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In order to understand the number of rumors and correct information from “eyewitnesses” concerning what they do in prison with rapists, it is necessary to examine in detail the article of the Criminal Code, the differences between zones and colonies.

Articles 131–135 punish debauchery or violence. They consider sexual relations with minors, as well as coercion to have sex without mutual consent using threats, physical force by one person or a crime committed by a group of people. Illegal actions also include harassment of persons under the age of 14–16 years.

For each individual episode, the Russian state registers and applies the punishment taking into account the circumstances. It implies both administrative punishment – in the form of public works or a fine, and criminal (from 3 to 6 years). This is the stay of a criminal in detention and isolation from society. An application for rape to the police may be filed by a person who has reached the age of 18, parents or guardianship.

After filing the application begins the process of bringing the perpetrator to justice. Given the gravity of the crime, the defendant may wait for the trial at home or in the detention facility.

In the SIZO, the accused is obliged to define the articles on violence in a separate cell for more convenient work of the defense and prosecution authorities. But in practice, “status” is not taken to isolate, so that he with great zeal could participate in the conduct of investigative work and began to cooperate. Therefore, the convict is put in a common cell, where he undergoes “training,” that is, there he is simply beaten.

Court and stage

If the court decides that the accused is guilty, they determine the punishment and the place of imprisonment.

In practice, convicts are distributed according to the gravity of the crime. If the time is short, the person can be left in the colony at the place of residence If the fault is grave, the convict is sent to stay away from punishment. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it reduces the possibility of a criminal rebellion, and secondly, the relatives of the victim are less likely to take revenge on the offender.

The stage is transportation of the convict to the place of serving the sentence.

What is my spiritual animal

How to deal with rapists in prison and in the zone

Until the 90s, the laws of the underworld were based on the purity of thoughts. Theft and murder were considered elite occupations in which there is no room for violence. This is a “noble” work, and it could not be dishonored by the senseless and useless mockery of the victim. In this regard, the rapists were considered despicable members of society, not people, and were subjected to humiliation. “Lowering” occurred both on sexual grounds and in the form of a psychological breakdown of a person.

What awaits the rapists in prison in our time? By 2015, priorities shifted slightly. Sexual acts with the use of force no longer have such a shameful status. Especially if the prisoner proved to the cellmates the “necessity of the deed” or the guilt of the victim. The status of pedophiles and people with painful pains towards cruelty (maniacs) remains invariably low. In these cases, no excuse is considered.

Subtleties of prison laws

In each prison, among the prisoners, the senior “looking” is chosen, as well as the main ones in the cells. In zones and colonies the same system. But zones are divided into “red” and “black.” In the “red” – the so-called Cop (police) order, there is no “thieves looking”, and all decisions are made by the leadership of the zone. In “black”, the official authorities do not have a special status, everything is decided by the thieves’ laws.

The status of a new person is assigned rather quickly. His definition is influenced by the reputation he deserves in the wild, the article and personal behavior. Some strict laws are not adhered to, but decided in each case separately. Therefore, not only the abuser can “drop”, but also a person who misbehaves or is seen in “rat” actions.

“Omitted” and “roosters”

What are they doing in prison with rapists? “Watching” clarify in detail the circumstances and make decisions. If we are talking about violence against a woman, then the person has the opportunity to take advantage of the exculpatory moments. This is the blackmail of the “cunning” mistress with the purpose of marriage, and revenge for infidelity and deception. Such stories are perceived with sympathy and justify the act.

What do male prisoners do in prison? Their “cockes”. Homosexuality is acutely discouraged in a criminal society. Here it is difficult for a convict to find an excuse, and he becomes a common “lover”.

It is necessary to determine the difference, because “lowering” and “cock-up” are not the same thing. “Down” may not be a “rooster.” He sleeps in a bucket, cleans up in a cell, and fulfills any whim of cellmates from telling tales to feeding with a spoon. This is a common slave, but he also has his privileges. If the “lowered” well and faithfully performs his duties, it can not be in vain and without any reason to beat and have sex with him. You can even pet it like a pet and feed it with good food. But you can not greet him by the hand and eat from the same plate.

What do the rapists in the zone do if they are “tortured”? Such a person has his own responsibilities. This is the fulfillment of the sexual desires of the owner. He can have one lover or everyone can use his services. If he has one owner, the “rooster” can appease him with fairy tales and foot massage, but others will not. He is not obliged to wash the bucket and clean up after his cellmates. This distribution is considered logical in order not to mix sex and human waste.

What do they do in prison with rapists and do they live well there? If a prisoner has proved his innocence under the moral code of “thieves”, then he has all the chances to walk in “peasants”, that is, in respected people. If there is no way to prove that he was right, then you can always just dismiss. In the history there are cases when a man carried a knife and simply did not let a group of punishment to him.

In any case, you should not hide either the article or the motives. Prison has long been no longer an isolated society and you can get the truthful information easily and quickly. In this case, deception is not forgiven. If only during the period of verification, the abuser did not establish himself from the best side in front of the beholder and cellmates.

Child abuse

Pedophilia does not forgive and does not justify anything. In the underworld there is little saint, but children and mother are inviolable concepts. What are the abuses of children in prison doing? They are killed both in the “red” and “black” zones. By definition, such people should not leave the place of detention. They are not “cocky” and not “lowered”: if the guilt is proven, they will not live.

By law, rapists and maniacs should be kept in confinement. But the leaders of the zones and “thieves” will in any case find a way to get rid of the unnecessary element. “Remove” can be “accidentally” during transportation, justifying it as a necessary measure when trying to escape. And on the place of his release, an “accident” may occur.

But if the court proves the guilt of a maniac or a tyrant and the article is enough for a death sentence among cellmates, then pedophilia also needs to be proved or disproved.

Justifying Pedophilia in Prison

Modern guardianship bodies and parents of adolescents sometimes reach up to senility in educational zeal. If the convict proved in prison that he was imprisoned because he kissed his daughter on the cheek or slapped his ass so as not to be capricious, he was not touched and treated with sympathy. They also believe stories about being seduced in a club by a painted girl, but she turned out to be a minor on the passport, and her parents sued.

The risk group includes physical education teachers and trainers, as well as heads of studios and clubs. In the modern world, pedophilia is the fear and illness of society. Therefore, in 80% of litigation cases, this is simply hysteria. But suspects under this article are most often convicted, even if there is no direct evidence.

What happens in prison with child abusers while the cellmates are clarifying whether the convicted person is guilty or not? They are beaten. Until innocence is proven, those convicted under the article on pedophilia are beaten by anyone who wants. They can defend themselves to a certain extent. That is, you can close, but do not cause significant harm to beating. In this case, you can not wait for the excuse from the will and be “omitted” without the right to return to the “men”.

How do in prison to the rapists, we examined. They are beaten always and everywhere, in the SIZO, at the stage and in the zone. This is called “learning.” Often cellmates do not wait for evidence or a court decision and “lower” the suspects already in the remand prison.

What is done with the rapists in the zone and how is the “lowering”? Fantasy on this topic a lot. They can put on underwear a person’s head, smear it with feces or a member on their lips while sleeping, dip into the bucket and so on. If you are “lowered” still in the SIZO, then you cannot hide in the zone that you are “lowered”. Because in the zone they can take such a person as a “muzhik” (respected), shake hands, drink from one mug, and when it turns out that he was “omitted”, everyone who touched him will also be considered “omitted” . For such a hoax kill immediately.

Something from punishment

What do prisoners do in prison if they have the opportunity to pay off? If this is a pedophile or a maniac, whose guilt has not yet been proven, then there is an opportunity to buy inviolability. The amount is determined individually each time and can be either a lump sum or multiple payments throughout the entire period. If during the period of punishment the abuser was transferred to another zone, then he will have to pay again. The previous mercy does not count.

How are rapists treated in prison if sexual activities without the consent of a woman do not have a valid reason? If the act is not justified by anything other than the painful satisfaction of their desires, sympathy or redemption can not be. Along with pedophiles, the maniac is considered the most unnecessary person. Hatred of such people is such that they usually do not even live to court. A case was recorded in the Perm Territory, when in one case 4 suspects were arrested in turn and cellmates still killed them all in the remand prison.

Prison is life

No matter what the person was convicted for, people are just in prison. Each of them – with its time and trouble. It is impossible to judge the places of imprisonment by films and books. Among criminals there are enough normal people, and not so much, everything is like in life. The only warning can be only one thing: do not trust anyone. “Good” is not there. If someone suddenly began to take care of your health, then this is a catch. Close friendships cannot be made with anyone. Firstly, friendly relations with new ones give birth, then to substitute, secondly, if the “friend” is lowered, then you, too, for the company.

What prisoners are doing to prisoners can only be answered by those who have served their sentence. But such people usually do not write blogs and do not write articles, do not like to be frank. Therefore, you have to trust the oral stories through second hands.

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