction of objects;
  • to teach children to correlate the speech form of the description of objects with a graphic form.

Material: Toy hare, colored paper, glue, waste material, painted Christmas tree on a large format, illustrations with the image of the New Year, otgadki cards, images of gifts in bags, refreshments for tea drinking.

Q: – Hello guys, tell me what time of year on the street?

D: – Winter! Q: – What does winter have that there is no other season? D: – Snow.

Q: – And when there is a lot of snow in a pile, this is called …

Q: – When a lot of snow falls, it’s …

D: – Snowfall. Q: – What happens to the snow? He can …

D: – Sleep, fall, thaw, whirl, dance …

Q: – Tell me guys, what is the most important holiday in the winter?

What is the healthiest fruit in the world?

Q: – That’s right, New Year.

Oh, frost, frost, frost (lightly pinch yourself with the index and middle fingers of both hands)

Cheek pinches (for cheeks),

Nose pinch (by nose),

Gnawing ears (behind the ears),

Sponge bite (for lips).

Climbs under the fur coats (hide hands under the arms).

To warm up, look (rub hands together).

All, as it should, rub:

Cheeks (rub your palms over your cheeks),

Spout (rub your nose with the palms)

Ears (rub ears),

Lips (rub lips).

The steam went even from the fur coat (they spread their hands to the sides, put their lips together, exhaled through them).

Q: – Guys, look, a bunny came to visit us. Bunny tell me where you were, whom you met?

Z: – I met a beautiful Christmas tree. She went to the kindergarten children. Soon they have a holiday. It is called New Year. In the New Year, people decorate Christmas trees in beads and festoons. Beauty.

Q: – Before the New Year, in every house, in every city and in every family, the green fir-tree is decorated with beautiful balls, toys, tinsel and garlands. Here is how beautiful she can be (the teacher shows a picture with a dressed up Christmas tree). Have you already helped your parents dress up a Christmas tree? And what did you hang on it? (Children’s answers)

And the beautiful Christmas tree dress up on the streets. At the biggest and most beautiful Christmas trees, people will arrange a celebration. You can also go with your family on a fun holiday, they say so – go to the Christmas tree. There you can listen to music, dance, eat goodies, and, if you’re lucky, you will meet a real Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Before the new year comes, your parents will set a beautiful table on which there will be a lot of food. You will also choose something tasty. By the way, do you like tangerines? This fruit is in every home for the new year. Mandarin is a tasty symbol of the new year.

On December 31, exactly at 12 o’clock at night, the chimes strike through – these are big watches that are shown on TV for every new year. The chime of this watch speaks of the coming of the New Year. If you still will not sleep at this time – make a wish – it will come true! (The story is accompanied by illustrations)

We, too, bunny, have a Christmas tree, look (the teacher shows a large painted Christmas tree. She is not dressed up). It seems to me that something is missing? Z: – She just needs to be dressed up. Guys, let’s decorate our Christmas tree with balls and beads. D: – Come on!

Application “Decorate our Christmas tree”

The teacher puts the harvested balls and small circles for the beads. Children stick colorful balls on the Christmas tree and spread them out of small beads. You can decorate with additional serpentine or other waste material.

Didactic game “Christmas tree with gifts”

To prepare several cut out images of bags with gifts of various shapes and sizes. The shape of the bags should remotely resemble the shape of various objects: ball, dolls, guns, cars, horses and

There would be a Christmas tree

Would she run

On the path (easy running after each other).

She would have danced

Together with us (dancing legs, forward on the heel one and then the second),

She would have tapped

Heels (stomp legs).

Spun on a Christmas tree

Toys – (spinning around)

What is the healthiest fruit in the world?

Flappers (squeeze – unclench cams, portraying flashlights).

Q: – Well done guys, we got a beautiful Christmas tree. So who brings presents for the Christmas tree?

D: – Grandfather Frost!

Q: – That’s right. Santa Claus is a kind grandfather who comes from a distant land. He carries with him huge bags of gifts for children, which he prepares a whole year.

Santa Claus comes to the kids home and gives gifts. But since there are so many babies, unfortunately, he will not have time to come to all. But do not worry, if Santa Claus does not come to you during the day, he will come at night and put gifts under the Christmas tree.

His granddaughter, the Snow Maiden, arrives with his grandfather. She comes to all holidays together with frost and also congratulates the little ones. In addition to the Snow Maiden, snowmen help grandpa. They participate in all the preparations for the holiday.

Santa Claus loves to confuse kids and make riddles. Let’s practice a little.

Didactic game “Riddles – otgadki”

Before the children laid out cards with the image of the clues to the puzzles that will be guessed. While reading the puzzle, the children look at the pictures and, if among them there is an object that is otgadkoy, then the child must show it.

It grows upside down, All summer stood, To the children to visit Grandfather

It does not grow in summer, but in winter. Winters were waiting. Frost

But the sun pripechet, Waited for pores – Granddaughter on a sleigh brought.

She will cry and die. Rushed from the mountain. Snow figure –

Icicle Sledge Comes to us …

What is the healthiest fruit in the world?

Run along the path Blizzard in the yard walks, Santa Claus hurries to the tree, Boards and legs. In the house the Christmas tree sparkles. Pulls for a sled.

Ski Children lead dance. And on them the bag is heavy,

What kind of holiday? And in the bag are …

New Year’s Gifts

In winter and summer Without boards, without axes In the courtyard rolled com,

One color. Through the river the bridge is ready. The hat is old on it.

Yolka Bridge – like blue glass: Nose attached, and in a moment

Snow in the fields, Slippery, fun, light. It turned out … …

Ice on the rivers, Ice Snowman

Blizzard walks, On trees, on bushes All are afraid of him in winter

When does this happen? Flowers are falling from the sky. Can it hurt

Winter White, fluffy, biting

Fly in the sky Only not fragrant. Hide your ears, cheeks, nose

And the snow will melt on the noses After all, on the street ….

Q: – Today, you and I were very interesting. And let’s remember what we did? D: “We dressed up a Christmas tree, guessed riddles, …

Q: – What do you like the most? (Children’s answers)

Q: – Thank you very much, Happy New Year to you! Bunny brought us a treat. Let’s drink some tea and invite Bunny.

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