What is the function of the application

Recently, a large number of TV models from a variety of manufacturers that use smart TV technology. Such devices have a wide range of functional capabilities, but so far not all of their owners understand what smart TV is in TVs.

This leads to certain difficulties in the acquisition of technology. Sellers spread a huge amount of information about the benefits of those models that are endowed with this function, and the buyer is simply lost and can not understand the true need of the proposed applications and options. That is why this article will explain in detail what is smart TV in TVs and what is the true benefit of having various applications.

Technology description

This technology is a completely new environment for the effective interaction of TV and the Internet. In other words, smart TVs, the price of which is not yet very small, have access to the Internet, which greatly expands their capabilities. A huge number of movies and TV shows, as well as other videos are now available for home viewing on the big screen.

It can be said without exaggeration that the technology opens wide horizons for the audience that cannot be compared with the ubiquitous cable television. Without any problems you can get access to a huge amount of video information. Now there are simply no all sorts of difficulties that were associated with restrictions on the number of channels. There is no need to download your favorite movie on a flash card or disk, then to watch it on TV. Now you can choose the desired movie and watch it online without any dances with a tambourine. After all, now directly from the TV you can get access to the expanses of the global network.

Other features

So what is smart tv on tvs? Is it really only access to movies, cartoons, TV shows and scientific programs? By no means. Other options are also available to the user:

  • many entertainment and informational resources;
  • weather forecast;
  • news;
  • listening to music online;
  • access to social networks.

Smart TV Prefixes

At the moment, all the largest companies engaged in the production of TVs are represented on the market with their own line of models with the function of smart TV. Free access to the Internet is one of the most promising areas of development. It is for this reason, in addition to televisions, that special consoles were also launched that allow ordinary televisions to use the possibilities of technology. It is interesting that new models of televisions with Internet access are produced in the same quantity as consoles. And this completely eliminates the difficulty of connecting any device to the network. If you can not buy a smart TV TV "Samsung"whose price is high (more than 15 thousand rubles), you can buy a prefix for the old model. Well, if the wallet allows, it is better to buy a productive modern TV.

What is the function of the application


The rapid development and introduction of technology should bring at least some benefit to ordinary customers. Strong competition, as a rule, leads to lower prices for very good models, and also influences the subsequent development of network technologies. But such an assessment is only superficial. Without a doubt, there is competition among manufacturers. Everyone is trying to stand out and attract a buyer to his side. After all, I want people to buy their television sets (smart TV). Price is one of the main factors. Because of the competition, it turns out that each manufacturer has a very different understanding of technology. Therefore, there is a difference in what to choose: TV "Samsung" or LG TV. Smart TV in them looks different. Different manufacturers have different logical structure and speed, network capabilities, as well as a common set of functions. So, in one environment there is a high-quality set of services to watch movies, and in the other – high-quality social applications.

A large number of different environments often make it difficult to understand what is smart TV in TVs and where it is better to use it. For example, the buyer got acquainted with the model, in which the main focus is on social networks, which he does not need at all, and decided to abandon this environment. But any LG TV (smart TV), which allows high-quality work with content, he would have liked. In real life, it turns out. Most people make hasty conclusions, not fully understanding the essence of technology.

TVs "Sony"

Quite successfully implemented the function of smart TV company "Sony" in their lineup of Bravia TVs. In addition to high-quality images, users have access to the global network. When you press just one button on the remote, a special function is activated, providing the viewer with advanced features for working on the Web. A well implemented web browser allows you to comfortably view pages.

What is the function of the application

There is also an interesting function TrackID, which provides the user with all the information about the sound composition accompanying the video. This is a very useful thing, which frees you from having to find the song you like from any video.

Bravia TVs allow you to view content from popular services like YouTube. It should also be noted very functional navigation, which like most users.


Another well-known TV-making company is LG. She confidently walks in the direction of network technologies and offers to purchase models that have access to the Internet. The highly functional menu contains a convenient browser, game agent, as well as social networking applications.

There is also a productive service that very quickly provides weather information anywhere in the world.

An interesting solution is vTuner, which is a radio client. The user becomes available a truly huge selection of radio stations that can be conveniently sorted.

TVs "Samsung"

Which model is most often chosen on the market? Television "Samsung" (smart tv). Models of this particular company are by far the most popular. A huge database of applications and extensions allows you to view any content. It is not difficult to find the necessary video or music. This will take care of a special quick search function. There is an interesting social feature that allows you to share opinions about movies. If the user has a 3D model, then the image can be converted to this format. Therefore, no wonder people choose TV (smart TV) "Samsung". The price starts from 15 thousand rubles.

Internet connection

When you first turn on, you will be offered to join via Wi-Fi, cable or network. But users often miss this opportunity, wanting to quickly try out a smart TV. How to connect it through the settings?

On the remote there is a special button – Settings. Clicking on it will open a menu where you need to find the tab. "Network", and in it – "Network connection". Here you can select the desired wireless network. You will be prompted to enter a password to connect. We specify it and click on Ok. If the correct password is entered, and the Network is working normally, a connection message should appear. Now the TV has access to the Internet.

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